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The social icons are so cool! Wonderful work just like MESSI :P


hahaha! “just like Messi” Thank you very much!

I like it! I had a quick look and it seems like the sortable portfolio pages aren’t working properly. Other than that though, everything seems to be working just fine.

Good luck with sales :)!


When you click on a category on the sortable portfolio page, it transitions fine and then once the transition is over, the body container collapses.

I had this issue in Chrome, not sure about other browsers.

EDIT : Just tested it in Firefox and its working fine, so it seems like it’s only having this issue in Chrome?

That’s strange this is how I see it on Chrome: http://cl.ly/Gxqg

Which version are you using?



That’s very strange lol. I’m using version 19 on a Mac.



Cool. Good luck with sales.


Thank you!

Nice Work ! Congrats :)


Thank you! :)

How do you get the Circle Icons and area onto the home page? Can’t find help in your documentation for this?

It’d be nice if you’d make it easier to adjust the background. Had to add another div in there so I could have the content area be a different color than the body.

You can import the WordPress Import File (XML) to know how to start http://cl.ly/GxND

First I would say your new theme looks great. Couple of questions on it though.

1. Galleria—Does that use WP Gallery or does it use its own plugin? Also can it be used with NextGen. And does it support upload from Ipad?

2. http://themes.orange-idea.com/?theme=valeras-wp – The Valeras theme on here has a ton of documentation around their shortcodes and bootstrap—do you have something similar? And do you have CSS3 that allows me to turn off and on some features based on screen size?

3. Also is there any issues integrating BuddyPress into the theme?? looking for something to take care of user credentials.

thanks Dave

1. Use the same system that WP Gallery, here is the video example: http://www.screenr.com/WlX8 2. The best documentation about this components is Bootstrap’s site: http://twitter.github.com/bootstrap/components.html All hat is supported in this Theme

3. I don’t test BuddyPress in this Theme but I think it should work without problems like in any regular Theme.

I am suggesting this to the buyer tonight.

Are you able to get Ipad uploads to work?

Also have you seen the modal gallery? http://blueimp.github.com/Bootstrap-Image-Gallery/

I am going to be looking to getting that working… be awesome if your theme made it easier.


What do you mean by iPad uploads?

Also that Gallery is great I will try to include it in the next update.


A lot of my clients work from their Ipads. And uploading pictures into the native WP gallery does not work. Going to bootstrap and other responsive frameworks I thought there would be more emphasis on tablet/phone workflow.

Right now the best solution (best right now, not a great long-term solution) is using NextGen and then the NextGen App, which allows upload from IOS … The NextGen framework is done well but it does not always pay well with themes and other plugins. So right now I am a little torn on how I will handle clients with lots of galleries—especially those using tablets in the workplace.


Yes the Admin Panel from WordPress is not very mobile friendly, but WordPress announcement that its next version works on mobile

brand new user; i followed your tutorial in the documentation of how to upload a portfolio item/page/featured image, but my image will not appear in the grid and will not appear when clicked on to ‘read more’. any help would be greatly appreciated! thanks aviv

What is your URL ? Maybe is a problem with TimThumb, you can check this : http://support.eneaa.com/basicdocs/


Great theme.

A few questions:

1. Can I move the logo to the top navigation bar and remove the page title block so the galleries sit higher on the page, so I can get full impact without the need to scroll?

2. Can I change the size of the galleria gallery height? So I can accommodate much larger portrait images. And will the responsiveness still work well if I do so?

3. I wanted to have a fullscreen background image on the home and contact pages, is that possible?

Much thanks in advance.


1) The navigation bar is quite full and also small not sure if it would look good.

2) Yes, you can by code. It isn’t hard.

3) You can with CSS , just adding an image to the body background.

nice work…

hey my url is avivcohen.co.uk, if you go on the music page youll see it, also on home page! thanks again man appreciate the help aviv

Yes it’s a problem with TimThumb, try this steps to solve it: http://support.eneaa.com/basicdocs/#timthumb

And let me know.

Does this theme support the use of widgets on home page, header, and footer?


Supports widget on Home Page, Footer and Sidebar but not in the header.

Hey, i followed your troubleshooting in changing permissions/filename and reuploading the .php file but no luck i still get no image loading up, however when i right click the image/open in a new tab, i get this

Internal Server Error The server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration and was unable to complete your request. Please contact the server administrator, webmaster@avivcohen.co.uk and inform them of the time the error occurred, and anything you might have done that may have caused the error. More information about this error may be available in the server error log. Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.

and this is the url i get at the top http://avivcohen.co.uk/wp-content/themes/Theme/exotico/framework/timthumb.php?src=http://avivcohen.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2012/06/intentismimage.jpg&h=376&w=670

is there anything wrong with the path, sorry for these basic questions but im new! :) Aviv


Looks like that image is not on your server any more.

Send me a WP user to my email I will take a look, nicoandrade@gmail.com

Feedback – Sorry your theme came in second with my last client. But it is one of the top ones I am suggesting in the future. Some things he said… you don’t have a slider that can reference pages/blogs/galleries, you lost some of the modal integration on the galleries, on ipad2 the responsiveness has a bug when you are flipping the screen (if you go tall, then wide, then tall it doesn’t adjust), again with the galleries—they need a little work on ipad (swipe is weird), and they wanted to have hosted video.

But this is a great theme and the best integration of bootstrap. If you came out with a NextGen version of this… I would have 4-5 converts right away.


Thanks for the feedback!

I downloaded, what I thought was the new update but the home slider is still not working. :( I just clicked on the download on this site.

Please create a Support Topic with your URL in the Forums: http://support.eneaa.com

I will take a look if there is a problem.


Does the home slider support vimeo videos?


Not for now, I will try to include that in the next update.

Very nice, very nice.

Any way to implement fullscreen background videos for desktop version and disable it for ipad & mobile ?

Can we have different homepages for ipad and iphone?

Also can the menublock icon for mobile be labelled “menu’ so that users know what it is ?

+1 for vimeo videos on homepage slider.


1) I don’t know if Fullscreen videos will work well with this Theme.

2) You can if you do it by code, is no an option in the Theme.

3) Yes, it can.



Thanks for reply – I want to buy this theme if I can have different homepages for ipad and iphone?

Can you point me to the code required to redirect homepages based on ipad/mobile access ?


Also desperately need contact form captcha implemented for all your past and future themes…


Yes, that’s a good one.

I see no where how to set up the circle blow up icons on the home page, you gave advice to LydiaLysol, and I downloaded the XML file but when I went to install the plugin I got a message that said “The package could not be installed. No valid plugins were found.

Plugin install failed.”

what do I do?


The code used in the Home pages is in the Documentation and also here: