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bnt76 Purchased

Home page pagination does not work!!

ManEface Purchased

is it possible on the homepage in the detail view (text preview) integrate html? currently being converted to pure text in html.

Great theme m8 but in the wordpress 3.0 RC3 menu don’t showed up. And the same question as daniel187, how to do slideshow

nayr Purchased

Same RC3 menu problem here. Any ideas?


i have few questions.

how is the star rating works ? should i install and activate any plug-in ?

should i install all the third party plug-ins and then only use your theme ?

y dont u show few admin screen-shots options ? so i could understand how to update post using your theme.

so it helps me to buy the theme.

Feature Req:

can u add Login and Register page like Ajax modular window.

nobody respode the questions there is much time !!!! ????


I im using your theme for a car sales gallery and i wanted to add a sold option like the featured option you have provided, what do i need to add and where? I have made a sold image and added it to the css, i have also replicated the code for the featured section in index.php and meta_box.php what else do i need to change?

cheers Mick.

its ok i worked it out! cheers

There’s a bug in the footer column.

Footer column 1 and 3 show the same widget even if they’re both different.

There is a problem with the footer widgets that I need you to fix. When I place a custom widget into Footer Column 1 it also appears in Footer Column 3. If I place a custom widget into Footer Column 3, then no changes occur.

nayr Purchased

Same as above ^

Hopefully you can patch the theme for official WP 3 .0 soon ;]

????? Internet Explorer 6.0 ?????????? ?????home.png


http://www.wuliaoya.com/disclaimer ????Internet Explorer 6.0 ????

The theme of dislocation in Internet Explorer 6.0 shows some of the content can not be shown. Hope to help solve the problem in Internet Explorer 6.0. Thank you! My site is http://www.wuliaoya.com Some of the content page can not be displayed 404 pages in dislocation

I tried everything but large view didn’t work in my blog how can i fix this??? this is my URL http://hotemplate.com/

Zenimot Purchased

Really nice theme! Busy getting the same setup as the live preview. Getting there.

Two thumbs up!

So nobody response to my question????????where is the admin?

I’m also wondering why our problems with this theme are not being addressed. I guess that I’ll just have to write to ThemeForest and see if they can get Kriesi to provide support.

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Dear Kriesi u did a really good job , however I have some questions about template I purchased u r template and edited a lot U can see in here http://www.anadolunetwork.com used bunch of plugins, i inspired from 9gag.com and try to create something like that so I see there is no support here , how can we get in touch?

Thank you

I asked this question already but didn’t get any response, lightbox not working for me ,how can i fix this???????


Lightbox works perfectly for me. What trouble are you having?

A link to your site would be helpful.