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I’m using the HTML /CSS version, NOT Wordpress (like to get my hands dirty). So I don’t think there would be a header.php or input css tab.

Assume this means I would need to add the FB meta tags to the header area of each HTML page with a prettyPhoto gallery. Or would I just add to index.html?

And I’ll add the .pp_social.facebook to style.css

I’ll play with both, so thanks for the direction.

ah yes, the FB goes to index.html in the header section, and .pp_social .facebook{} to style.css (at the bottom of the file). Remember that there is space between the classes

The is a great site thank you! I was wondering if you could create a mobile site for me? Some of the sites I have purchased automatically include a mobile site in the css. Let me know if this is possible and how much it would cost. Thanks so much!!

glad that you like it :)

there are no plans for strictly mobile version of this theme, sorry. Well, maybe in the future, but can’t promise anything yet.


Please could you get back to me urgently. I am having issues with the pages not loading and just having a white screen appear on some pc’s


Hey, your site looks all fine in FF,chrome,IE8,IE9,Opera and Safari. No issues whatsoever. Might be your browser keeping old cache (do a full refresh, usually ctrl+F5). Only other issue might be that your server blacklisted your ip after you tried to log-in to its panel too many times in a row with wrong password, and now it’s just not responding to you.


hello, I have read through all of these comments and searched the interwebs and looked all the examples at worxware.com.

I need please, clear instructions as to where i place the destination email address for sendMail.

For example: someone uses the contact form on my site and presses SENT IT . I want all the emails to go to 123@abc.com.

Where exactly do I enter the email address 123@abc.com in your template so that all the emails will go to 123@abc.com?

first few lines in sendEmail.php :o;)

We’re getting this error when someone submits the contact form:

Deprecated: Function split() is deprecated in D:\hosting\4113041\html\temp\phpMailer\class.phpmailer.php on line 472

Please help!

We’re awaiting conclusion on this one, but general advices to anyone having this sorts of problems (i.e on godaddy):

1) make sure you run php5, you can switch the php version in your hosting panel, or via hosting support

2) if you encounter a problem with mail newsletter form, edit mail.php and change $HTTP_POST_VARS to $_POST

3) update the phpMailer folder with new version from http://phpmailer.worxware.com/

Can’t align text left in table due to pre-existing Etherna style (& can’t find it with firebug).

I can usually figure it out but I’m having trouble. I’d like to align the text in the “Features” column left. However I am unable due to some preexisting style. The page I’m referring to is http://leadrabbit.com/pricing/

Thank you in advance for any help, I appreciate it.


Hey Brian,

you can do that by adding !important rule like this:

#ethernatable .tableid { text-align: left !important; }


we are looking for cool items titles list by category, and a category menu on front page, is this possible in this theme?

well, any sort of segregation by categories etc is not possible in this one because it’s just a html shell, you’d need to adapt some sort of CMS to it. The wordpress version could do that.

For some reason, my company name wasn’t updating in the Wordpress Template through the editor. I ended up updating the footer.php file and removed the command for the company name, etc. altogether and it’s still showing up at the bottom of my website at www.bendtps.com. Any suggestions for removing since I can’t get it to actually work correctly? Thanks so much!

check if you run some caching plugin, maybe your changes were just not re-cached

Hi there

Many thanks for the site – all good!

Just a quick query. I’m trying to swap to the colour that I need (Hospital Green) and Ive copied the background.png as well as the code from the rainbow.css and pasted into the relevant lines on the main style.css sheet but the buttons are still in the orange red/colour? I’ve tried all the other green styles and these swap the buttons voer but just not Hospital Green. Am I doing something wrong!?



hard to say, probably you’re missing some detail there. Anyways, I think you can just use the color classes to change the button colors, like: class=”superbutton hospital_green” and that’s it :)


I was wondering if it is possible (and if so what the steps are) to import an HTML version of this template into the Word Press version? I bought the HTML version when it came out and now want to move the data to the Word Press version since it is easier to maintain.


most of the classes are the same in both, so copy-pasting the html markup to the html mode in the wordpress editor should be most of the job. All depends on the changes you made to html version. Other than that, you’ll need to re-populate slider and portfolio items, but it’s not that much of a burden anyways

Hi EvGreen, I love this template! It is working great thus far for most everything and is quite beautiful and clean – excellent job.

However, where are the spaces for people to comment in the blog? I find the main blog page options and have developed the main blog page, but cannot find the page template for each blog story (the headline link or the “read more” link”). Does that template page exist?

Also been trying to change the background color for the footer with all the widgets, but can’t seem to find where in the css style sheet to make that happen….been working on it for a couple of days with no success. It is now the dark charcoal/black and I am wanting to change it to a very dark steely blue or blue-black. Can you please point me in the right direction with a line #?


Thank you!

Got it! thank you!

Hi again EvGreen, I am having two formatting problems I have not been able to solve… 1. The footer formats properly on all pages of the site but not on the following page. I have been over and over the html codes, which is identical on all pages, but they format differently still. Any idea why? http://www.dogology-dv.com/training-videos.html 2. I have the same problem with the sidebar, which formats correctly on all pages but one. There should be photographs posting in the sidebar (like on the page above with the footer problem), but the photos will not post on the page listed below. Actually, I cannot get anything to post in that sidebar. I have tried Links, Testimonials, etc. The photos are located in the correct folder on the site, the path is correct etc, the html is identical to the sidebars that are working…but still no widget will post in the sidebar of this page. http://www.dogology-dv.com/training-testimonials.html

Any ideas? I know I must be missing something simple?

Thanks! Delinda

1- you got footer inside main div, should be outside. Probably some unclosed div or one that was closed prematurely, you just need to check that markup, I’d recommend notepad++ for editing this as it has nice highlights and tracks div closing.

2 – probably markup errors as well, you got some there: http://prntscr.com/1fx7sr you can check your markup here: http://validator.w3.org (just ignore first error with X-UA, it’s normal, but fix the others)


how to make contact form work?

edit the sendEmail.php file and enter your mail there, it’s explained in the docs. You need a server that does run php ofcourse

Hi: For some reason, the twitter feed will not load tweets anymore. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

yep, twitter no longer allows for use plugins like those, they want you to use their own embedded timelines (you can get the code from their site). I have workaround for that already, but not sure if it will keep working, got to test it more.

Thanks. Please let us know when it is ready after testing.

aye, I’ll tweet that @designsentry


Hello , Can we use this page as eBay listing template? Thank you!

if you ask about license then yes, I believe so. On technical side – I’d imagine ebay has some limitations to the templates it displays, namely javascripts (so no slider or drop-down menus), but I really don’t know about that


Wish this was responsive – very sharp theme.

Hello Ev Green. How r u? Listen: I´d really like to buy this template. BUT. I really need it to be kinda responsive. Dont need for example mobile version. WHAT I NEED IS: the site to look the same in 1024×780 and 1280×1050. CAN U HELP ME? Thank you very much. have a great year.


you mean that you’d like it to expand to bigger size on screens wider than 1024? sorry, can’t help with that :) The WP version just recently got updated to add one stage responsivness (for mobile), so it may be what you’re looking for. I don’t have plans on adding more responsive stages though, the site is heavily image/sprite based, so it’s not quite easy to work with when changing the dimmensions of main block.


Recently have to update jquery lib and cant make nivo slider (on index page) to work with jquery 1.8.3+. Can you help me with that? (HTML version).

Yes, i tried, there is something wrong with loading. Slider is not “opening” to the size of the slider picture (visible just some top pixels of picture).

hmm try adding

#slider{height:350px !important;}

, again, cant help much without seeing it :)


Yes it helps. But there are more problems, look like with prettyphoto, with “hot stuff” line (jQuery Cycle) and slider bullets. I shall make test site to show all issues, thank you.

Will any script changes need to be made as host severs start to migrate from PHP 5.2 to 5.4?

I’m using Etherna HTML/CSS version 2.


there should not be a problem, and even if – only with contact form, just grab the new version of phpMailer and paste it into it’s folder in the theme ( http://phpmailer.worxware.com/ or https://github.com/Synchro/PHPMailer ). I had no issues reported regarding newer php versions so far, and if the need comes I’ll fix any bugs :)


I just can’t find the information on how to alter the width of the container? Default is 980p, I want it to be 1200px. What do I need to change so things look ok?

Hi Fronty, it’s not possible without significant changes to css and re-doing some of the block background sprites. It could be done ofc, but you’d need to hire someone to do it for you.

Good day, i am back with jquery upgrade questions. Can you help with slider bullets and “hotstuff” line?

Sample with 1.9 jquery and updated nivo

Sorry for bothering, solved by myself.