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Really nice one, but the travel bg and colour scheme looks bad. Good luck with sales bro.


thx Massix for your input. Regarding the issue with the background: in the download archive there are 11 (eleven) different backgrounds to choose from, you can see a few of them in the screenshots.

Okay thats cool. Can I easily add a new/own bg for it?


sure you can, you can even modify in 2 minutes the color scheme and the header (slider) background. Check out the documentation, but if you need any help we are here to help.

I have to agree with MASSIX – I feel this theme’s colours simply do not work, the layout is poor with excessive padding and it’s looks quite bad overall. Compared to your existing porffolio here at ThemeForest, this is a big letdown -

It also looks very dated to be honest. It could be a theme from two years ago.

Sorry to be blunt, just my 2 cents….


LoL, if its not the same cuber, or run-of-the-mill theme doesn’t mean its poor mate, it just means its different.

The excessive padding accentuates the content giving it an Exquisite feel and if the colors don’t suit your needs you could always easily change them.


Authors can innovate without using the standard cu3er or layout. I just feel the elements you have used here do not work as a collective.

This is just my opinion of course, I don’t mean any offense! I love your other themes and the sytling they incorporate – this one just didn’t work for me!

I wish you the best of luck with it all the same…


no worries Sticker, any feedback is appreciated and no offense was taken.


Hi – I like it and want to use it… however it would be easier for me to use in wordpress. Can you convert it?


Yes we think it will be a WP version, but the number of sales of the HTML impacts that decision. We’ll see in a couple of weeks/1 month.


WebCrafters, you sound Aussie…

Am I right?


LoL because we use “mate” and “cheers” a lot?

We are not Aussie, we are from Europe.


I bought it anyway for a blog on my site, http://www.jesuspotterharrychrist.com , but actually I won’t be able to use it without wordpress.

If you ever convert it please let me know!


Nice, thanks a lot for the support.


Really like the look of the furniture template and would like to buy it. However, I have one thing holding me up from doing this, which is that I don’t see a PHP for the contact form. As I am a relative newbie to web design, I need a template which has a fully functional contact form included.

Could you please confirm if your template has a functioning form?

Many thanks for your time, and great job on the overall template.



Unfortunately we can’t confirm that it has a functional form :) bc it doesn’t. We don’t have the skills to make it work. We suggest you to try find a developer on the forum. As we know about this, this is cake for a good developer.

Hope this helps. Cheers and thanks for your interest in our work.

Hi WebCrafters

Really Nice Website!!! I think it works in all of web points of view… the information “breathe” because of the paddings and also because of the font that you used !!!

Regarding of the backgrounds… well i think this one used on this project presentation it´s really good and makes all the difference in highlight all the content information!!!

I just have some comments …

Why don´t you show here the all your website styles? ( a preview of all the html tags, tables, blockquotes… blablabla…)

Why don´t you give an option for a drop down menu?

And finally why don´t you work your web form … i think you should do that because is not consistent with your website style!!

Best Regards

Hi guys,

We are going through a re branding process so from today the WebCrafters is known as ThemeFuse.

Also, to celebrate our brand new name, we’ve made an awesome new project called WebStudio that we’ll release in a couple of days.



Following your requests we’ve updated the project with a functional contact form.

You just need to re download the archive if you already bought the file, if not hurry up and put $12 to good use :)

Cheers and thanks for your patience and support.

I think you have created a very nice pleasing theme. Sometimes you need something a little more understated without all the crazy cuber stuff. That is what I needed and found with your template. Thanks. Frankly, I thought this one was nice because it was a little more “classic”. I will be purchasing momentarily.

How did you get the blog integrated with the template?


Hi stev,

I’m afraid i don;t understand the question. How did we get the blog integrated? Easy. The way we do with all our projects that have blogs :).