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Thanks as always Dany :)

Great job, good luck with sales !


Thx buddy!

Very beautiful theme! Love the simplistic and boldness it is showing :)

Thank you Kevin appreciate it man!

Looks great man! Good luck with sales ;)

Thanks AJ, appreciate your comment bud!

Thanks for the kind comments!

Wonderliciouslutely fantastic work :)

Thanks! It means a lot :)

Looks like improved MS Metro :D Incredible work!!


Thanks man! We appreciate it!

Great use of colors :) Good luck with the sales.

Thanks crunch!! Appreciate the kind comments!

This is good job! :)

Thanks passion! Appreciate it man!

Loving the metro style, the main title ‘BRANDINGBANDITS’ is causing a horizontal scroll on iPhone though.

Thank you! And yes I see it- not sure how we missed that but will put an update it this morning! ;)

Hey mean found it – turns out, we forgot a space so it’s placing everything on one line! DOH! Just wanted to let everyone know who reads this, no update needed! :)

Cool, thought you’d want to know, glad it was an easy thing to fix :)

Very nice one.

I miss a simplistic and stylish navigation between the single posts, and would have a look to the site-navigation on the homepage. (there are only 8 posts in blog)

Thanks for the kind comments and feedback! It’s much appreciated!

Not sure I understand – there can be as many post as you want – there are only 8 because we only have eight :) The page paginates automatically and the post count for the page is the usual setting in WordPress – as for post-to-post pagination, that can definitely be accomplished using a simple plugin.



Nice Menu and Search solution. I like it :)

Goodluck with sales :smitten:

Thanks for the kind comments! We appreciate it! :)

simple but beautiful, congrats, have a many sales ;)

Many thanks Ana.

Waoo. Looks amazing. Great Job! GLWS

Many thanks @kardosrudolf – appreciate your comment :)

Very nice. Is it possible to have the menu visible at all times? Either by an admin option or simple code edit?

Thank you. Yes you could edit the menu to be open all the time via changing the code – we can assist with that if you decide to purchase.


:) Woowww Nice One ! I like this ! Good Sales ;)

Thanks very much! :)

This theme rocks!!!

One question: where is the css to change the color of the send button on the contact form? I want to change it from green to another color.

You’re welcome :)

If you get a moment to visit your downloads page could you possibly rate the item? I would be very grateful indeed!


Just did it! Would have given it 7 stars if it were possible. Keep up the great work!!!

Thank you very much :)

Hello dear, Your theme is sooooooo nice!!!!!!!!! I purchased it! 1- How do you code the accordion? 2- And how do you make the theme menu to open all the time? or after two seconds if possible?

Thank you you rock! no really… the theme is fiya!

You would need to scroll to the bottom of style.css and remove all media queries.


Okay thank you I have done that and now the images and videos on the website on mobile are all full frame, but the text in the website are still narrow! What do i do now?

Please remember this is a comment area and follow your documentation instructions on how to get support. I’m not following your question about the text? If you are making customizations – to the style.css and that has caused an issue, customization is not part of support. I would revert your changes back to what they were and start again.


Hi Jonathan. I considering the purchase of this incredibly nice them, and i have couple of questions: Can I use Google Web Fonts with Everest? Is theme support twitter embeds?

Thanks Marek

Hi – we already call a google font for the theme so switching it out would be the usual process of altering the font stacks in the style.css, nice and easy.

As for twitter embeds you could use a free plugin, or if you are referring to WP core function of twitter embeds, yes it does that as it’s part of WordPress itself and not a function of a theme – however you may have to look in to styling those nasty looking embeds :)


Hi can you add images and /or sliders as backgrounds for posts, pages and home page. Thanks

Thanks -can you have a single image as a background on a post or page? ie on your demo homepage an image in the background rather than just black

Also ref the home page – can you have several of the latest blog posts in your ‘masonry’ layout plus video links – so the home page would show the latest ‘x’ number of blog posts and maybe a portfolio link and video link – in the standard layout? Sorry to be a pain

Hi – please use the form on my profile page. What your asking for is customization and I would need to pass you to someone who could quote you a price for this customization.