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I wish to add a button inside a section that allows the user to scroll to a section… just like the buttons on the nav bar.

For example, in the About section have a button that takes the user to the venue section

Right now i can see the button to even work, much less get it to scroll to the section

This is the code i’m trying to use

Find a hotel

yes i have the section correct… please help

I was able to get the page to move to the section. my bad it was a missing javascript file… but I can’t get it to smooth scroll yet


Cool template, thanks :)

I’ve one things to ask if that’s ok:

on a mobile screen, when you click the menu button and then click the page you want – the menu stays on screen, it should disappear on the click. Could you fix that pls?

Many thanks, Indre

Hello Indre, thanks for purchasing my item. unfortunately I couldnt fix this.

Hi all, i have WP 4.1 and i want to install over the theme installer, but the download file has not the right format ? WP searches for style.css file with error message … sorry but i’m a newbie on WP ..

Dear Loermann, this is a HTML template and not a WordPress theme. it’s not installable on WP.

Hi. I am still awaiting a reply to my email from last week regarding the following:

the Speakers Scroll doesn’t work when files are uploaded to server, but does work when previewed on local machine

Please get back to me with a solution ASAP. I paid for this theme and pretend a working solution.

Best, Marco

I should have read the comments before buying this. Seems to be hit or miss as to the responses from the developer. There are numerous issues that cannot be fixed (he has admitted to at least a few himself). I tried to go back to developer’s site to check that certain features were working which don’t in my purchased version (and the developer’s site no longer exists).

I’m not going to take the time to point out all the issues I am having with this template. I am going to purchase a different one because there are a number of issues I cannot work around. I already put almost 30 hours into this template trying to make it work and be OK with its quirks. I can’t.


lesw Purchased

Demo not working!

Preview is still broken. Has been for over a week. This should be removed.

Service Temporarily Unavailable

The server is temporarily unable to service your request due to maintenance downtime or capacity problems. Please try again later. Web Server at 0

seems to only scroll within the page. Even when I provide a separate URL, it doesn’t get redirected there. How do I overcome this?

i meant

a href

Hi, i bought “Eventify One Page Conference HTML5 Template”. Can you tell me where in code I can set up this coutdown clock and how to set up proper location on Google map?

Hi, Is there gonna be a wordpress version anytime soon?


Hi, Is there gonna be a wordpress version anytime soon? Regards

Hi!! how to set up proper location on Google map? Thanks.