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I recently updated all my sites with your theme (i purchased the same theme 5x) and one of the sites displayed the white screen of death! I reverted back to the previous update and all is good. Can you help?

Please send me URL and dashboard access to issues sie.

I check this.


Thanks, what email should I send this info to?

studio@dynamicpress.eu or open private ticket on support forum :)

Good morning, I’ve a question about your theme with visual composer. When I create a page using “full width page template”, there’s a problem with VC rows. For example, I need to create a page with a revolution slider in full width and the content in grid view. So, I create a default row with slider and other rows with “Row type”: section and Type: “grid” but they are always full width. I’m checked the css code and rows has always height=0px. How can we solve this problem without customize css everytime?

Waiting for your response, thanks and best regards

Please send me dashboard access on studio@dynamicpress.eu

I am getting this error – Fatal error: Call to undefined function getDPAnimation() in /var/sites/k/kinetik.uk.com/public_html/wp-content/themes/kinetik/vc_templates/vc_column_text.php on line 13

Please send me dashboad access on studio@dynamicpress.eu.

sent it



You have still used buit in te theme Visual Composer mode.

It i is not ecimmended since version 2.0 and no moe supoted in newest versions.

If you need mor eexplanations about this please open ticket on support foum.


Can I remove DATE from blog list?

Quick question: is it possible to reduce the size of the DP vertical tab “title” area in width? If yes, where can I add the code so that the next update will not affect the new code?


This width is set in


About line 34 you find:

.wpb_tour .wpb_tabs_nav { float: left; width: 31.666666666666668%; }

About line 46 you find:

.wpb_tour .wpb_tour_tabs_wrapper .wpb_tab { -webkit-box-sizing: border-box; -moz-box-sizing: border-box; box-sizing: border-box; border: none; float: left; width: 68.33333333333333%; padding: 0 0 0 21.739130434782606px; border:1px solid #eceef0; min-height:100px; margin-left:-1px; }

Change width of both this elements according you needs.


I noticed your demo is down. Did you get hacked ? Is this template hack-able ?

Is fixed.

Thanks for info :).



I was updating the theme because the clients site was hacked. But even the new install has a problem. Can’t install any required plugins because the link goes to http://www.dynamicpress.pl/... and those links are broken. The best I can do is get it to a point where it looks ok in the front end, but the built in visual composer is unusable in the backend.


Last week we have simmillar problem. Our demo server was hacked and we move all content to another server.

This is the cause of temporary invalid link dynamicpress.pl.

But plugins you have also in full theme package in folder /plugins and you can install plugins manually.

Another method is change all links in wp-content/themes/dp_evolve/functions php fom dynamicpress.pl to dynamicpress.eu.

Upgade with neweest version of plugins and corect links will be available in one up two days

Sory fo inconveniences


Dynamicpress Support

We already thought of that and had tried both of those methods and were able to get the theme working for the most part. But there is still an issue. Visual composer is unusable in the backend. Content displays correctly in the front end, but when editing a page, visual composer displays more like a normal text editor. There are no drag-able columns or ability to insert different content types.

Please send me dashboard access.

I try help you fix all problems.

Kris Dynamicpress Support

is it possible to rename the template ? template seems to work ok but showbix seems to have a issue when installing..

Theoreticaly yes. We don’t use hardcoded URL’s or directories in code. Maybe is some translatable strings wit DP Evolve in content. You need check it.

I have read ticket. I check it tonight or tommorow morning CET :).



Also how can we get rid of social media icons that we do not need in both header and footer ?


In Template Options -> Content Options at the end of section Social links and contact info you have two switcher for this.



Dynamicpress Support


Just bought your theme but I have 2 issues :

1. Visual Composer “Text Block” is not working . When I add some text on this block and I press Edit… text disappears on visual and text tab.

2. How can I change logo size in sticky menu ?

Thanks for your help. Best Regards.


RE 2 Is not setting for this in Template Options.

This is set in wp-content/themes/dp_evolve/css/stuff css about line 1406

dp-sticky-navigation-wrapper #dp-head a.cssLogo {height:42px;width:143px;margin-top:10px;}

You can easy add custom CSS rule changing this setting i Template Options -> Layout -> Custom CSS Code

RE1 We can’t observe such issue in our test installation. Please sen us dashboard access on studio@dynamicpress.eu. We check it


Dynamicpress Support


I want to remove the ”h1 class” from the logo image. Can you please tell me in which file and which line I can remove it please?

This is important for my SEO.

Thank you!


You need edit few files

But please write me on studio@dynamicpress.eu or open ticket on https://dynamicpress.ticksy.com/

Here is not convenient paste code snippets :(.


Dynamicpress Support


I send you email with detailed explanation.

Please check mail box :)




How do you change the inner page title font weight ?

Ceylon Coconut Industry


If you mean subheader title;


this can be done by editing wp-content/themes/dp_evolve/css/template.css .

About line 774 you find:

.dp-subheader .main-title {margin:0; padding:25px 0 0 10px; font-size:36px;font-weight:100;line-height:40px}

Change font weight here.

Or better add following CSS:

.dp-subheader .main-title {font-weight:400}

in Template Options -> Layouts -> Custom CSS Code


Dynamicpress Support

Hi! I recently purchased the theme EVOLVE, I uploaded it on to my web space and installed the plugins included in the zip package that I downloaded from the website. I am having a problem with Visual Composer There is an alert inside the theme’s options that says that the EVOLVE theme supports visual composer up to version4.0 but the version included in the package that was provided is 4.11, which indeed doesn’t work. Can you please help? thx in advance

the Alert screen shot says:


Following the recommendations of the Visual Composer developers regarding the integration of the plugin, since version 4.0 Evolve theme no longer supports built-in Visual Composer. For the proper functioning of the theme, you must install the included in the theme package Visual Composer plugin.

Please send me dashboard access on studio@dynamicpress.eu.

I check it and fix online. Is is probably small misconfiguration problem



Hi there,

I’ve sent an email to studio@dynamicpress.eu on Monday about an issue with mobile menu that can’t be strolled, but still no answer. Can you please check and help me to solve my problem ? Many thanks,



I have receive. I check it and send you answer per email.


Hi, I’ve sent you many emails but still not answer and my problem with mobile menu is still not fixed. This is quite urgent. Thank you for your help…..


Please check your trash folder. More than week ago I send you explanation.

Issue is caused by third part plugin installed on your server WP-FlyBox . If you disable this plugin all works fine.

This plugin cause on mobile devices JS error :

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘top’ of undefined

You should contact with this plugin developers.


Dynamicpress Support

I am using your theme on my website and I just noticed the front end is blank site. I can get into the admin panel. I have tried to totally uninstall and re-install the latest evolve 4.0 from scratch and plugins. Can you assist? my support expired. I have purchased 2 copies of this theme and love it. I just seem to have trouble with it blowing up like this on occasion.


Please send me dashboard access on studio@dynamicpress.eu If you can send me FTP access to it can help me easier solve all problems


DynamicPress Support

I’ve found one vulnerability in your theme files. You may find the simplified details below:

Plugin/Theme Involved : Evolve Theme
Vulnerable File : Upload_Handler.php
URL Parameter :... /themes/dp_evolve/js/back-end/libraries/fileuploader/upload_handler.php
Hacking Technique : Cross Site Forgery Request (CSRF)

I’ve coded a simple upload script to CSRF the website. This simple CSRF script can be used to exploit the parameter above in and upload any files to the directory without authentication.

I used the CSRF script to upload a PHP WebShell Backdoor. This backdoor will allow any unauthorized users to upload, download, delete, modify, and even create a file in the web server.

This vulnerability can bring the worst consequences to the website. It could be a web defacement, spambot, and even a botnet.

Please check the file asap. As im running your template for my client..

Hi Authors,

Thank you for your tremendous support. My team already remove the folder mentioned. It is by removing the folder doesn’t effect any file ?

Best Regards


No. We have abamdon usage of script included in this folder few upgrades ago and this folde is not used.


Hi Authors,

That’s was a relieved. Your assistance is highly appreciated.

Thank you

I have the same problem as julien. “Visual Composer “Text Block” is not working” When you edit a text block it only stays until you update the page. After that when you look back it is gone. What solution did you find? Was it a server setting?

When using VC text block, should the text appear in the block after you edit it? Mine is showing nothing but a white box. It isn’t until you hover over the element and it displays that is a text block that you have any indication what it is. Seems odd to design it like that make understanding your content blocks more difficult when you have no idea what they are till you hover over them.

Thanks I check it tommorrow morning CET

Did you ever look into this?


Sorry but most probably you don’t receive my answer per email :(.

This is problem of bug in VC 4.11

Please download latest evolve 4.1 . Is compatible with WP 4.5 and most impoortant have newest version VC 4.11.2 included.

This should fix problem.


Hi ! Can you help me with some issues please ?

Website : http://bit.ly/1MEZ8N2

1. On my website I use specific custom background image for header area but they appear not to be responsive. How can I fix this ?

2. For some paragraph I need 100px padding left and 100px padding right. Ok with Visual Composer, but not ok on mobile (text is too much centered). Is there a way with CSS to enlarge it on mobile or not affect this padding ?

3.It is possible to center the Copyright text ? When I male it center, it’s ok on desktop but not mobile (goes out of the screen)

4. Manhy thanks for your help :)


Yes thanks

I try write answer today eavening or tommorow morning


Any news ?!

I have send you email.

One question.. Is your theme support WPML plugin ?

Yes. Theme is compatible with WPML.

thank you.. any documentation for guiding ?

If you mean general theme documentation is included in theme package (in HTML format) and available online:


and video documentation.


For WMPL integration documentation is no needed. Simply install WPML and follow WPML documentation.


DynamicPress Support

i have been using this theme for almost two years but recently, my website just displays index, and i cannot even access my wordpress dashboard….please help

website is www.boladewrights.com

Seema that your page is hacked. I see some files which shouldent be here (for example A.php,)

Please send me:

1. Dashboard access 2. FTP access

on studio@dynamicpress.eu or support@dynamicpress.eu

I check it :).


Dynamicpress Support


tverdouw Purchased

I just bought the theme and my buttons in thr revolution slider do not display correct, see http://timverdouw.nl Any idea what can be wrong?

Thanks, Tim

Hi, This is small problem with CSS compatibility. . In file wp-content/yhemes/dp_evolve/css/override-plugins.css about line 210 you find:

.tp-caption i {

    font-size: 60px;
    font-weight: normal;
    color: #fff;
    border:1px solid #fff;
    border-radius: 5px;
    padding:50px 60px;
.tp-caption i span {

    font-size: 16px;
    font-weight: normal;
    color: #fff;
    font-family: "Raleway";


Please remove this.

Kris Dynamicpress Support

PS in the future please oprn tickect on https://dynamicpress.ticksy.com

It is much easier answer any questions there :)


tverdouw Purchased

Thanks, that did the job! I’ll do!