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Hi, do this theme support adsense? Thanks!

Not sure I understand the question sorry. Evey theme on earth supports adsense as it’s code supplied by Google… if you know where you want your ads to go etc and can copy / paste then you should be fine.


Hello. I would like to change to the “light” color version of the theme. Do I have to change all of the settings individually? If so, what would those new settings be?

Thank you.

If you go to and open a ticket I can send you a screen shot of the color choices that we have to make it easier for you or you can use firebug and go to and select the elements to get the color values there.

Great looking theme – aesthetics and functionality wise! I’m currently torn between this one and Gutenberg for my landscape photography site!

Just one question between I go ahead with a purchase: Is Everest (and Gutenberg) compatible with other gallery plugins and lightboxes,such as Justified Image Grid and iLightbox? My purpose would be to display each image fullscreen after clicking on it, rather than a small lightbox.

Thank you.

No worries, you can always use the support system to request assistance if you need to :)

One more pre-purchase question (and sorry for taking your time!). Is Everest retina-ready (i.e., serving @2x images to retina only devices)? If not right now, are there any plans to do that for Everest in the near future? Alternatively, could you recommend another theme of yours that is retina-ready and would be suitable for a landscape photography website?

Thanks again!

Hi – everything in the theme is either css or font icons displaying as retina where needed. As we use your full uploaded images and scale down there’s zero requirement for the extra retina JS in this theme making it retina ready by default.

I hope that helps!


Couple quick questions… 1.The main navigation links are hidden/collapsed mobile style. Can this be changed within the dashboard? 2. And just to clarify, can I upload body background image via the dashboard?

Hi and thanks for the question – you can’t alter via the dashboard no but we can assist you in altering the code so it’s always open yes. The admin screenshots are included on the item page showing you the options in admin, but yes you set backgrounds for pages using either color or image for header, body and footer and even set the repeat status (repeat x y or both).

Many thanks


Just bought this and having trouble with my logo. Current logo is 2900×230 and the theme shrinks it to tiny tiny size. I had thought it would shrink to fit but not that much :) Is there a recommended size and I can adjust the logo to fit?

Hi – please use the ticketing system for support, but the current logo size we use in the live preview is 436×58. That doesn’t mean you have to use that size, but you may have to adjust some CSS to do so.

Wow, 10 out of 10 for speed of response! :) And I will use the ticketing system in future. Thank you.

Thank you! :)

Before I buy I need to know if it is possible to include videos in the portfolio page with the grid view. I would like to have photos and video mixed and light-boxed when clicked on to be played.

Theme looks great. Hope the functionality I’m looking for is here.


Hi – you can’t click a video to reveal a lightbox as a video is actually provided by Youtube or Vimeo etc. Saying this, I may of understood your question as you can have an image that once clicked to open the lightbox can indeed load a video from youtube or vimeo. We provide a URL box for the image or video to open in the lightbox already as part of the theme :)

Hopefully that answers the question – if not please let me know.


Thanks. I purchased the theme. Great work! How do can I make the gallery type a submenu? I can make categories a submenu but I don’t see how to make types a submenu. Suggestions?

Hi and thanks for the purchase – as per your documentation, the link on the item page and support tab and also my profile page please use the Support Center for support and open a ticket. Here’s a link for you also:

As for your question, I’ll go ahead and just recommend going to WP menus, and choose to move over a portfolio category to your menu. This is actually described in your documentation, here’s the link:



Is this theme compatible with WordPress 3.9?


Indeed it is.

A few pre sale questions: Does the home page made up of latest posts? Can that be made up of pages as well? Is there any flexibility to change the order? Thanks.

Hi, no the homepage only brings in the latest blogs, you would have to completely change the coding of the homepage to bring in pages. Yes, you could change the order, you would need to edit the loop, but if you decide to purchase and want to change the order, you would just need to submit a ticket so we could guide you on how to make the change. It’s currently ordered by default of WordPress (most recent first).

Hi there,

I like the look and feel of Everest, but it worries me that the theme doesn’t validate properly and contains a lot of css/javascript, not placed in proper files (for caching/minify purposes).

Are there any plans to rectify this? This is the only thing stopping me from buying the theme.

Kind regards.

Hardly anything will validate these days because validation doesn’t take half of CSS3 in to account – it means nothing as it’s fully tested on the browsers we list. We develop according to WP standards therefore there should be no issues in minifying whatever you wish.


Hi there is there any chance to add a video slider on top of the home page?

You can easily on the alternative home page as it’s just content so you could use any slider and drop it in the top of the content. As for the home page, you could by just adding a widget area at the top of the home page php file and then drop in a short code from your slider also.



I’m really sorry, I’m sure your theme is wonderful but I bought it by mistake, I didn’t realise there are 2 themes called Everest on Themeforest. Would it be possible to get a refund please?

Many thanks

Hi – I apologize for any confusion. You would need to contact Envato for the refund as they handle the purchase.

Hi Jonathan,

Bought Everest some time ago and am loving it – but would really like to have some alternative fonts to work with in future. Not looking for the 500+ nonsense, just 2 or 3 extra of my choice. If I were to buy a couple, would you be able/willing to add them into the theme and if so, how much would it cost approximately?

Many thanks!

Hi – absolutely we could do that for you. Or walk your through it! Use the ticketing system when you are ready to submit your ticket/question/request :)


This theme look great.

I HAVE a pre purchase question :

Do you have a demo page with the admin back office theme setting ? Or if not, where can i have a look on some screenshots and/or video off the theme setting options ?

Many Thanks for your attention.


Thanks for your answer.

Are you planning to add Boxed/Wide feature ?

No sorry we are not.


Thanks for your reactives answers.


Iconography in nav bar not working? Wondering why? The Z and S are not rendering as font icons?


Hi – sounds like your fonts are working for some reason, can you open a ticket at with a link to your site please?

How flexible is the content that is shown in your LIVE preview of the homepage? Example:

Can you change how much content is shown The colors Choose the size of the boxes (small or wide) Create a new customs size (twice as wide or big square

And lastly (this might be for themeforest) but if I try it and don’t like it, am I able to get a refund?

Refunds are subject to Themeforest (as you said) so I couldn’t speak on that. But the colors are customizable within the theme options panel. Everything else is set with CSS (image sizes, heights of the containers etc) and is customizable but only if you are ok with editing CSS.