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Awesome theme – really genuinely different. Works very well. And, most importantly, the customer service is fantastic. Due to relative inexperience, I had several questions and every one was answered quickly and comprehensively. Well done!

Much appreciate your time to come back to the item page and let others know of your experience – I really appreciate it @Waynea – if you haven’t done so already a quick visit to your downloads page and clicking the stars (1 star is bad, 5 is good) would also be a huge help in letting others know your experience.

Thanks again bud!


Hi guys,

For a client I would like to know what the widgets are. She would like to have a agenda, news and contact widget.

Are these available?

Like to hear from you, Tnx!

Greets, Suzanne

This comes with the standard WordPress widgets. If you would like more specific widgets you would need to use plugins but there are several unlimited regeristered widget areas throughout the site.

Hi there,

Absolutely LOVE the different colors, client is looking for bold and colorful – this fits!

Pre-sale questions – in order to get the navigation to the top of the page vs. in the footer, would this mean editing the .php theme files or is this done with widgets or other settings in the admin, or would I need to get a different navigation menu?

Secondly, I see that fonts are limited. Will this theme work with the Google fonts plugin to give more font selections?

Thank you!

Hi, and thanks for the kinds comments.

The navigation at the top is solely just the WordPress menu that you built, the navigation at the bottom is just ul list item in the widget areas.

As for the google plugin, yes, this plugin will work with our theme. We’ve had no reported issues concerning this and our theme is coded to WP and Themeforest standards.


First of all, you’re a rockstar developer and designer. Thanks for the great theme!

When working with the “quote-styled” post, I found it interesting that you use the Post Title as the subline and the Body Copy as the headline when it displays on the blog page. What’s the reasoning for that? Seems counter-intuitive…

:) Thanks for the purchase and the kind comments. We wanted to allow people the ability to click through and comment if they wished. But we didn’t want to take away from the actual quote.

Dear Jonathan,

Thank you for offering such diverse themes. I need a couple of new themes on which to build a couple of new websites. The more important of the two is for a service club.

Your the themes seem well designed, attractive and functional. I recently got burned by CrunchPress who sold Green Responsive Theme and have seemingly stopped supporting it a mere one month after I purchased.

So I am a little more cautious even fr a small purchase. I think almost every theme you design performs the basic visual and naviation functions our users will expect. But I cannot tell if you have the capability (without rewrite, plugin etc.) to do the following:

1. Present a countdown widget for the next calednar event. 2. Have one centralized calendar 3. A directory of members with personal contact information – password protected. 4. A way to collect fees in varying amount for different events, online.

I can probably work around the other minor concerns without too much concern. Do you have a theme that performs these functions? Thanks, Jon

Hi, there is a plugin you can get for the countdown, we use it on The rest of what you are asking for sounds very specific meaning a customize theme would be more up your ally, unless of course, you find a free plugin that will do the trick for you. The comment you’ve left is on Everest and as you can see, we don’t have anything like that for this theme. The ‘members’ we have something like this on, but you would need to password protect the page your self. The events we have on but it’s just a button that would link through to your online ticketing solution, it’s just a text link, not a way within WordPress itself to collect monies or fees.

If you would like to contact us for a custom theme, please use the form on my profile page.


Hello, all the posts that I do appear on the homepage, how can I choose only the posts that I want?

Hi and thanks for the purchase, but the homepage is the blog page, all published posts will appear on this page. If you want select posts to appear, you would need to create a new page template based on a loop that only pulls from a certain category etc. If you would like a quote for this, please go to and one can be provided for you.

Hello! We just purchased the theme. Looks good other than when we go to change the color or any of the Theme’s settings (General, Typography, Color), we get a whitescreen upon “Saving” the changes (timeout?), and while the menus, upon re-navigating towards them, will remember our preferences, the changes will not actually “take” on our website.

Cleared our the browser a few times, used different browsers, different pc’s… problem seems to be within the theme and its ability to actuate changes.

Funny thing is—we initially were able to change the colors/logo, but somehow in our customization of the site, we are not able to make further changes to these parameters.

Any notion as to where we went wrong?


That’s very strange, I would get in touch with your hosting company for starters and ask for assistance as to why when you make changes to the theme options, the options are timing out before getting written to the table. Other than that, try deactivating any plugins that didn’t come with the theme (or were recommended for the theme) to see if there are any conflicts going on there.

Hello, your theme is so clean and crisp and beautiful- I have just a couple of pre-purchase questions:

1. I want to use the grid to display different services with images and text. Any chance a future update will allow you to have a lightbox (with text and link) popout? My inspiration is xeorox’ new site If I buy the theme I will need to use portfolio items, then links to pages from there.

2. Can grid items on the home page have a little padding, similar to the portfolio page examples 1 and 2?

3. Is there a setting that will let me round the corners on grid boxes?

4. On a portfolio item on a grid box, the title shows up well on my mobile but the smaller text doesn’t. Can I specify that the smaller caption info not be displayed, only the title? I plan to use the title as tag lines for different services.

Thanks and congratulations on your theme, it loads fast, has nice details. Haven’t seen anything else like it out on Themeforest.

Hi and thanks for the kind comments. Everything you want can be done, but it would take CSS to get the things like rounded corners and the title not showing on the mobile. As for the links and light boxes, this can be done now, you would just have to give the link a class that the light box plugin uses so it would open in a light box.

I notice that you are not yet WP3.6 compliant and that you haven’t had an update gfor over 3 months. Will you be updating soon?

This theme should run no problems on 3.6 – if we don’t have anything to update, we don’t update :) thanks.


Wow, amazing theme, very easy to customise. I used the support option to resolve a few issues, response was fast and accurate

Thanks so much for letting other people know @samuelspodecox – please don’t forget to rate the item from your downloads page ;)


I really like your design. I would like to purchase your theme, but as I am planning to integrate the theme with my Flickr account, I have two questions beforehand: 1. I post my pictures by embedding them in each post. Is this theme out of the box capable of displaying the image preview on the homepage (and of course inside each post)? 2. I would like to also use the galleries integrated with Flickr. Will I be able to load & show in the gallery the photos directly from Flickr?


The theme uses the featured image to display on the blog index page and there should be no reason why you can’t load gallery photos from Flickr.


Firstly, this is one of the best wordpress themes I’ve seen on themeforest, in terms of compatibility, content and design!

Just one pre purchase question though, I’d like to have the top navigation menu open permanently (rather than hidden as standard). Is there a way to do this?

Cheers, Adam

Thank you so much for the kind comments. Yes, absolutely you can do this. Once you purchase the theme, please go to and open a ticket and we can give you what you need to leave the menu open on page load.

Will do, thanks!

Absolutely gorgeous! Thank you. My new speed record inizializing a WordPress web site!!! ;-) Well done.

:) Thanks – we appreciate the kind comments

I am really excited to start playing around with this theme. Was initially going to purchase Metrika, but after reading all of their comments and all of Everest’s, I decided on Everest. Beginner coder, but I was able to delete the search bar relatively easily! Keep up the good work!

:) Thanks for the kind comments. good luck with the site!

Great looking theme that almost meets my needs – I’ve bookmarked it for future. I understand the homepage boxes link to just posts. If a future update allows the homepage boxes to be customised to link to pages, and choose background colours per box rather than styling by post type, I’m sold.

Also the featured images on the posts look huge on the demo – I’m guessing you can upload images of any height as a featured image, but this in turn will affect the homepage box images? If the homepage boxes could be custom as described above, including a custom image, so you can upload a shorter featured image on the interior page itself without affecting the homepage box images, this would be a great addition.

This isn’t criticism, just feedback – I hope to use your theme in future :)

Thanks for the feedback :) We will take it into consideration.


val7 Purchased

Hello. I bought your theme and I like it. Thanks for your job.

I have a question. How can I increase the main font which used in all posts.

Thank you for your answer in advance.

You can find this in the style.css under the p style


I’d like to know if the theme is bilingual ready ?

Hi as per the item description the theme comes with the translation ready files mo/po – if you mean WPML ready, we do not test, but we code to WP standards, therefore there’s no reason it should not work for more than one language on the same site using WPML.

Many thanks.


Awesome Great Design bro…

Thanks @speaklog!

Pre-sale question: Can i a take a look somewhere (demo) of your compliant WordPress framework. Just want to make sure that is really user friendly.

Kind regards, Frank

Hi – not sure what you mean by looking at my framework? You mean the code base, theme options? Theme options are shown in the screenshots of which there is a button on the item page next to the live demo button – apart from that we code to WordPress standards.

Many thanks


I was looking for the theme options. thank you

No problem :)

Hey there, nice theme. Just wanted to know how the image captions are controlled on the portfolio.


Greetings – it depends, you have the title which appears on rollover which is the image title and then you have the caption once clicked under the image once in the lightbox which is the alt text – both are set in WordPress when uploading media an is a default function of WordPress.

Many thanks


Awesome thanks!

You’re welcome!