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nice work :)


Thanks a lot AliA… :)

Thank you very much AliA :)

it looks fantastic !! ... but – no more lightsabers ?! incredible ! good luck with sales :-)


Thank you very much flavorflash, it is very nice to hear from you :)
Coming to Mr. Lucas, I think he is the worst thing ever happened to the beautiful StarWars Universe. The best StarWars Movie was directed by Irvin Kershner ; No Ewoks, no Jar Jar Binks , no problem… ;)

Very clean work, GLWS !

Peter Zickler..


Thank you very much :)

Love the design – I’d like to buy but I have very little knowledge of coding. Will I be able to edit the template fairly easily?


HTML code is very well commented, and I think even by reading the comments in the HTML file you can update your template very easily.
Please send an email to me by using the form at my profile page , I can send an example file to you , you can examine it see how it is easy to update it with your content… :)

Can I integrate this template with constantcontact.com?

Do I need to know coding to modify this template?

In which program can I change the images and text?

Please let me know as I would really like to start using this template! Thanks

Hi Yanivvaknin , Please send an email to me
And then I can send you an example of the product , that way you can try it yourself with constantcontact and thus you can be 100% sure that this product will work perfect for you.
Changing the content is really easy , even by just following the comments in the HTML file you can very easily update the content. HTML File is very well commented. You can use any text editor (even notepad) to change the content.
As I said , just send me a message via mail and let me send an example to you , you can examine it and then you can make the decision with confidence to buy it completely.
Thanks a lot for your interest and message , I really appreciate it :)

as0ft Purchased

VERY nice work !!!


Thanks a lot for kind comment, I appreciate it :)

Hey Bedros Thank you very much for your email marketing templates, there awesome! And most importantly, thank you very much for all your help and support, its much appreciated.



ThankYou very much Mark ; you’re welcome :)

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January 29, 2014

Tested across Browsers, Desktops and Mobile Devices ONCE AGAIN to make it sure with the latest updates. Works perfect as expected. We are bulletproof for your luxury. Thank You!


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