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Absolutely stunning and aesthetically fresh. I love it!

Does it support visual composer?



hi @gamanoid

I dont think so. You can instal visual composer, but our shortcode wouldn’t work on it.


Great work!
Wish you guys the best luck with sales :-)


hi @saputrad. Thanks a lot. :)

Clean and Minimal theme and it loads fast.

I would like to know whether we have to create colored square blocks in ‘Client’ shortcode or we just need to have an icon, I mean does it have options to set the color. Secondly can we use Google fonts?

Lastly any plans to add an icon set?

I think there should be some image or Soundcloud embed beside ‘Sound is Wonderful, I have Soundcloud.’ in Home > Sytle 2


hi @ahmedshah82.

Absolutely you can create colored square blocks in client shortcode. it fully customize and easy to use. Yes, our font is based by google fonts. :)

yeah, i think it would be in the next update.

thanks. :)

Congratulations! Selamat yah gan, semoga laris manis :)


terimakasih gan. sama- sama. :)

absolutely perfect! Spot on..

One question though – can you setup a service page for me to demo?


hi @ulrikuhrebrink

absolutely, it also provide xml file. :)

This is awesome. Really slick. Can the portfolio on the home screen be set as a lightbox? In other words, can a preview window pop up and display a youtube video, for example?

Thanks for your help! Beautiful theme.


hi @corycotton.

For now the theme doesn’t support lightbox for portfolio. Maybe i’ll think it for the next update.



Thanks for the response. I really appreciate it. A lightbox would definitely be helpful for my team. If it’s any encouragement for you wanting to implement it in a fairly soon update, our site will be a pretty high profile (large traffic) site. We’re looking to use it for our Dude Perfect web site, so it would be helpful to be able to show some of our videos via portfolio lightbox. YouTube.com/DudePerfect

Thanks again for the help!! AWESOME theme.


hey. I know that channel.. i was subscribed it.. that’s a cool channel. :D

Also, forgot to ask. Can i place a video in the top slider?



Absolutely. Evolux use ‘slider revolution’, so you can add video or anything else you need into it.

Thanks again. :)

Nice theme! :)


thanks @louiejie

Lovely theme!

Would I be able to setup left and right sidebars on pages?

mojo4588 Purchased

Is it possible to get some dummy content or video tutorials for how to do the sections you did on the two homepages?


hi @mojo4588

I can send you a dummy content. Please contact us by email heyvenner@gmail.com. and for video, i can’t provide it now, maybe soon.


In my site and I need to have Services, Products, Portfolio and News. Ok Services can be just static pages. News can be blog entries. What about Products and Portfolio. Can I have different entries and categories? Products: Product Category 1, Product Category 2… while Portfolio will have Portfolio Category 1 and Portoflio Category 2.


hi @dinko1

I can help you to create product and portfolio (or 2 portfolio post type) page as different page.


This is a very nice theme. Actually one of my favorites. But wondering why it’s not selling as much as I expected…


Hi @themique

yeah, now i try to research what happen with it sales. it happen to with some of new items too.. thank to choose evolux as your favorites. :)


I’ve been trying to implement that fading captions in the carousel…

Lovely theme! One pre-sale question though… On the demo (Home Style 1), there are three sections on a coloured background directly beneath the the main slider – is it possible to have just 2? Thanks.


Hi @snoodles.

Absolutely yes.

this theme very customizeable. you can create anything you need. And when you need help, i always here. :)


Nice Design and clean


Thanks :)

mvanleest Purchased

Nice clean template!

A great addition to make this even more useable is making it woocommerce compatible.

Also please check that the design is SSL compatible. I found 1 error so far. Fonts.googleapis.com is always requested over http. Please change this in the next update so it uses some sort of check or the no protocol solution “no http:// or https://" prefix, just ”//”

Also, the example site is very well done with all the different examples on their own page. But could you include/display the full shortcode as you used it on that page?



Hi @mvanleest

thanks for the advice. I’ll do it for the next update.

btw, can you please move this topic to the support forum? So other member can see the problem and then the solution too..

thank you..


1. When i change the theme colour in settings and save nothing happens.

2. When clicking on the shortcode menu it redirects me to the homepage rather than inserting the shortcode. Please can you supply a list of shortcodes.

3. Do you have dummy content available? Preferably your homepage.

Many thanks,


Hi @vennerconcept,

I’m still waiting for the shortcodes and have emailed you several times, please please get back to me as soon as possible as i can’t start work without them.


Hi, Your email response wasn’t helpful at all, please send a list of shortcodes and their parameters. Thanks.


I’ve been waiting 4 days to start work on this theme and can’t please please please send the list of shortcodes i desperately need them.

Great theme. I would also like a list of shortcodes + the homepage dummy (I’ve sent an email too)

Would maybe be an idea to include short codes + homepage dummy in documentation in next theme update.

Could you please add support for roboto, robot condensed (would hate to use a separate plugin just for this;)


also still waiting on a reply…


Hi @andreasLarsen

i’ll send it by e-mail, please contact me to heyvenner@gmail.com


cricksou Purchased

Hi, Very disapointed by your theme :-( It’s very incomplete. I passed an incredible time to put code and css for basic things. A few examples: If we don’t use your shortcode to put a simple image, the floating doesn’t work. Your sections use a padding top and bottom. Why not a left and right ? Impossible to put a WP photo gallery and see it correctly (problem with z-index) Background-repaet in your header ??? Why, my god why ? ;-) Etc etc …

Anyway… I used your template once but I’ll be more care in the future with your work. It’s the very first time I let a negative advice on a template, but, honestly, 45$ for that… :’(


Hi @cricksou

I’m really sorry with your disapoint. I have noted your complains. I’ll update it asap. when you have another problem, please send it to heyvenner@gmail.com . I really need your advice to create perfect theme for our next product.

Once again, I’m really sorry. and Thank you.


Support will stop the activity for a while in 09-13 august. in order for celebration of the Idul Fitri Feast in our country (Indonesia).

So when you have complain or question it will took more time to get answer.


I was viewing the Evolux preview on my smart phone and could not get the cool colorful boxes in the client display to make the white text box to pop up. It was also not responsive to touch right away and had to reload itself several times.

Will this be the same if I purchase this theme and customize as my site?

I hope your Feast was most excellent! I look forward to your reply.


Hi hawkinsunshine,

Thanks for your advice. I’ll solve that problem quickly.