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is there tags function in the theme?


Since Tags are automatically included in wordpress, yes of course :) To display them you would just need to add <?php the_tags(); ?> in your single.php template file ;)


and how its going to look like arcive page ?

Hi Kriesi, just bought this theme. Excellent work! Are you available for custom work on this theme?




Unfortunatley not, sorry. But here is a list of authors who are available for freelance work, you might contact one of those:



Kriesi, thanks for the link to that discussion on available coders/designers. Another question though, what are your thoughts on using your theme with the Nextgen Gallery (from Alex Rabe) as gallery plugin, while making use of prettyPhoto.

Would this be possible to implement without to much of a hassle?


Should work rather easy since you can set which lightbox to include with the nextgen gallery plugin. instead of adding the rel=’lightbox’ attribute add rel=”prettyphoto” :)

Pretty cool, I like the different thumbnail view most. :)

Hi Kriesi, is it possible to get my hand on the dummy content you used for the preview here? So for a newbie like me it’s much more easier to modify it that way and i could see how properties are used and such? I really cant get much to work, even following the excellent help guide.


Hey, of course, Ive compiled a small XML file with dummy content. You can download it here: http://www.kriesi.at/themes/xml/expose.xml

Save it to your harddrive, then open your admin backend and open tools -> import and choose the import by “Wordpress” (should be the last option)

Depending on your Wordpress version wordpress will maybe ask you to install the importer, of course klick yes. once that is done click again on Import by wordpress and you get prompted to choose an xml file. Make sure to check the “Download and import file attachments”.

Once wordpress has imported the file you will be able to look at posts and page content and see what I’ve done to make the preview look like it does now ;)

I’m totally agree with massfocus, Almost all long day just to make top navigation, but still I dont know how to make two colom categories. More easier to us if just upload database from your demo to modify.

I still need and wait your help to guide how to make two coloumn categories etc as above. Thank you


Hey saskian, same answer as to massfocus, hope this helps you setting up the theme ;)


just checked your problem with the mainpage categories: since you are not using the category widget but the navigation widget the links get another style aplied.

if you add the following to your style.css file they should be displayed in 2 columns as well:

.sidebar .box #menu-galleries-categories li {

however please be aware that this will maybe affect all sidebar menus you add and you wont be able to nest menu items. if you do nest them it will kill the layout ;)

Bugfix update of the theme just got approved. you might want to install that to avoid errors with wordpress 2.9 and earlier.

Also the postratings plugin comes with the download now and can (and should) be installed manually. A little less comfortable than before but it now works 100% of the times ;)

Thanks everyone for your comments and suggestions ;)

Hi Kriesi,

Terrific looking theme – and I was on the verge of purchasing until I rendered the demo in IE6 . It may only take a few tweaks but just wondered whether you supported it?

Kind regards, James


Sorry James, since the use for this kind of themes is usually for CSS and Inspirational galleries I don’t support ie6. I’ve managed one of these galleries myself and the target audience usually got the latest browsers available ;)

Hi kriesi, Thank you for your guide. Would you tell me how to setup compact, detailed, large gallery display model at above showcase categories on your demo? Also, how I can edit edit footer coloumn 3 “contribute to our site” container?

Please sorry to tons questions here because I’m newbie only. Thank you so much

Thanks so much ! This will help me a bunch. Loving the theme, will look for more from you :)


is there anyway to randomize the gallery on the front page? how is it ordered by? i also see the featured on some of the pics is there away to keep them on top?

Like there aren’t enough Gallery/Showcase websites out there :)

Anyway, you did a really great job here. Clean, elegant, simple and very easy to use. I am really digging the gallery display switching. very nice.

good luck!

Great looking theme! Definitely one for the To Buy list. ;-)

nexia Purchased

sorry, but as you localized the theme, can you provide a .po file with it? i’d like to translate in french, but right now i have to do it on files.

a suggestion for function: when we select to have Image Link or Entry Name to “Open extra link Resource”, would be a good fix to have it redirect to the “Open post” alternative if the extra link resource is empty… so people do not click in empty pages.

can i use it for video ? like Newscast 4 in 1 – Wordpress Magazine and Blog http://themeforest.net/item/newscast-4-in-1-wordpress-magazine-and-blog/91058

Hey m8, i promise this will be the last question regarding the theme :) How do i go about editing the all content copyright text on the bottom and your link where do i edit that.

Thank you for your time.

Nevermind, i got it. Sorry for the spamz.

Love this template, great work again.

nexia Purchased

a request:

as you have “featured” posts, would be great to have a Widget with Featured entries… ;)

Really, really good job! Superior quality. 5 stars.

incoe Purchased

nice layout :-) just tried it on my wordpress, having one problem though, the footer is a bit messed up, i added text in 1,2 & 3 it shows 1,2 then 1 again, not sure why can you double check?