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Before purchase, I have a number of queries.

1. I already have a WP event site with a substantial number of existing events. Is it possible to export the database and use it with Eventure?

2. Is it possible to edit the Social icons at the bottom of the page in Eventure? I only need to use three of them.

3. Does Eventure offer the possibility of recurring events? (Say like an exhibition that runs from 1 Dec to 27 Dec?)

4. Also is it possible to have a recurring event that occurs, say, every three weeks but only on the weekend, or something like that?

5. Is it also possible to have a recurring event, like an exhibition, that runs for say one month, everyday except Sundays?

6. Is it possible to use latitude and longitude co-ordinates when editing/adding venues?

Many thanks Iarla BYRNE


Hi there,

Thanks for your interest in Eventure!

1. If your existing events were created using WordPress posts, then yes, you can simply export/import your posts using a built-in WordPress export/import feature.

2. The demo site is just showing the social icons that are available to you. You can use as many or as little of them as you like.

3, 4 & 5. There isn’t built-in feature for that, but some users have posted solutions on my support forums that duplicate posts for multiple days. You can also submit a customization request to add/extend functionality of the theme: http://themolitor.com/customization-request

6. Currently only an address is supported for creating a Google map.

Hope that helps some!




Thanks for the prompt reply and the info, Chris!


You bet ;-)