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kouts1 Purchased

I bought this template thinking you would have the actual html files. All i see are php pages. Can you upload only the html code if possible? I’m using vb.net.

Thanks, Gus

litwerx Purchased

How do make the top icons linkable in nav-top.php?

I see in the description that your template is able to do fluid. But I can’t see how it works in your demo, and also the table function in the demo also doesn’t work.

Hi WebTunes,

this template is all done using .php pages do you have a html pure version ?


(p.s. I will not use .php)

dsilvera Purchased

Hi WebTunes,

The Explorer Admin theme really looks good. Just a little hitch in that the explorer admin theme doesn’t work well in Chrome (which is the second most popular browser these days I think). The blue header background and the texts in header do not show up.

There is also an issue with the wizard page in Chrome.

Is it possible to get update that works well with Chrome? It would be much appreciated.

Thanks, DS

joker33 Purchased

Hello, just bought your template, look like some jquery is not working properly : Charts, Wizard, Tables .. The background is not loading properly, can you help on this ?

rynfrz Purchased

I purchased and moved the files over to my server and noticed that all jquery/ajax stuff doesn’t seem to work.

I copied over all the files in the html-source folder. Are the references to the api.google.com resource no longer valid? Was I supposed to download and move any jquery stuff to the js folder afterward?

Take a look at what I mean here: http://sandbox.ajunt.com/looksee.php



Seems like you have a javascript error that is causing all the javascript to fail..

rynfrz Purchased

webtunes -

I didn’t alter the code whatsoever before I moved it over. I renamed the PHP page so it wasn’t the default for everyone to see while I was taking pieces here and there through the development.

What’s causing the javascript error and how can it be fixed? I see that joker33 mentioned the jquery problem in a previous comment as well.

Could really use a fix for this.


How do I make the page-wizard only three steps instead of six?

P.S great template 5stars from me

Same issue with me. I purchased this template months ago. Just decided to sue again and all i did was unzip and upload and all the jquery/ajax does not work. Did not touch files at all.

Check now to see how the live version is calling theses functions. Any help would be great!

i can’t find styler.php in the download

sonichaos Purchased

Hi, I see in the documentation it uses Table Sorter to arrange the TableData component.

Table Sorter seems to arrange numbers for example $4,500.00 and $540.00 properly. As $4,500.00 is greater than $540.00 but it doesn´t work in Explorer Admin Theme.

It works with 4500.00 and 540, but sometimes is hard to read numbers without the format.

What can i do to fix this?