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I like this theme, and wanted to let you know one reason I am buying a different one is because on my Android, when I click a menu item, it goes to that page, but the menu stays open. As a web developer I figured out I could click the menu icon again and the menu will close. But that would be extremely confusing to a non-developer. Hope this helps!

Thanks @stevewaters100, appreciate the feedback.

Slick design and amazing customer support. Definitely worth it!

Just replied to you Matt :)

I am having trouble with posting an image on the gifts page. It it appearing to large. How do I fix this? www.alexandriaandjason.com

Hi @crowinno31,

Thanks for your comment and for purchasing the theme, really appreciate it.

Re your question, it appears you are missing the grid shortcode which will reduce the size of your images.

Within this page use this:

[container class="small-12 large-6 large-centered columns wrapper"]
[row class="row"]
[block-grid class="small-block-grid-1 large-block-grid-2 block-grid"]
[block-img src="your image path" link="http://www.yourdomain.com"]
[block-img src="your image path" link="http://www.yourdomain.com"]
[[block-img src="your image path" link="http://www.yourdomain.com"]
[block-img src="your image path" link="http://www.yourdomain.com"]

You can also find how to implement the above within the documentation which comes included in your main download.

Let me know how you go and thanks again.


P.S: I would also recommend reducing your file sizes as your images are quite large. By reducing the file size your site will load much quicker – let me know if you need some pointers for this as well.

Thanks! One more question. How do I get the 4 registries to appear 2 per column vs 4 in one column?

My pleasure. If you wanted your suggested layout what you can do is alter the large or small classes to be wrapped amongst your corresponding items.

Be sure to check out the documentation where you will be able to see how the grid works.

If you run into any issues with this just let me know.



Hi ThemeChills – the menu links when on an individual post do not work properly as mentioned in several posts on here from 9-10 months ago. I have the latest version – is there a fix available?


Hi @tomdwyeriv,

So I ran a few tests based on your suggested workflow on 3 devices and cannot reproduce the issue you are referring to.

Can you confirm if you see if this issue is also occurring on the live preview from your end?

Let’s first establish this and we can continue to debug.

Let me know, thanks.


I’ll send you a PM with site so you can see it.

Thanks T

Hi Tom,

Got your PM and replied – it looks like your’re on an older version of the theme.

Let me know how you go with the proposed steps I sent you on how to update your theme.



Hey Leo – awesome work man! I just have one issue: when users hit the tab button to select another field on my gravity RSVP form, it jumps them down to another section. Anyway I can avoid this?

Hi @loganzrun,

Thanks for your comment and for the purchase of the theme. Really appreciate it.

Re your question, what do you mean by gravity RSVP? Are you using the Gravity form plugin? Or Contact Form 7 which is supported by the theme?

Let me know, thanks.


Hey Leo – I’m using Gravity Forms.

Hi @loganzrun,

Thanks for clarifying that. I’m not very familiar with Gravity Forms, though I do know it is a popular form plugin.

For your specific question it may be best to get in touch with their support team as they will have more knowledge as to how their plugin works.

That being said, please still do let me know how you go with it all.

Thanks again,


I love this theme! I am so happy we bought Eternity! The documentation was very well written and I could managed to set up my website within a day! Thanks again! Highly recommended!

Thanks Ewa! Just replied to you through PM as well :)

I am having issues with my page, e.g My story is no longer showing and the navigator is not working well. I feel I may have the older version. How do I update it?

My page; l-s.parfaitphotography.com

Ok I’ve not finished updating everything, including the pages on the updated theme. However, I still have the same problem. The My story part is not showing no matter which browser I use.

Could you please help? Also how do I make sure the ‘Accommodation info’ page has the same font side as the rest.

I’ve tried to swap the ‘My Story’ page on the menu with ‘photos’, now the my Story is showing but the photos are not.

I think the problem is with anything that takes the second part of the grid or menu.

Hi @coheritier,

Let me take a closer look into the issue for you. Can you private message me your admin login details?

This way I’ll confirm everything is setup as needed and go from there.

I’ll wait for your reply, thanks.



jmalais Purchased

What are the changes in this update? Where can I find the changelog and updated files and edits?

Hi @jmalais,

The changelog can be found under the Item Details page in the Changelog section.

Let me know if you cannot find it, thanks.


How do I update?

Hi @greenflag,

Just replied to your PM, pretty much follow the steps in this article http://premium.wpmudev.org/blog/how-to-update-themeforest-themes-with-the-envato-wordpress-toolkit/



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HI Guys, Fab theme. One issue I’m having is the opacity of the side menu set in the theme customiser doesn’t seem to flow through to the live page? It stays 100% opaque with no semi-transparent effect. Any ideas how I can fix this?

Cheers, James

Hi James,

Thanks for your comment and for purchasing the theme, really appreciate it.

Re your question, I tested the live preview and all seems to be working. Due to this, are you able to send me your login details to your admin area and I’ll take a closer look for you.

You can send these details through PM by clicking on the Item Support tab found above.

I’ll wait for your email, thanks.


Hi! Really like the theme, before buying though I have some questions:

1. The RVSP form – is it possible to add several days of which you can choose to attend some but not all? We are having a wedding for 4 days and not all events are mandatory.

2. Is it possible to remove the lines with hearts and just have plain lines?

Hi @lilja86,

Thanks for your comment, really glad to hear you like the theme. To answer your questions please see my answers below.

1. Because the theme uses the Contact Form 7 plugin you could potentially achieve something like the way you want. It will require some customization, but it can be done. If you want to learn more about how the plugin works, then you can check out the docs here http://contactform7.com/docs/

2. Yes – this can be done. The hearts are added through CSS so it would be simply a matter of removing those lines and that’s it.

Hope that answers your questions, if you need anything else just let me know.



Hi Leo,

I’m trying to give each photo used in the gallery a link to a separate page. What file do I need to edit? I have tried searching through nearly all of the files for the HTML structure used and haven’t found anything and I tried just copying the HTML on the webpage (rather than use the shortcode) and that won’t let my click action go through.The link can either be on the thumbnail or the main image in the carousel.

Also need to know ASAP because I sent out invitations already!

Thanks! Jeremy

Hi Jeremy,

Just responded to your PM as well. Essentially this is a custom request.

I’ve sent through more details on the best way to approach this for what you need.



How do I change the font on the Header?

Hi @Fajardok,

Thanks for your comment and for purchasing the theme, really appreciate it.

Can I ask if can you to send this same enquiry through the Item Support tab found above?

Once you do this I’ll be able to help you further, thanks again.



Thanks, just replied :)


Gugmi01 Purchased

Hey there- love the theme it is working great for us so far!

I’m having some trouble with the opacity of the navigation bar. It seems to show as transparent in some browsers but not in others- is there a way to keep it transparent for all? I tried using the Wordpress header editor though it does not seem to have helped.




Gugmi01 Purchased

Forgot to include the website. Also- I am attempting to change the favicon from the backend with no luck- do you have any tips? Thanks again! www.thegugliuzzas.com/8115

Hi @Gugmi01,

Thanks for your comment and for purchasing the theme, really appreciate it.

Re your opacity issue, there is actually a fix on it’s way for this. If you would like to receive it sooner what I would recommend is for you to send me your question through the Item Support tab found above.

Once you do the above I’ll also advise you how to add a favicon to the theme.

I look forward to your reply and thanks again.


The theme is really good, very easy to use. I give you a ten

Thanks Maria, I’ve replied to your support question through PM :)


ahbklmng Purchased

Great theme and the author was very responsive when I had an issue even though I think it was something I did. Honestly, if you’re looking for a theme for a wedding website just stop right now and buy this one.

Thanks Will, you rock! All the best!

This is a great Theme and the detailed instructions on how to configure and modify it are excellent. I had a question for Leo and send him an email and literally had a response in minutes!. Fantastic support – definitely recommend it to anyone.

Thanks Richard, appreciate your awesome comment. I’ve PM’d you as well with more details, all the best.