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Looks to be a very nice theme. But when I resized your demo in my browser window to iPhone width, the images didn’t scale properly.

Took a print screen on my phone as well.



Thanks so much for your compliment. For this problem, we can help you to change its appearance on mobiles so that it will look like Joomla Version: http://joomla.templaza.net/eventory/

You can check it.

Thanks and Best Regards,


Innovie Purchased

How do i import the demo content? It didnt work through tools> Import > Wordpress Importer….

Can you help me?


Thanks for your purchase. Can you tell me how you import demo content?

Have you tried with WordPress Importer?

Thanks and Best Regards,


Innovie Purchased

Yes. I tried it with the WordPress Importer. Can I provide you with the details so you can do the import? Demo Content is provided in the theme right?

Yes, you can get more detail instruction here: http://www.templaza.com/docs/eventory_wp/

Demo Content has already included in theme package.

Can you please tell us what message you received when you import demo data?

Thanks and Best Regards,

Dear Developer,

We bought ‘eventory’ template last week and there are some bugs we could’t fix.

Webpage link: www.flyerz.hu/hoditas

Bugs: 1. The curtain slider doesn’t work on main page, when the category is set to HOMEPAGE option the content is shown in a bad way. (The bug can be seen on the site now)

2. The grid display doesn’t work on the blog.

3. The music player doesn’t run after the music is set and when we would want to watch it on frontend the player falls apart.

Please check these otherwise we won’t be able to use your template.


We are so sorry for any inconvenience you’ve had. For your problems, can you please send us your admin account so that we can check these bugs easily and quickly?

You can send this information to our email support@templaza.com

Thanks and Best Regards,


Is there a way to have the header part you have on the about us page http://wordpress.templaza.net/eventory/about-us/ on every page?

At the moment you have to do it in the admin area so will only do it to certain pages / templates but I want every page to have a custom image at the top with the page name as otherwise it looks very bad.



Do you want to have same image for all pages or different pages will have different images?

In your home page, do you also want to have this header part?

Thanks and Best Regards,

I would like different images and text, at the moment you can only do it for a select few pages, it should be an option for every page below the main content box?

Not on the home page as we have that awesome scroll down slider thing!

Thanks ben


We got your idea. We will update this option in next version.

Please wait for us.

Thanks and Best Regards,

Hi guys, like the theme and just have a few pre-purchase qs…

1. Can i see a demo of how an event post looks like as i cant see one on your demo?

2. can each user use their own paypal email for direct payments or does admin have to distribute payments?

3. is this theme compatible with visual composer?

thanks in advance,



Thanks so much for your interest. About your pre-purchase questions:

1. You can see demo events here: http://wordpress.templaza.net/eventory/events/category/event/month/

2. About multiple PayPal payments, we have not yet supported this feature.

3. This theme has not supported Visual Composer as well.

Thanks and Best Regards,

hey can you add a shoutcast stream to that player?


Thanks for your interest. Actually, we have not yet tested with this kind so that we are not sure whether this type will working precisely.

We will consider about this idea and update this feature in next version.

Thanks and Best Regards,


poteon Purchased


Great template, good documentation as well.. some help though..

I need some help to get the home page countdown. I want the countdown to begin from now to 18:30 hrs on Friday 28th August 2015. I’m not understanding how to amend the time value 00:00:00?? HELP

date=”28” days=”august” year=”2015” time=”19:30:00” height=”“]FRIDAY 28TH AUGUST 2015 . EVENTIM APOLLO . 45 QUEEN CAROLINE STREET • LONDON • W6 9QH[/event]



Thanks so much for your compliment :). For your problem, please try to add this Event Shortcode again. We have tested with the shortcode you added above. It seems that this problem is caused by ” signal.

After you try it again, if the problem still appears, please create a ticket and send your site and admin account here: https://www.templaza.com/tz_membership/envato_customer.html

We will help you to check it.

Thanks and Best Regards,

Hi There ! This template sounds great ! I am looking for a new template to update current WP website. Does this template supports multiple events per day ? Is calendar box will resize if there are various events ? Best regards


Thanks so much for your interest. In this theme we are using The Event Calendar plugin. This plugin has already supported multiple events per day.

For calendar box, are you talking about the list calendar? In this type, the images will be same in size like demo when you have various events.

Thanks and Best Regards,

Good them but many problems because of the uplaod, no all the events on one map…. And no reply to the questions…

Attenion with the guy you speak on the chat on their website. I gave my identionfication. And i have now a virus or someting like that…. I back up my website but not my last work these last month ! shame of you !


On behalf of TemPlaza team, we are so sorry for all inconvenience you’ve had.

About events problem, we have already fixed it in version 2.5. Please update your site and check it again. Let us know if the problem still appears.

For uploading problem, could you please tell us in detail? What is exact problem you had when you uploaded Eventory and the situation of your site now?

We highly appreciate all your feedback about our products and customer service. Please list here all things that make you disappointed with our service, so that we can have solutions to improve it and bring you the best experience.

Thanks in advance!


SahinU88 Purchased

Hi There!

maybe i am missing something, but i guess you guys can help me. the template claims that it is responsive, which it is, unless the curtain slider. at least it seams so.

it doesnt work properly ( it can be, that i may have not the optimal sizes, but still it is buggy and laggy ). on moblie devices i cant scroll down, it hangs at some point and jumps back. this issue is also present if i just resize my browser size.

i also read it in various comments and i am just curious if there is a update pending? just think it is not quite optimal, to claim it’s responsive, but 1 main aspect of the theme ( which i guess is one of the buying-pro arguments ) doesn’t work properly, namely the curtain slider.

hope that you can help me with some information about this issue. thx in advance!

cheers, Sahin


Thanks so much for contacting us and giving us your feedback. I’ve checked our demo on mobiles but I don’t have same problem with you (hangs at some point and jumps back).

Can you please send us your site to have a look first?

Thanks and Best Regards,

3rd party user can also add their event in this theme. and manage them.. ?? i want 3rd party user to register in this .. and fornt end submission will be done by them..


Thanks so much for your interest. We are using free version of The Event Calendar plugin so that this feature is not supported. If you want to use this option, you should use pro version of this plugin.

Best Regards,

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