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With the new update will I lose all my CSS styling and edits you made to the theme? How will I save it from being gone?



If you have not made any changes on theme files(PHP,JS, CSS or HTML) you will not lost anything. But, taking a full backup before processing (if your site is live) always recommended.


Why is the preview on http://themeforest.net/item/ewa-bootstrap-multipurpose-wordpress-theme/full_screen_preview/4661526 missing the right column images? I want to make sure there isn’t an issue with theme before I purchase.


Hello, thanks for contacting us. If you please remove top (Envato) bar and give me direct link I’ll be gladly helping you. Cheers.


oppps! Something wrong. We’ll fix that right away. Sorry for inconvenience. Thanks for the report.

About 1/3 of our posts do not have images (press releases and such that are just text).

Just wondering if an image is required for a post and if not do you have an example of posts without images?

Hello Freevision :)

I found a little ‘bug’ in the wordpress-template. When you go to -> appearance / theme options / primary navigation, and then the first item ‘Set First Level Menu Item Clickable?”. If you set this to ‘no’, you might expect that the first menu item isnt’t clickable. It works fine for the pc/desktop. BUT! If you go to your tablet or smartphone, it doesn’t work.. You can either way click on the first item instead of disabling it..

Is it possible to fix it?

Thanks so much in advance.

Kind regards, Sander


Hello Sander, thanks for contacting us. The thing is this has been requested by a few buyers therefore we made it that way. If you wanna change it please open a ticket and state your request. We can make some arrangement for you. Regards

Hi, can you make your theme compatible for Mega main menu or ubermenu because they doesn’t work well with your theme.



Hello, sorry we have no plan for mega menu feature. You can install uber menu or other mega menu plugins and follow instructions of plugins. Regards

Hi There,

After installing wordpress 4.0, when editing a text box in the visual composer everything is white, including text and plugins like Ultimate Tiny MCE no longer show like they did before. Will there be an update to make it compatible with wordpress 4.0 or has there already been one that I’ve missed?

Kind Regards,



Hello Morgan, EWA isn’t ready for WP 4.0 yet but for sure we’ll release an update for this matter. Best Regards.


I wish the content area of pages to be non responsive with objects that are no scalable and fixed positions while changing the size of the browser window. I tried different ways of disabling the responsive future, but nothing helps.

One of the tricks is to remove the two lines from header

<meta name=’viewport’ content=’width=device-width, initial-scale=1, maximum-scale=1, user-scalable=0’ /> <meta name=”apple-mobile-web-app-capable” content=”yes” />

but it does not work for the content area.

Please help, Lukasz


Hello Lukasz,

thanks for contacting us. I think removing those lines doesn’t get the real result when resize the window. You need to browse it by a real device. Regards


I will try to explain it in a different way:

My real device is my browser window. I want the pages to have fixed width. I don’t want the rows of the content to split or rejoin to fit the browser window.

How can I set fixed width for the pages ?

Regards, Lukasz


Hello Lukasz, please try to disable visual composer in this case.

Settings > Visual Composer


Assam Purchased

Hallo I have many Bugs with WP 4. Please UPDATED!!


Hi Guys,

Any eta on the WP 4.0 compatible version?


Hello, we started to work on it. Thank you.

panardo Purchased

Hi guys.

I have a problem. I’m editing the Home Page and in the Page Builder I can’t find the button “Teaser (post) grid”. I cant even see the Page Builder in the Portfolio page, as shown in the tutorial video. Can you help me please?



Hello, you’re using latest version of VC. I kindly advice you to uninstall separately installed VC and follow the notifications. You suppose to install the one comes with theme. Wordpress will notify you for that. If you can’t handle it please open a ticket and lemme see things in place. Please make sure you shared also your admin credentials in your ticket. Regards

panardo Purchased

Hi, I installed the one that comes with the Theme. Nothing happens.


Please open a ticket and share your admin credentials lemme see things in place. Regards.

Assam Purchased

Hallo, any news about WP version 4 ?

Hi which version of wp works fine with this theme? 3.9 3.9.1 3.9.2 Can someone say me what install? Tks


Hello, thanks for purchasing. EWA is compatible with v4.0. Regards.

DebLiz Purchased

Hello, upon reading through your Q&A, docs, and support forums, I’m unable to find a solution to my problem. I love EWA – it’s truly beautiful. But I’m having trouble with Visual Composer. I did not install VC separately (the updated version) as I know EWA has customized the version of VC that comes bundled with its theme.

However, I’m still receiving automated update buttons within page editing – from what seems to be the independent plugin itself. Is there a way to disable the update notification from the VC plugin team?

It’s not the red update notification in the plugins area of WP admin that I’m worried about. I ignore those update notifications all the time. But this time it’s interrupting my editing in the pages/posts themselves… a popup appears that says “update to the latest version” or “read more here” ... there is no option to choose “do not update VC” ...

So I chose the option that I had available to me which was “update to latest version of VC”... now there is messy html on the front end of my site and I’m more or less having to redesign every element of every page. I am very near completion of my site and I’ve estimated a launch date of today… This holdup is hindering my ability to deliver on time.

Secondly, I noticed in this Q&A that someone on EWA stated that your theme is incompatible with WordPress 4.0 and that you all were working on updating your theme to make it compatible (the statement EWA staff made that I mentioned was posted about a month ago) ... I know the latest update to EWA was in early September, so I’m assuming this problem hasn’t yet been addressed?

Furthermore, as you’re no doubt aware, WP has released an ever newer version, that is WP 4.0.1 …. I felt very inclined to update to this newest version because it addresses nearly 30 security bugs and fixes.

In short,

1. Can you explain the Visual Composer Popup Notifications I’m receiving while in the middle of editing posts/pages and/or how to disable these notifications as “updating” is the only option given to me?

2. Have you made any headway on updating your theme compatibility to either WP 4.0 or 4.0.1? If so, do you have an estimated idea of when this release may be ready?

3. Could the fact that I’m running WP 4.0.1 on my site be the sole reason I’m facing problems suddenly?

4. As the latest versions of WP are vastly security fixes, would you recommend that I stay with older versions of WP regardless? My site includes an e-commerce section, so I’m uneasy about downgrading to an earlier WP install. I can’t risk known vulnerabilities.

Again, your theme is beautiful and I am very grateful for your hard work and amazing product. I rarely run into any problems with EWA and it is one of my all-time-favorites among my fairly vast collection of premium WP themes.

I look forward to your reply, as soon as reasonably achievable. Thanks very much in advance.



Hello Deb, thanks for contacting us. We started to work on updating all our products for WP 4.0.1 it’ll be ready soon. As for your issue regarding visual composer update. you we not suppose to update which will cause unexpected issues as you described. At this point I suggest you to wait couple of days for next update. Best Regards

Purchased your theme not realizing that you had not upgraded it to support wordpress 4. Do you have a timeline on wordpress 4.0 compatibility?


I submitted a support ticket on your site regarding the inability to display a category list of items from the portfolio. It fails to display the first item correctly, then shows blog posts in the lists rather the portfolio items.


Just found the my support ticket had been deleted, or at the least, disappeared for no reason. Is this a problem you want to address?


Sorry but we don’t / didn’t delete anything. Maybe there was a temporary issue. Please open a fresh one and lemme see what I can do for you. Regards