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I just purchased your work. I like it very much. Which slider script should i use?

Also can i have a dropdown menu?

Thanks for purchasing my item. Unfortunately this version does not include a background image slider. there is a plan to release an update with that option but that might take a little time. please send me a message via my user-page I do my best to help you.

Are there PSD files available.

Hello, yes, there are editable PSD files for single elements.

It is not letting me install on Wordpress- this is the error message:

Installing Theme from uploaded file: Unpacking the package…

Installing the theme…

The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Theme install failed.

I’m very sorry, this template is an HTML template and it’s not suitable for WordPress. A WordPress version will be released soon.

i am unable to change the countdown as per my requirement :/

please help


Hello Sarfaraz, thanks for purchasing my item. support provided through social networks.

Hi, I really would love to buy this template but I tested it in my iPhone 5 with iOS and it does not work well.

Is the template made to work with mobile too?

Hello, thanks on your interest. It should work perfectly, but I’ve received some reports about problems with some iOS devices. I’m working on it and an update will be released soon.

what is the timeline for the “released soon”? 4 days? ;)

We bought it and we really wanted it to work perfectly in iOS, let me know if we can help in anything.

There is a bug with scroll and the google maps, anyway to fix this?

Hello, Please be more specific about the bug, can you please send me an email? I’m working on the problems, actually it works on my device but seems there are issues regarding the browser. please send me an email using my user-page form

When do you anticipate the Wordpress version to be released so we can purchase it :) ?

Hello, the Wordpress version is on hand, a developer is working on it and it soon be available. unfortunately I can promise an exact date now.

This is a great template for an event! Congratulations! I hope to need it soon for a website, I’ll definitely use it!

Thanks a million, I’m honored!

I like this template, waiting for the wordpress version. I just test on my ipad, the browser got error and force quit.

Thanks for your interest and for report, which browser you are using?

We really like your template (it’s awesome) and it is perfect for our upcoming conference. However, we are small staffed and don’t have the time for the learning curve for html. If you have any idea on when the WordPress theme is coming out we would very much appreciate knowing. Many thanks.

Honestly a developer is working on it, I’ll check with him.

Hi, I have not yet received a reply from you with regards to helping us to build a separate page that takes you out of the main landing page. Is there any progress with that? Thanks.

Hello, sorry, I’ve been away for a few days from my office, I’ll send it soon.

Please help with coundown. How to change it?

Hello, thanks for purchasing my item, please send me a message via my user-page and I will help you to set it.

Need help with site on ipad!

I have ipad 2 running iOS 7.0.4

I thought it was just my site then i checked your live preview of the template. your live preview is doing the same thing.

all large background image..including your Skyline image… is pixelated.. almost like the ipad displayed it at say 300%

My site and your live preview look great on the Kindle fire hd, on a desktop computer.

Now i have done the “background size: cover” on a few of my other sites and it works great. So it’s not that.

I even tried disconnecting the parallax script… no effect i tried killing the custom.js… no effect on the background

Like I said this thing is happening on with your live preview so it’s not something i did while developing my site.

PLEASE help as I am presenting tomorrow to my client and every sales manager has an iPad…


The issue seems to be a IOS conflict with the css style “background-attachment: fixed; ” in a container.

When you set it to background-attachment: scroll , it works fine on the ipad… but then the parallax effect goes out the window.

This problem happens in both the ipad Safari and Chrome browsers… but works fine on the other major tablets such as Kindle Fire, and Windows surface… Haven’t checked the iphone but my android phone works fine…

Please provide a solution or work around…

Hello Greg, Thanks for purchasing my item. maybe you can also help me with it, as I dont have ipad2 so you can check my updates, please send me a message via my user-page or add me on facebook. I have same id on facebook.

Hi. I am still awaiting a reply to my email from last week regarding the following: 1) The Speakers Scroll doesn’t work when files are uploaded to server, but does work when previewed on local machine 2) The Map doesn’t appear when files are uploaded to server, but does work when previewed on local machine 3) Top background image doesn’t appear and venue image is distorted on devices running iOS.

I downloaded the files on Jan 17. I would appreciate a work around or update to files at your earliest convenience.

Thanks for the reply and offer to help! I will email you a private message to a link to download files. Thanks again!

Hi there. Still waiting on a resolution for these issues. Will they be part of an update or something? If so do you have an ETA? I need to fix these issues ASAP.

Disappointed that you never came through with your offer to resolve obvious issues with this template after almost a month. The map doesn’t work and neither does the Speaker Scroll when uploaded to a remote server. Waste of time and money.

is there anyway to make the slider fullscreen and make the images slide too? can you recommend some slider that would go with the theme cause i know you do not offer this support at this time by reading your previous comments. Thanks and hope you can get back to me at the earliest.

Hello, thanks for purchasing my item. honestly many people purchased this item and I’ve been busy providing support and upgrade delayed. I’m very sorry for that. that’s a part of upgrade which allows image slider. as you see there is a problem with images on iOS and that almost ruined the slider update which was using the same image properties.

There is an amazing script which rotates the background and I didnt check it with my template, it’s only a background slider called Vegas

hopefully an update for iOS images will be here by tomorrow

Hi there… just following up again. Any updates on the timing for the Wordpress version? We are not html savvy and we need to be able to update the site on our own as updates are available. Many thanks.

Hello, A developer is working on it, I’ll ask and inform you soon.

Would you please tell me how to set up the newsletter form as well as the new contact form? Thanks

Hey, I have not heard back from you yet. Did you get my question? i just need some instructions for setting up the newsletter section and contact form.

Sorry for delay, answered.

Answer did not help. What do I need to fill in the “form action” field to make it send the details directly to my email?

Hi, i would like to fit a header like this It could be fixed or better to fade away on scrolling down Any help? Thanks!

Hello, unfortunately the link you provided is not loading for me! please contact me via my user-page I’ll help you.

Great looking theme.

I’m changing the date in the slider from 23-25 to 4-7 and the “7” jumps down to a new line. I can’t figure out why this is happening.

Thanks in advance for the help.

You can see it in the first slider.

It works fine on my browser!

Strange, it is working for me now too… good deal.

Another question I have is if there is a way to remove the responsiveness for iDevices since at the time it doesn’t work too great.

Hi there, thanks for the nice theme.

I try to sent email in Greek but the characters are not correct.

please look at screenshot

Hello, thanks for purchasing my item and very sorry for a late reply. I’m talking with the contact form developer to see how we can fix it.I’ll inform you ASAP.