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Hello – did the feature ever get implemented to remove the sidebar from the category pages? Thank you.


there were not much queries to remove sidebar from category pages or add an option, but we will consider this option with future theme updates.

Hi, i am looking for an event theme that can do the following:

- ability to create an event - ability to select the dates that the event is on - ability to select different locations where you can attend the event (if not i will just create an event for each location) - ability to select and limit the number of slots available for each event for each event date (and location) - ability to control the inputs required on the event registration form - auto email sent to the user after they complete the registration form with their event booking - ability to review the event registrations / bookings on a dashboard

Can you confirm if you theme can do ALL of these?


unfortunately the theme won’t meet your needs.

hi, your preview ‘full width’ doesnt work, it asks for my username and password instead


sorry, thank you for the notice, fixed.

you’re welcome :) but does it really shows the correct thing now? It’s just same as the other pages, apart from an extra cm for one image. I kind of expected a real full-wide page?

Full width page example in this template means a page without sidebar.

Hi, I have been locked out of support… I keep asking for a new password and I never receive the new password link… very frustrating. Can you please figure out why I can’t access your support?

My issue is that I need to upgrade the theme Expo 18. It isn’t automatically telling me to “upgrade” and I know there’s a newer version. Should I go into the panel and delete the theme folder and replace it manually?

Thank you for figuring out why I can’t access support and an answer to my update issue here.


please, write us via contact form ( ) and provide us your user name on our support forum, I’ll try to figure out the problem.

As for the update, here is how it can be done:
Firstly download new theme version from “Downloads” section of your ThemeForest account. There are two ways to update the theme:

- if you know how to use FTP manager, upload and replace all theme files into wp-content/themes/expo18 folder via FTP

- you can just activate another theme, delete Expo18, upload new version and activate it.

You won’t lose any settings/content until you made any changes directly into theme files.

Hi I want to know if this theme exist in Plane HTML5 ?


unfortunately there is no HTML version of this theme.

Hi, is there a way to download the 1.1.2 version please?


please, write us via contact form ( ) and we will send you 1.1.2 version by mail.


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Is it possible to have the event venue details on the agenda feature click through to a map for example….? Thanks


unfortunately there is no option in agenda shortcode to add link to the venue box.

Hi, I purchased this theme and the landing page and it isn’t responsive on mobile. Who can I speak with about a refund?


both items: Expo18 WordPress theme ( ) and Expo18 Landing Page HTML template ( ) are responsive. If it’s not responsive on your website you can provide me a link to the page and I’ll try to figure out the problem.

Anyway, all questions about refund should be addressed to Envato Support

I removed my question for now

My site is not responsive. I cannot figure out why it is not. Any thoughts about common errors that might cause this?


for some reason an order of CSS files in the code is wrong

file responsive.css must follow after style.css file(s).

Such a simple fix! It worked. thanks!!

I am using nextgen gallery and I have deactivated lightbox which is built in the theme. To achieve it opened file js/custom.js, line 35 and remove or comment out the code between 35 and 42 as you advised. But after doing this my gallery works fine but the other pictures doesn’t work properly. Fore example Sponsor logos on Main Screen. Please check: Please provide me with solution. Thanks in advance.

The issue with logos doesn’t mean that nextgen plugin incompatible with the theme, it just mean that it works incorrectly. Once you deactivated lightbox in the theme options, the theme doesn’t control any links from/to images and doesn’t modify click behavior. In particular, logos – are just images linked to the websites and nothing more. If you activate some plugin and they stop working – it’s the problem with the plugin. I can’t recommend you any plugin, since we didn’t test gallery plugins, you can use anyone you want, which will work fine for you.

Can you modify the behaviour of Sponsor Logos in your theme accordingly ? Could you make it as a direct link to the links rather then lightbox images.

As I mentioned above – links from logos are already, by default, just direct links. It’s nextgen, for some reason, trying to manipulate behavior.


i have a problem. I fixed some things on this great theme, but now, my drop down menu doesnt opne anymore. I changed some things but i dont know which change is the problem, that the drop down menu frpm the main menu doesnt open. I put some sites as underpoints in the backend, but it doesnt open in the frontend. Can somebody help me? Thanks

The site is:



unfortunately if something stopped working after your changes in the code of the theme we can’t help you with it. If you revert all theme files to original ones and it still won’t work, please, contact us once again and we will try to figure out the problem.

Thank you very much for your answer,

your forum is a lot of help for me. Finally i found a soloution with a plugin.^^

Great theme by the way.

What is the code to change the shadows on the main container’s left and right side?


CSS code related to these shadows you can find in the file style.css, search for .container:before and .container:after