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I would like to add the “Latest Work” section as I see on the demo here http://www.quemalabs.com/themes/exotico/

And how do I change the number of grid boxes shown on the homepage? Say maybe increase the number to 6 instead 3.

How do I do that?


Thanks! That worked. Finally, I would like to link the thumbnail image on the portfolio page to the portfolio page itself instead of the image or the youtube video.

Let me know how I can do that. Thanks!

And also for the homepage latest works portfolio section. Would also like to link to post, not to image or video. Thanks!

Well that’s not so easy. You will have to do that as a customization on your own. I can’t help you with that. If you need you can contact these guys to make customizations: https://www.tweaky.com/?invite=5451ffd77b65ae99

Is there a way to add a caption to each photo within Galleria?

No, you can’t for now. Sorry.


I have an issue with the grid boxes cutting in the footer when the site is viewed on mobile for this portfolio page http://www.quemalabs.com/themes/exotico/portfolios/portfolio-3-columns/

I am using iphone 5, chrome


Thanks for your quick reply.

I have tested the page on Safari on my iphone 5 and it looks fine.

The issue on chrome is only seen when you select a category filter and not when the page is first loaded. You have to select a category filter and then the bottom few grid boxes will cut into the footer.

Is there a support email i can use to send you some mobile screenshots of what I mean?

Yes, support@quemalabs.com I will take a look at this issue. Thanks.

I just emailed you with some iphone screenshots