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Can I set number of seats for each price? And can I change the number manually after receiving payment?


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Hello, is config.json included? config.json is configuration to create latest Bootstrap for this template page.

Thank You!


Is it possible to have a contactform on this beautiful html theme?


Hello, I’ve problem in installing this WP theme in WP 4.1.1 (under Linux). It says “template is missing” so I don’t know what to do to solve this. I haven’t seen any file in root folder, no css, no php …. I’ve tried also to copy only the “blue” folder (inside “template” folder) that contains css and other directories but it doesn’t work. Could you help me? thanks in advance.

Hello! This is a HTML Template, not a wordpress theme.


How do I make the Subscription Button work ?

How do I add an EXTERNAL link in the Navigation Menu, mine link is not working!? I added the html code, but its does nothing!?

How do I add an EXTERNAL link in the Navigation Menu, mine link is not working!? I added the html code, but its does nothing!?

And how do I change the map location?

How do I add ETERNAL LINK in navigation menu? I added link, but it does not work!?


I emailed you the template files for the External Link modifications, but didn’t receive any update back. (?)

Fixed. Replied. :)

Hello – CSS seems to be missing ?? Any help here?

1 Star rating, for buying a HTML template and trying to use it like a Wordpress Theme.. well thank you!

awesome theme, thanks!

one thing, as this is custom bootstrap, how can i make anchor like input submit? for instance i would like to have “Register” button, but as link to external portal and i don’t want to do this by handling on click event.


Hello! Please contact me via contact form on my profile page, so i can help you with this.



Have you realized this template comes with almost 100 W3C CSS Validation errors and 600 warnings? It can compromise the rating in Google.

Please, take a look to this report and update the template if possible.

Thank you.

Ok Jenia, thank you for your answer :)

And CSS validation was never a quality criteria, HTML validation is.

Here you have it running:

Hi again Jenia,

Do you know how to make the responsive NavBar to close automatically when clicking a link?

I mean like this example:

Thank you.

I have found a solution:

Adding: data-toggle=”collapse” data-target=”.navbar-collapse” to the navigation links.


<ul class="nav navbar-nav"> <li class="current"><a data-toggle="collapse" data-target=".navbar-collapse" href="#header">Home</a></li> </ul>

How can I make one of the accordion drop-downs open by default?

How can I change the slider speed?

Hi @masintel

To make one of the accordion drop-downs open by default: <li class="accordion current" />

instead of:

<li class="accordion" />

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I need your help. Can you please add the rows from the partners to the pricing table too for me so that I can add more than three pricing tables? I tried a lot but nothing happened.

Thank you. It is really important for me. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!