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Cool niche theme. Good luck with sales!


Thanks WPExplorer!

Database Error, cannot view the demo.


Hi, etinteractive! Try again please, may be hosting provider was down for a while!

“This Conference is my passion for already 20 years! And I’m proud of all of you, people”

Chrome: “unable to access network” Firefox: “Firefox can’t establish a connection to the server at olevmedia.com.”


Hi, Gene3983 please try direct address: http://olevmedia.com/themes/expo18-wp/ I’ve just checked via http://tools.pingdom.com/ – reported load time 3.31 sec! Performance grade is 97/100


nope.. I’m still unable to to load the site.. tried IE and that didn’t work either…

Can this theme be adapted to work for multiple events? For example, maybe 1 featured event, but dozens (hundreds?) of other events available in a listing of sorts?

What if an event has just one speaker? Is there a page template where an in-depth profile of the speaker can be created?

What about events that repeat? For example, an event that takes place twice a day, Monday through Friday (pre-recorded seminar)... Could the count-down timer be configured to automatically re-set itself?


Gene, thanks for your interest! Please see our answers below:

“Can this theme be adapted to work for multiple events?” – basically this theme is a single-event website.

“Is there a page template where an in-depth profile of the speaker can be created?” – You can use any shortcodes to organize detailed speaker page, if you will need one – we’ll create an example for you.

“What if an event has just one speaker? Is there a page template where an in-depth profile of the speaker can be created?” – You can use Speakers shortcode just to show one person in line. The rest of the space you can use for any additional information (banner for example).

“Could the count-down timer be configured to automatically re-set itself?” – unfortunatelly no.


oh, man… that sucks (for me)... I’m sooo tempted to try and twist this theme around to my purpose, but in the end that would be a bad idea…

Hopefully you will release a version for multiple & repeating events someday…


“Hopefully you will release a version for multiple & repeating events someday…” – of course, Gene! Good luck :)

Change the “Buy Item” url from iFrame. It redirect users to Comdex page. ;)

Great work.


Oops :) Smartik, thank you for notice, fixed!

Multiple events theme would be a GREAT idea. Was looking at this theme but my needs are for like 6 events a year.


Etinteracive, thanks for sharing your needs!


It’s a great theme, I do love it! Nice job. Keep em coming.

Could Paypal be integrated for paying for event registration?


Hi, snagget!

You can try to use “PayPal Payments Standard to add a payment button” – https://www.x.com/developers/paypal/use-cases/accepting-payments-single-item-website. Just incude this button in the “green confirmation text box” (shows up when the registration form is filled). Please let us know if some more complicated billing procedure is in your plans, we’ll try to help.

nice work GLWS :)

Congrats mate! Good luck with sales :)


Cheers, Tansh!

Hello. Is possible to remove the animation/effects of the Header/Bottom? I just want to upload a static imagem on both.

And is possible to upload different images on the top and the bottom? Thank You.



to disable animation effect open file wp-content/themes/expo18/js/custom.js and comment out line number 26, so the line number 26 should look like
as for the different images – there is no such an option in the “Theme Options”, but you can do it manually — open file wp-content/themes/expo18/footer.php and at the line number 21 specify custom background that way:
    <div class="subfooterline a-bg-l1" style="background-image:url(PATH_TO_BOTTOM_BG_IMAGE)">

Thank You. :-)

Hi I’ve just purchased this theme and when I upload the theme I keep getting an error message;

Unpacking the package…

Installing the theme…

The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Theme install failed.

Please let me know how to fix this problem ASAP .


Hi, SocialClix,

you need to upload as theme not the whole zip package, that you’ve downloaded from ThemeForest. At first you have to unzip downloaded file and then upload as wordpress theme file expo18.zip

Thank you, we just figured that out :) Thanks for your help!

JChoi02 Purchased

Hi mopc,

First of all, great theme! Really love the interactivity – it’s perfect for my upcoming event. I have a question though, I have at the bottom of my page and I want to take it off. Can you let me know how I can go about doing that?



thank you for purchase!

Didn’t understand you clearly, what exaclty do you want to take off? The background image at the bottom?

JChoi02 Purchased

Hi mopc76,

Sorry, I wanted to take out the comment box at the bottom of each page, but I figured it out! Was a simple button you put under Theme Options! Thanks!

Hi there,

I received this error after I installed it (it shows up at the top of the admin screen inside the WP interface):

Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/talkbusi/public_html/wp-content/themes/expo18/admin/admin-functions.php on line 16

Any suggestions? Could this be a bug?

Thanks, Steven

P.S. Absolutely love your theme by the way!


Wonderful! Thanks for your help.

Regards, Steven


Per your PDF instructions, I uploaded all of your demo data (the .xml and .dat file). The import appeared to be successful however the multiple pages, page buttons, slider, etc are not showing up.

Here is my site (temporary redirect): http://shoutkey.com/ensemble

Do you know why I am not seeing the same demo site as yours?

Thanks, Steven


Standard wordpress import imported only pages set and their content. However you should make few settings manually (select homepage and blog page in the “Settings > Reading” section, choose the menu to display). Follow the documentation, please, to set up theme completly.


How can I change the black collor in the middle of the background. I want my background to be red but there is still black in the middle of the background




it’s a little complicated to change middle background color. There are two files: wp-content/themes/expo18/img/content-bg-shade.png wp-content/themes/expo18/img/content-bg.png

First one contain background pattern with alpha gradient and the size of the file in pixels should not be changed.

The best way to change color is to colorize current files via photoshop, not creating new ones from scratch.

Like other event/conference themes, if paypal could be integrated properly, so that people will get the confirmation back of the payment etc for the event. That would be nice. I would definitely buy if the paypal and other gateways payment are included.

Hello mopc76,

I love the design!

I usually need multi-track programmes on the conference sites I make, would it be possible to split the programme into two columns after the [day] shortcode so that I can display the programme for two different conference rooms side by side under one day?

Thanks! Burak


Hello, Burak,

unfortunately there is no possibility to split programmes into two columns. The only way is to make one column list and specify the room for each item.

Do you include the PDS of elements??


hi, soysevidor. PSD is not included in this theme by the reason of developing some parts in html directly. In which elements you are interested in? We can manually collect them for you.


Hi there,

i just would like to enquire if this theme allows payment options for registration via paypal?

thanks so much, and cheers for a great theme nickey


Hi, NickeyK! The answer is: No. Registration info goes to email – that’s it. To accept payments You can use PayPal buttons: please read more here: https://www.paypal.com/webapps/mpp/paypal-payments-standard

Paste button(s) code in the form confirmation box to accept payment from a registered user or… send him a link to the payment page after the registation.