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Is version 1.2 already available? How can I obtain it?

1.2 is available only in wordpress version

i want to use dropdownlist(select) like as input but i cant find it at demo. do you help me?

for contact form? 1) use markup like this: http://www.w3schools.com/tags/tag_select.asp

2) get and implement this plugin to make it look better: http://uniformjs.com/

3) connect the new form element with sendEmail.php and /js/script.js, so the form sends selected options


I really need help. Today I found out that the prettyphoto script doen´t work correctly in IE9 . I can fix the problem by changing the social_tools to false. But where do I do that? I can´t find anything in the html pages. Is it in the plugin.js? But where? What linenumber?

I´ve checked the forum on the prettyphoto website and I´m not the only one with this problem. The thing is that the anwser is to change social_tools to false in the html files but there is no such thing in this theme. And I can´t find a call for prettyphoto is the script.js, only in the plugin.js but it´s just line after line of code in there. I have the html 1.1 version btw.

mhm, ok in script.js at line 152 you should have something like this:


change it to


not exactly sure of it, cause I don’t remember how prettyphoto accepts parameters from the top of my head, but it should be ok

YES ! Thank God and thank you! I´ve been at this for 4 hours and I´ve received emails from people all day about how my site crashed their computer. Thanks man!!

Hello Is it possible/easy to add a video link (Youtube) as one of the slider images on the index/home page ? So instead of a static image you get a video and you can play/pause it? Working with NivoSlider


sorry mate, nivo slider doesn’t support vids. It could be somewhat solved by adding the youtube link to one of the slides and then forcing prettyPhoto to open up the vid in lightbox upon clicking on that particular slide. Mail me if you’ll have problems setting prettyPhoto to do that, I’ll help you.



I bought HTML version and love it, it is really well commented.

1/ I was just a little puzzle at start with
in dreamweaver and I removed the ’?v=2’ part.

- Do you think it could impact something?

Currently I’m missing a Jquery carousel and and sortable portfolio.

I’m thinking to buy the WP version also.

2/ Is it easy to use same sortable portfolio for HTML version than for WP? I mean, do you think I can easily import css and JS to have a portfolio sortable in HTML version?

3/ Also, is a Jquery carousel possible and/or in preparation currently?

Thanks Dom

Hey Dom,

1) – you won’t have any problems by removing it. Tbh, I don’t really know why dreamweaver wouldn’t recognize it, it just indicates working version of css file.

2) – it’s quite easy, yes. Basically just copy-paste the parts of code.

3) – possible – yes, in preparation – no :) There are wordpress plugins that could add it pretty easily though.

Overall, if you liked html version, there is high chance that you will love wp one, and just go with it instead :)


Overall, if you liked html version, there is high chance that you will love wp one, and just go with it instead :)

Sure but I need both version, I have an external script manage with html ;)

Hello please see link http://www.richardfollett.com/andy/index.html

My client has a request to replace the word ‘home’ on top nav with a small icon of a house, is this easy?

many thanks

ye, edit functions/ds_breadcrumbs.php and at line 10 you have

edit it to have img tag, like this:
_e('<img src="http://mydomain.com/image.jpg" alt="Home image" />')


Thanks. Sorry I am being dumb, I cant find ds_breadcrumbs.php file to edit?


it’s in /yourwordpressinstall/wp-content/themes/ETHERNA_WP/functions/ds_breadcrumbs.php , or just edit it from wordpress admin panel in appearance->editor

it is the HTML version.. Is that still possible?

ah lol, sorry :) it’s easier then:

edit all html pages, and where the navigation has:

<a href="index.html" class="">Home</a>

change it to

<a href="index.html" class=""><img src="http://mydomain.com/myimage.jpg" /></a>


Many thanks for your time

I see you can start a youtube video at a specific time like 50 seconds in. with this code >

Sorry my comment got lost.

I want to be able to start a youtube vid at a specific time like 50 secs into.

I cant seem to get this working on PrettyPhoto link? Is it possible

hmm dunno if it’s possible with the prettyPhoto, guess that if it’s not working then I can’t do anything more.

btw, did you try using link like this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=McQKA0FeArM&t=2m0s ?


yes I tried the &t= command but no luck in pretty photo

Hey boss, loving this theme. I am having an error with the newsletter form . It says “invalid email”. I know it’s simple, and seems straight forward. I read an earlier comment about this. I AM on Godaddy server, PHP 5 .2. Any ideas?

mhm, for godaddy edit up mail.php and replace the


this should make it work


Ciao, great job! Is it possible use the lightbox (prettyphoto) to show an html instead and image? Thanks

ye, should be possible, just put ”?iframe=true&width=900&height=850” at the end of the link


Are the PSDs already sliced; so that I can make a few quick color changes in Photoshop, choose ‘Save for Web and Devices’ and then have a brand new custom color/theme?


Having an issue with Flash. Go to this page: http://www.hearingloss.ca/NewRelease/interactive-view-in-ear/

Notice the drop down menus now go BEHIND the inserted flash piece. Is there a way to change this?

flash will always act like this, you need to add name=”wmode” value=”opaque” to param tag and wmode=”opaque” to embed tag

otherwise flash will always force it’s way to the surface

Couple more things re: footer. See: http://www.hearingloss.ca/NewRelease/ (look at footer)

The spacing has increased on left & right columns. Also, some weird shadow started happening. Any idea on what to change for both issues?

2nd issue: Where do I find the NEWSLETTER widget you use in your live preview of this theme?

1) use “pages” or “categories” widgets, not the “custom menu” one, it inherits completely different styling

2) newsletter is a special type of contact form 7, check out help file, it’s all there.

also, please post in the wordpress version comments, this is html edition



you can change the shadow outline by adding #footer li a{text-shadow:1px 1px #000000;} to the etherna panel input css tab

Is this template responsive (fits mobile/tablet)? If not, are there any plans on making it responsive?

no mate, the theme doesn’t change its looks on tablets/mobile, it’s always the same. Responsive style is not suited for gradient heavy designs like this one.


I am trying to remove the ”!” from the send it button on the contact page but I cannot seem to do it. Please see http://www.heardandseen.com/contact.html

My code looks like this:

<input type=”button” name=”submit” id=”submit” value=”Send it” class=”superbutton” />

So why is the ! still showing? I have uploaded code and refreshed browser.. If I test in dreamweaver via Chrome it looks ok but not when live…


check the /js/script.js , it’s there :) cheers