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Hi, I had written your new support 4 days ago however I couldn’t get any response. I wanted to sign in with my email and so be able to login to see if you respond or not, however your new support only gives “facebook” sign in option. This is a big problem in terms of customer satisfaction since I can not follow up my tickets by logging in with my facebook account.

I purchased your theme from themeforest. Everything was perfect until wordpress made new update. I downloaded the latest version of the theme, however this time visual composer doesn’t work. So I purchased the latest version of visual composer from code canyon, hoping to work properly however again the theme doesn’t work properly.

At the end, I am waiting for a resolution that the theme works with visual composer. Can u please have a look and tell me what the problem is ? My website is : ornek.markasosyalmedya.com (which is a subdomain). Please contact me to be able to send you my login credentials Thanks

Waiting for your prompt answer Regards

Sorry for delay. I do it on weekend.


Waiting for it since 2 days. I would appricate if you do it today. The website is : www.gurbuzconstruction.com I had sent you its credentials via email 5 days ago. Thanks

Please check email box.


Hello, I added “Accordion” on the page, but I got a website error “ShowBiz Error: Slider with alias not found. ”. Can you help me, please? And second problem is, I have template version 2.9. What is the easiest way to upgrade to 3.1? Thank you


Seems that showbiz slider which you specify don’t exist. Please send me URL on studio@dynamicpress.eu (and dashboard access if possible I check this).

Regarding upgrade. If you heve version lower than 3.0 you can simly install newest version (will be installed as new theme in new folder) and than switch theme i Appearance -> Themes


Hello, I use the module toggle faq and need to be open from the beginning, it is possible to adjust somehow? Thank you so much

At the moment it is not possible select initial stand of toggle element.

Please write me on studio@dynamicpress.eu. I try to prepare patch for you on weekend.


Hello I’ve installed the theme evolve and all the evolve_content.xml, but lots of the pages are showing 404 errors with pages not found. Can you please assist with this ?

Most probably this are problems with portfolio pages..This is permalinks problems. If you switch permalinks setting to default all pages should be visible.

If you will use custom permalinks setting you should change permalink of our demo page named Portfolio (can’t contain string “portfolio” because it is name of custom post type too). Please see attached link: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/13135859/portfolio-permalink.jpg

If problem still exist please send me dashboard access on studio@dynamicpress.eu. I check this.


i’m gonna check your solution thanks

Let me know if it helps :)


I love this template so much! Its super easy to use! However, on one of the sites (as I bought it 5 different times for 5 different clients), I had a problem with the upgrade and when I try and activate the wp bakery plugin, I get this error message:

Fatal error: Cannot redeclare vc_is_editor() (previously declared in /wp-content/themes/dp_evolve/wpbakery/js_composer/composer/lib/helpers.php:713) in /wp-content/plugins/js_composer/include/helpers/helpers_factory.php on line 263

I did email you many times but I’m still waiting for your help!



I have check it and all seems to be OK. i have switched now Theme in Visual Composer use mode “As plugin”

And upgrade VC to latest version 4.5.2

Only one thing is to do. Your content is created using very old built in theme VC version. By switcing to newer VC plugin you must adjust rows vertical margin and paddings (in new VC it is realized another way as in old version,, you should use VC composer Design Options fro roe or elements).


This is fantastic! I really appreciate your help fixing this and getting it to the latest updated version. I will make sure to keep it updated when new versions of dp-evolve are released! What great customer support you provide! I will continue buying your products for sure! Best, Bev

Why the menu dropdown doesn´t show? I´ve checked the menu settings several times and they seem to be ok.

This is odd. Most probably JS conflict. Send me dashboard access and URL on studio@dynamicpress.eu


HI! I need your help with a couple of issues:

1. How can I resize the menu area (to decrease the width?) 2. How can I resize menu fonts? 3. If I use H1, H2, H3 headers and I want to align them to center, it always aligns it left. Is there any reason for that? 4. How do I remove top menu bar?

thanks for your help!!!


RE 1 What you mean resize menu area? Did you mean make menu area smaller width and place widget area next for example? This is possible only by small code changes . I can send you advise but please send be screenshot with instruction how should it look. On studio@dynamicpress.eu.

RE 2. To resize menu font you should edit CSS. In file wp-content/themes/dp-evolve/css/stuff.css about line 477 you find following: .sf-menu a { color: #2d3e52; font-weight: normal; font-size: 13px; line-height: 23px; overflow: hidden; text-transform:uppercase; -webkit-transition:all 0.3s ease; -moz-transition:all 0.3s ease; -o-transition:all 0.3s ease; transition:all 0.3s ease; } there you can change font-size property.

You can do it mutch easier also. Please place following CSS code:

.sf-menu a {font-size: 16px;}

in field Custom CSS code in Template Options—> Layouts at the bottom.

RE 3 Headers H1, H2 etc have no alignment in CSS at all. So by any browsers are displayed left aligned. If in case when alignment should be other it is added in custom CSS classes. You can of course add center alignment for headers globaly in CSS but I personally do not recommend this solution.Rather create custom CSS class .header-centered {teax-align:center}

and add this to header when needed.