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The theme looks great! Interested in buying it, noticed that when playing with the window size in firefox that a horizontal scroll-bar appears around 1100px (width) which then cuts off the background when your scroll to the right.

On a large display, start with the window in full screen then slowly make it smaller, as soon as you see the horizontal scroll-bar appear, scroll right and you’ll see what I mean!

Kind Regards,


Hi and thank you for your interest. Most modern websites (included this design) is based on a 1200px wide wrapper. We have responsive media queries for 1024px, 768px, 640px, 480px and 320px handling for the tablets, laptops, smartphones etc.


Hi, no worries. I bought the theme and am generally happy with it, just noticed one problem, the images on the home page (such as the gallery and post featured images) distort with the different sizes. As the boxes change shape it distorts the image, this looks really bad on photos etc.

Anything you could stick in an update to fix this?

Kind Regards

Hi – we have not had this reported? Please contact me via the form on my profile page with a link to your site.


What is the best way to change the small icons on the portfolio page to a different icon? For example, we want to change the “standard post” icon to a laptop/computer icon.

Simply open your site in firefox with the firebug plugin – select the icon and it will show you the class name – credentials of the class and even the line number of the class in the style.css – that should get you moving very quickly!


Thanks soooo much! You give awesome support and tips.

Not a problem :) Please don’t forget to rate the item on your downloads page if you get a chance – I would appreciate it.


Is this compatible with woo-commerce? Either way, it’s gorgeous.

Hi, should be no reason why it wouldn’t work as we code to WP codex standards – you would just need to style the woo-commerce plugin to match (or go the pother route and style the theme to match the plugin as it would no doubt be easier because of the the theme options and color pickers)

Thanks for the comment!


Thanks Johathon. I figured, but I’ve had a couple of themes that had alignment issues do to container naming practices. I’ve watched you work for a while and am excited to work with this theme. Cheers.

Awesome theme, very interested in buying! Can you put your own font into the theme?

Sure simply replace the font already called in the header and the font stack in the css style sheet :)



Anyway to have the images / standard posts link to pages instead? This would be MUCH more useful in a real-time site environment and very helpful. Thanks! Would love to be able to use different colors for the page boxes to link to individual pages.

Hi – for support please use the method outlined in your documentation – via the contact form on my profile page.

Yes you can simply edit the php to change how things link, however I am not sure I understand what you mean by clicking an image and it goes to another page? WordPress attachments if clicked (without a lightbox installed as we have) simply opens the image in a blank page – literally a blank page with just the image.

Also again, not sure I understand what color ref you’re referencing? You can alter the color of the boxes individually based on the post format, there’s no other way of doing that.

Let me clarify: Instead of clicking on ‘Standard’ on a post, I’d like a page to have the same attributes and show up on the home page looking exactly like it does in your example. So instead of linking to a post page, it links to a regular page.

Oh, no you can’t do that as the page is dynamic and brings in posts, not pages sorry.


Great theme however can’t help but feel it lacks social feeds a little. How easy would it be to have a FB / Twitter feed appear in one of the post areas? Or lower in the page for that matter? This would be more akin to the metro feel you’ve otherwise very successfully achieved.

Otherwise, really great work.

Thanks in advance

As this is actually a blog feed from WordPress (it’s a styled blog index page) WordPress doesn’t enable you to bring in a twitter / facebook feed as a post – therefore I would recommend using a plugin so you can place in any of the large amounts of registered widget areas, or inline with your content, footer etc

Thanks for another quick response. Template purchased. Great work :D

Thank you – let me know via the comment form on my profile page if you have any questions.


Hi. I Purchased this theme and it’s great. Two questions…can I tag posts in any way to NOT show up on the home page? I don’t want all of my posts to show up there, only some of them. Second, I’d like to keep the navbar from expanding…keep it open all the time. Possible?

Hi – I already responded via email stating that your account (also above here next to your name) it states you did not buy the theme with this account – please resend via the comment form using the account you purchased with – support is only provided via the comment form once the purchase is confirmed – many thanks

Hi, nice theme! Is there a standard blog page I can see? I’d like an option other than the masonry image/block format. Thanks!

Hi – the masonry is the standard blog page in this theme sorry.

I would like to purchase,real nice work.One question though,the font you have used in the logo is really soothing is that a premium font?Or is the font included?

Hi and thanks for the comment – I’m prett sure it’s just the font used throughout open sans a free font from google fonts – hope that helps!


Nice theme….

Nice theme….

I created a slider and wanted to use it in a portfolio post (in place of the big featured image/video). What is the best way to accomplish this?

If I do this, can I still have a featured image? I read in the manual that if you don’t include the featured image that it defaults to the images that are uploaded to the post.

In other words, I wanted to have the slider and a featured image for the blog post.

Ok, I see. Well you could add the slider ‘shortcode’ as part of the content while keeping the featured image set? If not, you will have to change the way the template file is coded. Please remember to use the contact form on my profile page for support.


OK, sorry about that! I’ll contact you via the contact form. Thanks for your help!!!


Im thinking to buy it! But i have some questions?

1. Its possible add more rows/columns to the portfolio gallery? actually are 3… 2. it´s possible “no padding” no space between the pictures? 3. I could change the naviagtion panel (always open)?

Hi genovard, everything you asked is of course possible. Some of it is a bit more complicated then others. 1. The rows shown is based on how many items you upload, to add more columns, you would have to adjust the CSS and the JS that controls the width of the columns. 2. Again adjusting the CSS and the JS to adjust the padding. 3. Yes, it’s just a matter of removing an inline style from the header.php and header-blog.php.



for those wondering you can just use another wp plugin to redirect posts to pages…. its not pretty, but works:

Not sure I understand the point in that, no one has asked about this either but thanks for sharing.

hi, this was aimed @jhhawkins08 question…

its useful but requires double content handling to a degree. you create your posts for front page, then edit the post and enable a redirect, in the redirect you put the pages url and when someone clicks the image it should go there instead of the media page or post…

just noticed when using the color selector for “Header & Menu Background Color” i type in a #color and the color it previews is entirely different to the color it represents.

if it just paste the #abc123 number in the “Header & Menu Background Color” field it works fine.

I don’t have this issue at all and no one else has reported an issue either sorry

sorry to bug, another few;

1) It would be useful if i could select a color of the post on the front page by post not by post type, is this achievable? 2) seems i can’t actually assign a featured image to a post. i tested with another theme on same installation and no issues. 3) i want to put a “widget” to the right of the “Blogpage Title & welcome message” as there is a LOT of space unused there. is this possible?

Hi support isn’t offered through the comments but rather via the directions in your help PDF – pretty much everything you are asking for is customization however which isn’t offered as part of the installation support – please use the directions in your help PDF file for further questions etc thanks

Also is not that we do not support featured images, but rather the post format type you are choosing to use – please check your help PDF file for more information re post formats and the way they work

Hello, thank you for the theme it is really great! I have a question: Is it possible to link the homepage tiles to pages instead of posts?


Hi and thanks for your purchase – that would be considered a customization as the homepage layout is meant for your ‘blog’ articles. If you would like a quote, please contact me via the form on my profile page and I will put you in touch with someone who can give you a quote.


I loved this theme as it was different than the usual photography portfolio themes so bought this instantly. Now I see an issue which is kind of an hindrance before I go live.

Check the below two links

As you can see, in portfolio section, if I don’t scroll down and start checking the pics then the pic which is getting overlapped with the header is cut off from the top. If I check the same pic after scrolling down then that issue does not happen as seen in correct.jpg.

What can I do so that the header does not cut down my large size pics?

Please reply ASAP

Hi and thanks for the purchase!

Basically the lightbox draws itself in the DOM present on screen when clicking, if you then decide to scroll it will travel up the page – just as content does in a normal page.

This lightbox is just a plugin and if it doesn’t work to your specific requirements you can always remove and replace with one you prefer – it’s currently doing what it is actually supposed to do and travels with the page – it’s how it is created and is not a bug of sorts.

You don’t have to actually click an image, then scroll to click another as the lightbox automatically groups the images as an album, you hover on the left or right of the lightbox and you click to go back and forth to see all images also.

Another note, we don’t actually use a sticky header in this theme so not sure how you have one on your screen shots?

If you have further questions please use the method outlined in your help doc for support as this is just a comment area not a support forum and direct communication is better so we can pass sensitive information without the world seeing everything.

Many thanks.


I am having trouble uploading the theme to wordpress – is there just one part of the zip file I upload? Sorry, I’m new to this.

Hi and thanks for the purchase – you should unzip the download first – it contains many items including photoshop, plugins, documentation and the theme – open the help file PDF file included and follow the directions from in there on how to setup your theme / upload to your server etc.


Please forgive me. I unzipped them. I then tried to upload the everest-wp folder and wordpress wont populate it in the browse bar. Do I upload each file one at a time. Thank you.

Hi again, I think you should open the documentation help file. You will then simply follow the detailed instructions, it’s a PDF file, open that and follow along, each step is detailed out for you along with screen shots.

Also please note this is not where to request support (also outlined in your help file) as this is simply a comment area.

Hope that helps.


Hi, I am considering the purchase of this theme and have a question in regards the gallery. How does it handle portrait images vs landscape images? A theme I have purchased before requires to apply black bars on the sides to convert the image to 16:9, to properly display non-landscape images . Does this theme have the same issue?

Hi and thanks for the interest – our solution has no dimensions set at all – therefore any format will work – if you look at the example portfolio pages you will see the masonry solution in place which does not distort or alter the format of your images (it does scale – obviously – but proportionally). Once clicked to view the full image it shows it in all it’s glory.

Hope that helps!


Jonathan I greatly appreciate the quick response and will make the purchase. – Also you are right, the sample texts are hilarious.

;) thx so much!