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SteveYu32 Purchased


Whenever I try to change the template for the homepage, the slider disappears from the top of the page (for the Home page).

Can you please tell me what is happening? I can edit the pre-existing Home Page layouts but if I try to change the template of the page it just vanishes.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!



Hi SteveYu32,

Thank you for purchasing the theme :)

Sorry for the inconvenience. We re-uploaded theme files by fixing this issue ( slider’s template file was deleted by mistake ) , please download theme and replace it with current theme.

ronea2 Purchased

How do I go about upgrading? Do I just download the files again and reinstall them?

thank, Ron


Yes, download latest version and replace it with current version.

wizwow Purchased


I just updated the theme to the newest version. Totally wiped out my slider on the home page… nothing left. I have to rebuild it.

Long time to do 26 sliders.

Just thought you should know.


Thank you wizwow for your feedback :)

We added full functionality for Revolution Slider so you can customize home page slider with lots of inbuilt revolution slider options and added option to add unlimited home page slider by adding revolution slider home page.

We are very sorry for the inconvenience but we want to give more flexibility to all buyers to customize home page slider. We hope you can understand it :)

rwbowman Purchased

How can I add a search bar to the homepage with a “full slider homepage” template? And, I wish I could choose a category in the “latest post” shortcode.

Awesome theme, these two things would make it perfect for me…

best, RWB


Hello RWB,

Thank you for purchasing the theme :)

1. You can add search widget in footer area to display in home and all inner pages but in other sections like header or title bar search bar is not available.

2. Please contact us from our profile page form so we can send you updated shortcodes file with sample code which has feature to display specific categories recent posts.

ruesbooks Purchased

I purchased the Evolve theme and installed and upgraded my WP site. The theme switch went fairly smoothly – but ever since I have been getting 500 ERRORs and the ht access file keeps renaming itself, and then the database can’t find it…ERROR.

I have fixed this multiple times and it just seems to auto generate or something.

Any suggestions?

thank you


Hello ruesbooks,

You can first try to fix this error by deactivation all plugins. There are more info on wordpress forum for this error like this post.

Please ask your hosting company for more help. (OR send us your website admin login details from our profile page form so we can check it.)

Thank you :)

Hello, I really like the clean, nice and simplicity of this theme, and I’m really interested in purchasing it. However, couple of questions?

1. Can you create a HomePage version that doesn’t require a slider or image?

2. Can you also create both a Homepage and all pages through the site that doesn’t include the HUGE middle Logo, but simply be able to have the logo on the top left header where there is an image and text already, and of course extra links on the top right of that header (not sure if the theme already has the last part ability)? That middle logo simply wastes too much space, and is not necessary, especially for subpages.

If you could do these two I think simple things, your theme would be much more inviting, and I would purchase it immediately.

Thank you.

p.s. What’s the status on full compatibility with WP 3.6?


Hello leeuniverse,

Thank you for your positive feedback :)

1. You can create inner page to home page with theme admin panel : View this screenshot last option field

2. You can make logo and left menu left align with small css changes. Here is the detail example for similar question

Adding extra links on right side of logo requires little custom coding in header.php file. If you have good skill in php, html and css then you can easily add it.

Logo height is flexible so you can add any size logo :)

3. This theme is compatible with wordpress 3.6

ruesbooks Purchased

I posted this below about a month ago:

“I purchased the Evolve theme and installed and upgraded my WP site. The theme switch went fairly smoothly – but ever since I have been getting 500 ERRORs and the ht access file keeps renaming itself, and then the database can’t find it…ERROR.

I have fixed this multiple times and it just seems to auto generate or something.”

I tried uninstall/reinstall; turning off plugins; calling hosting company.

Still having the problem. I went to your profile page and sent the login info – but I did not get any response and the problem is still occurring.

It is terribly frustrating, please let me know how to proceed.

thank you


Hi Rue,

Please check our replied email on same day (23rd August 2013) – may be it is in spam folder. We need your website ftp login details to test.

Thank you :)

Hey there…

the pagination on the sortable portfolio causes categories to not come up correctly. Meaning, if something is on page 2, and I click the category, it comes up blank rather than pull up the items from that category.

I need some help here. :S


Hi creative-geek,

Sortable portfolio with category only display items which are exist in current page and category items which are not in current page and available in next page will not display.

It works like this…

First php script takes all items and checking pagination number and then divides in separate pages.

After pagination, jquery script starts to work and display all available items in current page. If any category item is not available in current page then it will not display because it only takes current page items to sort it.

Thank you :)

Hi Softwebmedia, I’m looking into purchasing this theme. The only think is that I would like to know if the background colors in the header and underneath the slider are easy to change. Does this theme comes with an easy Control panel to change the colors in the entire template?

Thank you for your feedback.


Hi pablodgonzalez,

Slider background area has skin color which you can change in all pages with one click color palate. ( Admin Screenshot : http://evolve-wp.premiumthemes.in/?page_id=884 )

Dark hader background with logo and top menu is little complex to edit because it is controlled by css styles and requires good skill to customize it.

Thank you :)


I assume there is no support site for this theme, so I’m asking here: All is working well so far in initial setup of home page but I see in your demo the purple bar with page title heading here http://evolve-wp.premiumthemes.in/?page_id=431 but I cannot seem to make it visible here http://www.ecareersolutions.com/wp/ but a space is there for it…?? Can you tell me how to show that page title on home page like sample…or remove the space??



Hi paradigmgraphic,

Thank you for purchasing the theme :)

We are providing free support of this theme here or from profile page form (email support).

You can enable home page title from

Admin > Appearance > Theme Options > General > Set Inner page Header in Home page (check this checkbox to enable).

Hi, How can make links of logo slider open in new window(new tab)? (target _blank) I tried to add ‘target’ => ’’, on shortcodes.php and added target=”blank” or target=”_blank” but failed ;) would you please guide me how to do this? Thanks!!


Hi AuthGirl,

I am very sorry for the previous reply, by mistake I thought its our latest theme “Thinker” comment which has single line shortcode for logo slider.

You can open logo link in new window with below steps.

1. Open shortcodes.php

File path: ../wp-content/themes/evolve_wp/framework/shortcodes/shortcodes.php

2. Go to line #934 of Logo Slider shortcode section and you will find below code

$output .= '<a href="'.$link.'" '.$lightbox_on.' title="'.$title.'"><img src="'.$src.'" alt="'.$alt.'" /></a>';

3. Replace above code with below code by adding target=”_blank” property in anchor tag

$output .= '<a target="_blank" href="'.$link.'" '.$lightbox_on.' title="'.$title.'"><img src="'.$src.'" alt="'.$alt.'" /></a>';

Thank you :)


oh, I missed that section! I tried add some code somewhere line # 920. Works now, Thank you for such prompt support!!

Hi again, My site shows fine on a computer but not on a phone. Site doesn’t even load completely and crashes eventually. Looks like the slider causing a problem. Please have a look: www.3cstables.com And how can I disable responsive option. I prefer it opens classic site on phone (or iPad) then responsive design. Thanks Vic


I think you quite didn’t understand what I’m saying. The site should open with full width like: http://www.3cstables.com/myfiles/photo4.PNG (I had zoom out manually). Apparently it looks like this: http://www.3cstables.com/myfiles/photo3.PNG (this is how loaded). My question is how to make this site opens as like the: http://www.3cstables.com/myfiles/photo4.PNG This is how all other non-responsive site open on mobile phone.


We got your point.

You can view like photo4.png by removing below code in header.php file line #4. ( ../wp-content/themes/evolve_wp/header.php)

<meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, 
initial-scale=1, maximum-scale=1" />

Thank you :)


That works perfect! all good now! Thanks!!! :)

How to make the front end preferences disappear?


Hello cameronfreemarketing,

Your comment is not showing a “purchased” badge. If you have purchased this theme from another account please login using that account before posting support based questions.

Thank you :)

mebomi Purchased

Hi there,

I am trying to modify some themes colors, not all colors are exposed in the layout panel in WP, therefore I have modified some of them are in various CSSs. I am trying to modify the background color of the header where the logo as well as the menu bar, they seem to be parts of custom settings in screen.php and since they are not exposed to WP, I was wondering whether you can give us a hint on how to modify those values.

Thank you in advance.


Hi mebomi,

You can use browsers ( firefox, chrome ) inbuild “inspect element” ( do right click on page and you will find at bottom of popup menu ) feature to find section div class and ids and then use those in custom.css or child theme css file to overwrite default settings.

Thank you :)


I styled my homepage like your “minimal homepage”.

Is there anyway to center the second block (the responsiva & retina ready with macbook on the left) so that it aligns with the “web design” above?

Thank you!


Hi Dancar1,

Your comment is not showing a “purchased” badge. If you have purchased this theme from another account please login using that account before posting support based questions.

Thank you :)

Hello, Ive just been asked to provision a site with your Evolve theme. The theme installed easily and I was very happy, but Im having a few issues.

Im using the page Business Minimal Home and modifying it.

I have a static header image I want to use. I removed the Rev slider from this page in order to do so. The header section just collapses even though I have entered and uploaded a new image into Evolve >Appearance>Slideshow and Header Area Style->Header Background Image and even Evolve >Appearance>Slideshow and Header Area Style->SubHeader Area Style->SubHeader Background Image

Ive also got the same image as a single image in the page itself where the slider used to be and all i get is a thumbnail when the image is 1170×600

why can I not post this header?

Question 2: I do not see a listing of shortcodes int he documentation, where is this available?

This page is publicly available at act.peppnetwork.com and my version is 1.3.1

Please advise, this si time sensitive, thank you


Hi ActThemes,

This is not our theme but it another author’s theme which has same name and creates confusion – click here to view list of all evolve themes in themeforest.

Thank you :)

Can’t download the file. I used a download manager before I knew that it was not recommended. Can the author give me a mirror for it? I am really in a rush on this website, my client is rushing me to finish this things. I hope the author would give me some alternative in my problem.


Hi santianolouie,

We are not uploading theme to any other server. Download file section is handled by Envato. Please contact Envato support team for download issue.

This may help you to fix the issue : Click here

Thank you :)

Where do you go to assign the login url for the login icon on the menu bar?


We are not getting your question, please give more details.


In the Appearance settings, the option “Display login link” puts the login icon on the menu bar. How do you set the login url? It currently shows. http://www.website.com/#


This is not in our theme, please check before posting in the forum. It may be other ‘evolve’ theme. :)