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Hi. I know you get a lot of questions about configuring the calendar, so apologies if you’ve answered this already. I want to use this theme for a club that has events on certain days, but it’s not open all week round.

  • Can I configure the calendar so that it displays a date even for days when there is no event? (ie if there is no event, it just says ‘Closed’.)
  • From reading other comments I see there is only one version of the calendar. Is it possible to filter it according to two sets of criteria on different pages? I want a calendar showing just the next 30 days on my homepage. However, elsewhere on the site I’d like a more detailed calendar that shows all months for as far ahead as I have planned events.

If you have documentation that already answers these questions, feel free to just send me a link.


Hi there,

Thanks for your interest in Eventure!

1. The calendar is currently configured to only display published posts that reside in the “events” category.

2. It is possible, but it would require custom development to achieve. To explore the cost/time associated with adding additional functionality to the calendar system, please submit a request here:

Hope that helps!