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laphie Purchased

Hi! I purchased this item for a client! It’s realli nice, easy tu costum and the assistance of falcon it’s maravellous!!



Thanks laphie! Don’t forget to rate this template 5 Star-on in the downloads page.

It will be a great help! :)

tapete Purchased

Hello! There is a problem with the form RSPV: you cant’t click “submit” twice

tapete Purchased

What code? html, js… (but the code is yours…)


you can email all of it to me, to see what is the problem.

tapete Purchased

ok, I’ll email you

Hi. I have my page all updated and it looks great. My issue is in the gallery I have ten pictures. However there are only six dots (radio buttons). So when you click on them you can’t shuffle through all of the pictures as you only see six pictures instead of ten. Am I missing something?


yeah, the buttons are generated based on the images that doesn’t have “data-dummy” in figure tag.

If you still have trouble, email me your ftp details and the site and I will fix it for you. ;) falconerie.04@gmail.com

I just got it to work, I realized I had to remove the “data-dummy” text from each image. Thanks for your help. I will be sure to rate your theme :)


Thank you so much! =)

Hey Falz04, I am looking to purchase this template. I am curious. Can i upload a video to the template? The invitation is in video format and I would like to be able to post it somewhere in the page.

Please let me know.




Yes you can include a video to the template. I recommend using Youtube or Vimeo for fast loading of the video. =)


Can you give a changelog of the latest release Version 1.1? i have done many modification on theme and want to know what to change.


the latest update includes adding option button on the form. changes has been made also in ajax-mail.js, process.php

Hello ! I have a problem : when i want to install the theme in wordpress, i have this message :

“Décompression de l’archive de l’extension…

Installation du thème…

L’archive n’a pas pu être installée. Il manque le fichier style.css à ce thème.

L’installation du thème a échoué.”

Can you help me please?

thank you !



Hi Danilia.

Thank you for purchasing the file but this is not a WordPress theme, it is only a HTML Template.

dms214 Purchased

Hello, with the contact form – if the user gets an error such as “Message required” and they enter a message they are not able to send it again. The “Submit” button stays opaque and they have to reload the whole site and start the form over. Is there a fix for this?


Hi dms214, Please provide me with ftp details and the URL of the site, to see what is wrong.

dms214 Purchased

I figured it out. There is an extra line in ajax-mail.js (line 19) in the template that is not on your demo site. Thanks!

Hi Falconerie,

i have purchased your wedding template its really very awesome... iam editing it accordingly to my needs... i had one doubt i have purchased this site on regular license bases... can i publish this template to my own domain...? or need to had any other things to do that....?
         Please clariify me............

Hi vsbalu21,

Thank you for purchasing my template.

Regular license entitles you to publish it on your own domain. If you need it for another domain. You need to buy another license for that. Which means 1 license per domain. See here for more details http://themeforest.net/licenses/regular

yabwee Purchased

I’m currently using this template for my own wedding site. I did modify it some to suit my preferences (like making the story/timeline section fit for 2 people rather than just one), but in general, the design is just really solid – I’ve gotten so many comments from others on how awesome they think the design is!

Thanks so much for such a quality product!!


Thanks yabwee!

I like how you customize the template. It is really amazing! Don’t forget to rate this theme 5 stars, it will be a great help! :)

I like it;


Thanks GrafAS! :)

Hi! This page not work in iphone and ipad. So bad :(((((((


Hi hex2bomb, I just recently check this in my end. Everything is working fine.

Hi! I like your iteam, it looks nice. But I have an issue with pictures, when I load my pictures on the website, they become brighter, it looks like some filter is implemented. Can you tell me, please, how to fix it?


Hi osipenochka,

Thank you for purchasing the template. If you are referring the images in the slider. I have used an overlay.

Go to index.html and find this element:
<div id="overlay" />

Remove that and save the file.

Hope that helps. Don’t forget to rate the template 5 stars. It will be a great help to us.


omid82 Purchased

Hi, I’ve purchased and customized this template. It looks very nice and clean. However, there are some outstanding issues: - The template doesn’t look nice on IE (I tried IE8). Can this be fixed? - The RSVP submit button doesn’t work sometimes, in particular on iPhones. It never works on IE8.

Please note that I had to take out one line that disabled the “submit” button after the user hadn’t specified all the required fields. That disable command would make the submit button completely inactive even after the user specifies all fields.



Hi omid82,

Thank you for purchasing this file, but we don’t support ie8 as you can see in the Compatible browsers in the right sidebar.

On iphone, will check and fix on what’s wrong with the form.

Regards, Falconerie

puttep_ Purchased


Really nice page, i really like it, bought it yesterday and now has a first page for testing:)

Can you help me with a topic that has been taken up earlier, and lines have been removed and then some more removed, can you say what lines to remove (i don’t want to remove more lines than are needed so i don’t brake something:) )

On the RSVP part, if you don’t enter all details you get an error message saying that the field X is required, all good, but now the submit button is greyed out and you need to refresh the page to be able to give it a new try.

How do i resolve this so visiters not would need to refresh the page if they miss a required field?

BR Patrik


To add the URL if that what you mean:

<a href="#">
<img src="images/event-1.jpg" />

Replace the ”#” with your preferred URL.

puttep_ Purchased

Sorry, to easy :)


That’s alright :) Don’t forget to rate this template under the Downloads page. It will be a great help! Thanks! :)

lhfaria Purchased

Hi! Congratulations for the awesome design. Just one question: I keep having this error on the photo gallery after the 7th photo: “The image #7 could not be loaded”. What would that be? Thanks.


Hi lhfaria,

Thank you for purchasing the file.

The 7th photo and so on has a “data-dummy” attribute in the figure tag.

<figure data-dummy>
<a href="#" class="photostack-img"><img src="images/7s.jpg" alt="img07" /></a>

Remove the data-dummy so it can be displayed in the gallery. That should do it. :)

Don’t forget to rate the template Star-onStar-onStar-onStar-onStar-on. It will be a great help! :)

lhfaria Purchased

Hi fellow! My last question, I promisse. About the RSVP form: how can I make the “Message” field not required? And how can I change the response mesage (that today is “Contact Form Submitted! We will be in touch soon.”)? Thanks.


Go to js folder and open the ajax-mail.js

Find this lines of code:
 var message = $("#input-message").val();
        if (message == "") {
            return false;

Remove that and save the file.

To change the response message, find this also in ajax-mail.js
<strong>Contact Form Submitted!</strong> We will be in touch soon.

Hope that helps! :) Don’t forget to give us 5 Star-on. It will be a great help. :)

lhfaria Purchased

Thanks a lot!! I’m sorry i didn’t checked that file. Sure I’ll rate you 5 stars!!!

Wow! This template looks great!!!! :) I will definetly reccomend this! Good job!


Thanks! :)