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I think you’ll get great sales from this :)


thanks saintdo :) I hope you are right, it’s the best I’ve done so far :)


There you go! :D

YES YES YES , many thx for your fast work ! I´m very very happy now ;-)


Hehe hope you will like it :)


Beautiful work, Mate!

I exceptionally like the attention you’ve given to the backend.

Good luck with sales


I’d buy this just for the pricing tables. Very well engineered :)

is Cyrillic avalible for all the fonts?


the headings font doesn’t have cyrylics characters in it. Theme uses font-face to display headings though, so if you know/or find any cyrylic fonts available for font-face, then switching them is not that much of a hassle.

maop Purchased

I love every detail of this theme, layout, images, style, design, typo everything, i waited for this from the very first relase of the HTML version ;)

Congratulations and thank you very much =)


much love maop :)

Wow! Flexible, beautiful, and practical. Grid footer widget area! Lovely, subtle sidebar widget bullets! Contact info at top! Etc. Etc.

You’re raising the bar!


hehe thanks :)

Would it be best to replace my HTML version or create a subdomain with the WP version on it?


Both solution would work, you can have whole new WP version or have the html version on domain, but i.e. the blog would redirect to blog.yourdomain.com with WP on it.

WP version got some visual tweaks and more functionality that might be useful to you. So it boils down to how much effort you’ve put into editing content in the html ver. If you don’t mind putting the content in again, and learning how the WP works, then I’d definitely go with it.


flagged Purchased

Just bought it, excellent theme!



Daniel, hands down the best theme on Themeforest and the best WP theme I’ve ever used.

The installation would have gone flawless, but, I installed the WP theme on a subdirectory instead of at the root level domain. So I had to FTP the unzipped files into the \wp_content\themes\ directory. So it really didn’t have anything to do with your installation instructions.

Walking through the rest of the install was straight forward and easy. Took me a 1/2 hour to cruise through it. I will definitely be recommending this to everyone I know!

Btw, Daniel if you were going to make a landing page without the theme navigation is there a way to do something like that?



Thx Peter :)

hmm you could mimic one of the page templates by creating a copy with different name and then adding some “ifs” to header and footer like (inphp tags):

if(!(is_page_template(“yournewtemplate.php”)){ here goes the usual menu code, and then we close it with bracket }

it’s from my head so might be wrong ofc :) overall, it would also need css tweaks and such, so quite some fiddling. I might be adding such thing in the future (depending on overall sales) along with fitting mail template (not an expert here yet tho) :)


Hello, does the theme support a text logo? If so, is there an easy way to use cufon or google fonts for text logo? Thanks


just images, sorry



Perhaps you will consider adding support for a text logo in a future update. They can be great for SEO and look superb with google fonts or cufon. For people who aren’t good with photoshop (theme buyers who love skins) creating an image logo is a challenge and custom logos cost a minimum of $100. FWIW , there is a great article on the future of wordpress themes that mentions this. http://wpcandy.com/presents/the-future-of-wordpress-themes-in-2011


Hey Sean,

I got completely different approach on this. You got to admit that today’s search bots are way more advanced than they were 5 or 10 years ago, it doesn’t matter if your logo is in text format or it’s image with alt=””, more so I think it never did, you have meta tags for this. Your SEO is thousands times more dependant on what uptime your website has and who is linking to you than this.

From my pov, you will never reach top 1000 results in google if you refuse to commit at least that $100, or those few hours in photoshop to your logo. It’s the face of your company, it represents you, how could anyone skimp on that?

So no, I won’t allow text logos in my themes :) I am stubborn bastard :D

The article looks nice, I’ll have a read tommorow, thanks!

WOW !!! Just Beautiful work….

Hey, I’m in the process of trying to build an on-line store for selling my music “instrumentals” downloadable products Only! with previewing of the tracks before adding it to basket using a portfolio layout

Was Wondering what “wp store plugin” you would recommend for use with “Paypal” in conjunction with this fantastic theme?

Or even maybe if possible… how much would you charge to personally mod your current theme for me only, to make this all possible :)



Hi conscript,

e-commerce is the part of development that I didn’t venture to yet :) so can’t be of much help here hehe :)


Hi i have some questions about the wp version ;) First this theme is awesome and i love it.

1. Is it possible to use a sidebar at the forms like your contactform with the map on the right side ?

2. I´m searching for the Newsticker ? Did you know an alternative methode for this ;)


Hey futurelabs :)

1. you mean sidebar on the contact page? yea you can call it with
[sidebar id="sidebar-01"]
“he” needs to be in a grid shortcode to know how big “he” needs to be :)

2. don’t know any plugin that’d do this, or you mean the small black box that was in html version? if yes – mail me :)

don’t forget to rate the theme :) cheers

Would This Theme Work With BuddyPress/Mu


it’s not styled for this plugin, you’d need to hire someone to adapt it to it


Would it be possible to use this on the main blog of a multisite installation?


I mean some themes don’t play nice in a multisite environment… will this one?


didn’t test it on wp-multisite environment, but mail me I can let you test it :)



For anyone else who’s wondering… It’s confirmed to work on multisite! Definitely worth the money all around in my book!

I like your theme! How does translation?


it has .po file included, so with poedit program it takes 10minutes to translate it. If the language you are going to use has non standard characters however (like cyrylics or ó??????) then you would need other font-face font for headings. Replacing them is few minutes of work as well, you just need to find one that suits :) there are a lot of free font-face ready fonts at http://www.fontsquirrel.com/


Dissapointed!! UNHAPPY !! Misserable!! CONFUSED !! Ripped Off!!


I cannot find any other work on themeforest of such GREAT calibre as this theme. Your work here is really impressive. To be honest, I don’t need another theme right now, but unfortunately I have to just buy it to support a great amount of work you have done on this.

Request: Please can you include Vertical Tabs with arrow points on the end so that I can use this for my next site. I will use the Vertcal Tabs as a Feature tour or the services.

Or if you can, maybe the next update to have a themed page as a feature tour page using ajax.

Anyways… I am offf to deposit yet some more $$ into my account to make yet aniother purchase that my wife will frown upon… :)


yep, exactly like that :)

mcollins Purchased

Hi there,

Have you managed to do the shortcodes yet for this theme? did you manageto look into the vertical tabs?

Looking forward to start using my nice theme from you… starting this week.


vertical tabs should be up this week – can’t guarantee though, my i5 2500k decided it won’t work at such voltages anymore (after 4months) and from 4×5GHz am down to 1×1.6GHz :(

photoshop barely works :/ gotta get new cpu tommorow and install it, RMA the old one eh

there is shortcode cheatsheet available now, dunno if you know about it. I did few “silent” updates as well to fix small issues noticed by users, so if you downloaded the package back then – re-download it again for up to date stuff.


slovn Purchased

EvGreen, can you tell me how can i change “slogan area” font. Default font dont accept Cyrillic. How can i change it fot one from Google Font? Thanks.


if you have a font already you can create font-face kit off of it here: http://www.fontsquirrel.com/fontface/generator

then upload the files it generate to /yourwordpressfolderonserver/wp-content/themes/ETHERNA_WP/css/

and you will find style.css file there too, you need to edit it at lines 420-440 with the new generated code (but leaving the font-family property unchanged)

it’s much easier done than it sounds :) if you’ll have problems with it, or really want google fonts instead then mail me, I’ll help you


Hi, I’m just click away to purchase you awesome theme. One quick question though, Do you have some video tutorials for me to go to in case I have trouble working on the theme?



There is detailed step by step guide based on screenshots and arrows pointing what you need to do. I was planning to do a video guide as well, but this written guide went so well that I decided that there is no need for video anymore :)