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Minimalistic kriesi! Good Luck!

love the viewing options, compact, detailed, large.. very clever

Finally, released today.

good luck with sales

Hi kriesi, I’m your first buyer. I have error, Call to undefined function wp_nav_menu() in /home/XXXXXX/public_html/mydomainname.com/wp-content/themes/expose/header.php on line 116. I use wordpress 2.92. Can you help me out? Thank you


Thanks for noticing, a fix is already in the queue. Meanwhile you can simply fix it on your own: open header.php and in line 106 change

else if(function_exists('wp_page_menu'))


else if(function_exists('wp_nav_menu'))

Another option would be to upgrade to wordpress 3.0 release Candidate 1. This would give you the benefit of some new wordpress 3 functions ;)

my blog is http://www.blogs2day.com Thank you

Hey…just bought this theme and the post ratings do not show up…Any ideas? I am using the theme on a WP 3 .0 Network install…


Should work fine, the live demo uses a 3.0 network installation as well. If you drop me your access data via mail I will take a look ;)


Hey! Worked with your fix…thx

Ohh…thank you for your reply. Yes, I read your comment at header.php line 116 and find your theme for wordpress.3.0 or higher. So I try to upgrade. Now in upgrading. Thank you.


My pleasure ;)

Hi Kriesi ! Love the theme, i have to ask though, Would it be possible to use a plugin so i can display vimeo video’s when people click on the pictures? I really hope so :) this design is fantastic !


if you are in single post view this already works. you can set a preview image and when this is clicked a vimeo video can be opened in the lightbox. If you want to use the same procedure for overview pages you would need to change a few lines of php so the rel=’lightbox’ that needs to be added to the link tag gets added

Great! Can’t wait to get into it ! I’m pretty newbie so expect to hear from me soon hehe ;)

Is it possible to have a “attachment” in the submit/contact (so it becomes a users gallery of pics rather than submit website > submit pic)


Its not possible out of the box but of course with more advanced contact form plugins like cforms II this shouldne be a problem at all :)

Looking good. Great work :)

Sorry for the off topic. I’ve send you an email a couple of days ago using the contact form from your website. Did you receive it?

Thank you!


nothing in my inbox by someone with your name sorry…

Hi Kriesi,

I really appreciate you. This is great theme.

I want to ask you something about your themes. Are the images of post dynamic resized or manually resized? Are you use anything like timthumb?

If i want to buy 3-4 themes of your, is there any discount like 2-1 or 3-1 or package price?



The theme resizes images on initial upload if you are using a newer version of wordpress. older versions use the timthumb script.

Unfortunatley there is no such option as discount here on themeforest, guess mainly because the themes are already so cheap ;)

Any chance of HTML version of this theme being available?

Hey! I was just wondering if there is the possibility to make the sticky post function work on the gallery page. This would be great, since the featured function does not make the different posts sticky…

Thx for your help!


you will need to use a plugin for this. I’ve checked it several times but the sticky feature only seems to work with the default frontpage for blogs. archives or special pages like my index page use a custom loop which isnt supported by the wordpress sticky feature :/


Any suggestions of a good plugin that would do that?

Very nice, pushed me to re-do my WP theme gallery + launch some other things today. :)

Hello Kriesi,

I was impressed by the themes. It is an exceptional work. Kudos to you!


I will buy this very soon, just waiting a few days so all the bugs can be tracked ;)


Hey, Bugfix Update was just approved ;)

Hi kriesi, After some hours to make familiar with wordpress 3. Would you help me again. 1. How to make categories list at front page to be two coloumn. 2. How to setup compact, detailde, large gallery display model at above showcase categories? 3. Where I can edit footer coloumn 3 “contribute to our site” container?

Thank you very much