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Dear Developer of Expose Folio WP Theme,

I need your assistance regarding setting up “OUR TEAM” page. Today I am trying to add our team page, I already added their pictures, their expertise etc. I also checked and everything is fine, I need your assistance we have a team of 6 to 8 people I want to show all their pictures and about their role in blocks rather then sliding. That means if somebody will click on the page of our team they will see all of our members at one go rather then seeing them only 4 in in first column.

Would it be possible if you assist me with it how I can do it or if there is any option to do we have a team of 6 to 8 people.

Many thanks for your time and professional help. Looking forward to hear from you soon.


oh ok, let me forward your email to ou developer then.

Thank you so much and sorry for any inconvenience.

Hi Admin, I am still waiting for your answer from your developer. We are company and we cannot wait such long to get answer back in order to change something in theme. If there are any charges to do this stuff, we are ready to pay them in order to arrange our team page. Many thanks for understanding, also I am writing it here and sending you email at the same time as well.

Looking forward to hear your professional reply. Many thanks


i’m really sorry to hear that. i wish i could help you but i can’t cuz i’m just a designer and not have any knowledge for WP.

i didn’t get response from him too. he might be at vacation. i’m not sure.

sending him another e-mail, i really don’t know what else to do.

i’m really sorry

Hi, when I add picture or gallery to the post, the rightsidebar go down of post and in some case don’t show the img. The img have normal size. Even when I set the featured image don’t show the thumb. Can you tell me why please?

hey evolution111, to get faster response please send ur e-mail here (developer of Exposefolio)


Hi! Despite of the layout items should be changed by the WP Admin Pannel, is it possible create a child theme for these theme?

Never got the answer… =/

weird, plz let me forward him your message.


Hi! The arrows (previous/next) aren’t working for testimonials! I’ve noticed that the same problem occurs on your demo page)! Any suggestions?

to get faster response please send ur e-mail here (developer of Exposefolio)

NO ANSWER!!! I’ve sended the e-mail right after I’ve posted this comment, but, as usual, he never answered me! >:/

Hi. After update Wordpress to the latest version the testimonials swip does not work properly anymore. Showing this error in the console: TypeError: m.easing[this.easing] is not a function http: ..... /jquerj.js?ver=1.11.1 Line 4

Any suggestions to fix that ?

Thanks a lot for quick response. Losys GmbH

plz contact our dev directly if u don’t mind :


I remember there is a place which can add ‘column’,’tab’.... on the CONTENT, but I could not find that function in my theme, I do not know the reason, it makes the CONTENT can not be edited successfully, could you please let me know the reason?

Regards, Angel Li

How and where can I download the updated version of the Slider Revolution plugin to verson 4.6.5 to resolve the vulnerability.

I have removed the code, from the header, but I would like to update the plugin manually to get it patched to prevent future issues.

I sent the dev an email. Thanks for the help. Hopefully I get a quick reply.

Hi, I emailed 5 days ago and have not gotten a response. This is a security issue I need fixed with an update, can I please get a response or a response on how to download the new version.

let me forward your issue to our dev, seems he received your message in his spam box, that’s what happens sometimes with his e-mail adrdress.



haylim Purchased

Hello When you upload xml purchase a theme that crashed the top menu . Solution confirm .

plz contact our dev directly if u don’t mind :

I’m interested in purchasing this theme but I would like to know if it is possible to pay for installation? I have tried a few times to contact the developer ( but have yet to receive a response. Can someone here answer my question? Thank you.

Dear Sir, what is latest version of theme, I have version 1.0. Is i have to update?

no, there isn’t any update for this theme. you don’t need to update it.