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Hi Everyone,

Just wanted to let you know that we have a dedicated support site here :
If you have any support questions, can you please use our support site to post your questions – we will do our best to assist :)

Hi, I cant recover my user of pexeto support. I already tried to reset my password but when is done I cant sign in, I dont know why. I tried to register again but the system doesnt let me do it because I used my purchase code the first time… I need help to recover my user

Hi there,

I have just manually reset your password and sent you the new password to the email address that you have used to register (at gmail) – you should be able to log in now and open a ticket.

Hi, I love your template but I need some help because the portfolio is very slow to show the pictures. I’ve noticed that your sample site is 10 time faster than mine. Please help me to solve this slowness

Hi there,

I can see that you have opened a ticket on our support site and we have posted a couple of replies there, so you can check our replies in your ticket section and please feel free to continue the discussion in there.

Hi, is there any known issues with Expression & WP 4.4 or is it safe to update my WP? Thanks.

Hi there,

At this point there aren’t any known issues, so it should be fine to update to WP 4.4.

Hi, Is there any new updates in the future for this theme? Does it support RTL?

Hi there,

Yes, we’ll be releasing more updates of this theme in the future – we support this theme and always release updates when needed. As for RTL – unfortunately the theme doesn’t include out of the box RTL support, I’m sorry.

Dear Pexeto, I’d like to know what are the main difference between your templates Expression, Photolux & Dandelion? May I modify the home page having a full screen slider and below other things like recent posts, icons that links my network social sites and probably add some pictures to link to a specific photo gallery?

Blog post can have sharebuttons? is this provided by the theme or should I add them coding or by a plugin?

Thank you in advance

Hi there,

Expression, Photolux & Dandelion are three very different themes, it would be hard to list all of the differences, however you can see most of the differences and the elements/pages that they provide on the demos. If you are interested in a specific feature, please feel free to ask.
As for the home page and fullscreen slider (I guess you are asking about Photolux or Expression) – unfortunately the fullscreen slider page doesn’t include an option to add elements below the slider, so implementing those features below the slider could require quite a lot of additional coding.
Regarding the sharing buttons – Photolux and Dandelion provide sharing buttons on blog posts, you can see them in action on the demos, just by opening any of the blog posts. Expression doesn’t include out of the box sharing buttons on posts, however you can just use a plugin for that – there are lots of social sharing plugins available.

Hi, Your theme is great and I am excited to buy and use this, but before installing this theme, I have a question.

can I make a grid layout like ?

Awaiting your reply.

thanks again

Hi there,

Thank you, I’m glad you like the theme :)

If you are asking about a 4-column gallery – basically the theme’s Grid Gallery is with a fluid layout and the number of columns depends on the width of the window.

I just wanted to ask about updates to the theme and how often they occur?

Thanks, Cyan

Hi Cyan,

We support this theme and always release updates when needed, however the time between each update always differs, so I can’t really give a precise timeframe between the update releases.

Hi, is the template compatible with the latest WooCommerce version? Thanks a lot ;)

Hi there,

The theme is compatible with the latest version of WooCommerce – it is not an official WooCommerce theme, however it looks and works well with the plugin.

Hi, is there any known issues with Expression & WP 4.5 or is it safe to update my WP? Thanks.

Hi there,

Yes, the theme is compatible with WP 4.5 – at this point there aren’t any known issues.

Is it possible to add pictures to portfolio using existing WP galley? e.g.:

[gallery ids=”1, 2, 3 ,4”]

I have hunderds of images like this in WP gallery. It would take to much time if every one should be added manualy.

Hi there,

By using the gallery shortcode you can add the images inside each portfolio item (each main item in the gallery), however in order to create one item in the gallery, you would have to create the portfolio items one by one. If you want you can watch this video to see how the items are created in the gallery.