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Hi great site, I just have a problem with the video. Initially when I extracted it and opened the video page, I would see the image of the video with the play button but the video would not play. The moment I scrolled down, I would get a message “Access Token Invalid”. I ended up commenting out the code of the instagram section of the page. The “Access Token” alert went away, but the video still does not start. I don’t know if that is related? I would really appreciate your help. Thanks!

sorry! it was actually the html version I bought not the wordpress


My apologies on the delay, I just got back from vacation. Do you still need assistance?

I have bought this theme and all is well, however the RSVP form is becoming very frustrating. After several attempts to make the one specified in the documentation work i am my witts end.

On site everything is great, is looks fantastic and it works, however when i get the emails trough i have non of the information in the form. I have tried many combination to try and get the data into the email with no avail.

I did successfully create an awful looking form with the standard tags, it worked and everything but then i could seem to style is to make it look good. I would appreciate anyones help. It is no good having an RSVP that doesn’t work.

Thank you in advance to any kind souls out there that can help me out.

Also the countdown timer, i would like to able to add the date and the time. Can this be done!?


My apologies on the delay, I just got back from vacation. Do you still need assistance? I will be glad to add a countdown timer for you!



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How can I add basic Captcha to the Contact page? I’ve attempted to do so via plugins, and when I installed (and tried to use) Contact Form 7 everything went haywire.

Any help would be appreciated.


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Update: It appears that the “haywire” was due to my usage of the “Parallax” layout for the page I was attempting to create/use.

So, while I can create a basic form via Contact Form 7, this isn’t really the solution I am looking for, and will require a lot of time to get it working the way I need it to.

All I really need is a Captcha solution for the Contact page provided with the theme. Is this possible? I am not finding anything in the forum here, nor anything mentioned elsewhere. The standard plugins don’t seem to work with the theme either.


Good question, I currently don’t have captcha setup with the built in form but you could always use your own form plugin. But if you can wait, I will be glad to add captcha to the next version of the theme.


Having the same problem as simplisticsca: I am having a lot of problems with the preloader. I am running on a high speed connection, the website runs on a premium server with ssd’s, but it takes about 10 seconds for the loader to reach 100%, and it sits at 100% for another 4-5 seconds.

What was the outcome?

I took a look and it worked just fine for me. Try clearing your cache.


Yep, it’s fine now… Sorry to have bothered you.

No problem mate.

Hi Chris, Is it possible to use shortcodes for columns, etc? I tried Visual Composer, but that didn’t work. Thanks for your reply. Peter

Hi Chris, well, on several pages. Just wondering whether there is a list of shortcodes I can use. Or use something like Visual Composer.

There is a list of shortcodes in the included documentation. However, with the next update we are submitting next week, we will include a shortcode generator widget to make things even simpler.

Stay tuned!



How can I change the order in which events are displayed? I would like to display 4 events but I’m unable to control what order they are displayed in beyond 3 events.

Hello, you don’t appear to be an actual customer. Go ahead and purchase the theme and I will be happy to assist you.

Apologies – there is another theme with same name that I did purchase. Thanks anyway for your response

No problem.

Hi Chris, could you telle me where I can remove the `READ MORE` text from the portfolio items?

Good question. This is a simple fix, By default, it shows “read more”. In your shortcode for the page, just set “link_text” to blank.

Hi Chris, worked like a charm, but… hahaha, how do I remove the black rectangle that remains?

After looking over the code, I just realized that this was not designed to be removed. I’ll be happy to include this in the next release of the theme but for now, you can just use a little custom css.

For situations like this, we provided you with a custom.css stylesheet to give you the most amount of flexibility as possible.

Add the following to custom.css:
.portfolio-layout .info { display:none } 

I have version v1.0 as could download the latest version

Hey buguebrothersfilm, to get the latest version—simply re-download it from the marketplace.



yea I re-download but the version is 1.0..

You have the latest version, its just labeled incorrectly. I’ll submit an update correcting the text but you have the latest version.

Portfolio Template has a button “Read more” as I add a link to that button?

OK i read in coments is link_url=”https://www.yourURL.com”

Is posible use MO PO for translate template?

I’m not sure, I’ve never heard of that.


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How do I make the "Read More" buttons within the Portfolio open their links in new windows? I have added URL's, but can't seem to get them to open with target tags.

Thanks in advance!


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Try adding this into the shortcode: link_url=”https://www.yourURL.com”

This is currently not built to do target to a new window. I’ll add this ability in the next update.


Navigation Menu links only work in home page? is possible improve this?

The link you sent is broken. Please resend so I can take a look.


Ah I see the issue. What navigation are you using? The built in wordpress nav or the Ever After Nav?


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I ‘m interested in buying the Ever After theme. Is is compatible with wordpress 4.1.1 or woocommerce?

Thanks in advance…

Sure, what issue are you having? Is the font just not picking up the language? If so, this means the font does not support the language you are using.


No, it doesn’t have to do with the font. Just in the Greek and Russian menus when I click to a menu item it doesn’t move up or down. Now, I ‘ve just figure out why, but I don’t know how to fix it. Can I email you?

Thanks again,


Sure, send me an email so I can understand better. We’ll have this fixed in no time!


Hey so I’m having a how time figuring out how to create popup youtube embed videos in the portfolio gallery, all the portfolio items in the demo version simply return back to the top when clicked…

Also I’m having an issue with setting up the blog and learning how it functions


Thanks for your patience. I’ve been out of town. Are you still having this issue?



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Hello, please i have just 3 questions

1. how do i change the color of the intro-loading spinning object from red to pink?

2.how do i make the youtube video play only just once instead of the auto repeat

3. in the services section how do i change the read more buttons from red to pink?



I will be glad to assist you. See below for my comments.

1. To do this you will need to use the included custom.css file. Navigate to your wordpress admin appearance->editor->custom.css and add the following:

.pace .pace-progress { background:#hexcolorhere; }

2. Currently, it isn’t designed to do repeat of the video automatically but I will be happy to add it in a future version!

3. To do this you will need to add some custom css like before. Add the following line to custom.css:

.slide.services-layout .section-callouts a { 

Bought it, tried importing demo content. There is no where to edit it. I tried finding the page with all the short codes listed so I can change and remove them, however none to be found when I click EDIT on the home page that it imported. There is actually no code to be found?

Where is this being stored so I can edit it? Basically I can’t change any of the demo content.

Also if I try to just make it on my on by following your user guide and selecting the video slide, it won’t let me add any other content, the text I put in after or short codes just show up behind the video slide all glitched out.?


I will be happy to assist you. Are you using the shortcodes as outlined in the documentation and video documentation?



I would like to add four Bio’s in the “story” template. Is that possible?

Hi, yes however the forth would appear on the next line. Have you tried it?


Got it! Thank you!


Hello again :)

I’m having trouble disabling the leaves animation from the homepage. Can you assist?

Sure, can you send me a link?


Also, is there any way to add a border or change the color of the intro page text (see image for what i mean)


thank you!!

Ah yes! :)

This is very simple. Can you send me a message using the form on my profile page? It would be much easier this way.


So sorry for the barrage of questions! One more: How can I rearrange the order of my top menu?

Thank you!

See below…


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Dear Author,

is it possible to send me the import.xml of the fashion version with all files? its not easy to reproduce this website without the demo :((


And is it maybe work on wp 4.2?

Thank you for your support.

BG vitament

Hi, I will be happy to assist you. For organization purposes, can you please send me an email using the form on my profile page and I will get you sorted out ASAP! :)