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nexia Purchased

in footer.php, find:

if($columns == 3) { $add_class = ‘last’; $columns = 1; }

change it to:

if($columns == 3) { $add_class = ‘last’; }

ahbin Purchased

Hey buddy, New to this; how do I set the Blog page as default?

Hi Kriesi! I’m just setting my website up with Expose I purchased today. I need some help: I can’t see images on front page, only in single post pages. I can’t see my plain blog title (unless I use a very little logo image). I wish I could use normal settings with my blog name and that’s it. Thank you for your help! Mara


great theme

i am having problem with Featured Post Image link

Define an external link here. You can link the posts Feature Image to this URL

does it work ?

Hi there -

Just a little new at using Theme Forest themes.

I want to purchase this one but am curious. Can I change the font of the text? Is there an editable CSS ? Or do I have to use the font that is in the sample example?

Many thanks!


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Thanks @nexia :-)

Awesome theme. How can I remove the hover preview?

mancuso5 Purchased

Hi Kriesi, cool theme, just bought it!

Quick question – how can I switch the Blog as the main Home page and leave portfolio as the second page in the menu?

Thanks so much!

How do I make the large view the default view?

hello Kresi , can i use this theme become design resources,,, so all people have ability upload the resource with .zip file and images preview and another people can download the resoources without login

no problem if must install some plugin to realize it

if this theme can do that , i promise i will buy this theme

ahbin Purchased

Kriesi, any response to our queries appreciated. Txs

nexia Purchased

@ahbin … Kriesi announced he would be afk for a period due to end of classes… don’t stress this out please.

I’d like to change the hover preview. How do I change the size? Also, how can I remove it if I no longer want it? Thanks!

Quick question… On your HTML version of this site the homepage has pagination. Does this Wordpress version do the same?

Really awesome theme Kreisi.

I really need post specific sidebars. I found a plugin to do just this – “side content” but it displays an error with your theme so it’s unable to be activated.

Last question, I cant seem to find the 3 sidebar links that changes the homepage thumbnails sizes e.g compact, large etc. Is it included in the theme?

I’m using expose for a super cms website. Will post link soon.


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Hi, just installed the latest version of wordpress 3.0 RC3 . The menu feature seems to be broken in this release. Please advice a work around for this.

Thanks and awesome job with the theme!

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I send an e-mail 4 days ago from you profile.. I think there is a problem in that form..

Anyway thanks for this great template… I like it too much..

Just I wanna know is there any possibility to use POP UP in main page?

When I click the photo in main page I want open pop up window for the details of that photo..

I tried few things but couldn’t manage


I send an e-mail 7 days ago from you profile.. I think there is a problem in that form..

How Can I do slideshow? like http://www.kriesi.at/demos/expose/modern/single_gallery.html

The homepage has pagination?