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Hi, We currently have a portfolio section with approx 200 items, I realise we will need to update the core files to change the default limit of 50. However it will kill page performance to have all items loaded immediately. Is it possible to make an ajax call to retrieve items each time a category is clicked?



At present that option is not available. You will need to use the regular portfolio page without filtering but with pagination enabled to handle the big portfolio. You may be able to create custom links to the category pages at the top of this portfolio page and style them like the regular filterable portfolio.


I have an issue with minify the css to make it faster.

After you install the child theme, and then you install any cache plugin, it shows that it is pulling the css from the parent theme and the css can’t be minified.

Can you help? I think you need to call the css with a function instead of @import and deactivate from the header.

When you say category posts, you mean the category pages or the [show_post_snippets] shortcode? Pls clarify.

yes i mean the shortcode [category_posts category_slugs=”sales” post_count=10 hide_thumbnail=”false” show_meta=”false” excerpt_count=250 image_size=”medium”] to sort asc or desc

Pls modify line number 108 of framework/shortcodes/posts-shortcodes.php file to include parameters listed here -

You just need to add to the array the sort parameters.

Are all your themes available to update to the newest WP update?

Yes – our themes are safe to update to the latest 4.2 update. Have tested the themes with that version. Thanks for checking.


epfli Purchased

Hi Is this theme Wordpress 4.2 compatible? I have an WP-update in my Dashboard. Thanks.

Yes it is. Thanks.


On the blog page, reads “blog” on the top. then if you click on any of the blog posts, (single), still reads “Blog” on the top. How can we change this to do not show for certain categories? Also can you change h2 for “blog” on every page? seems repetitive not good for seo. I prefer to use the category. so it will read H1= title of the post, H2= category of the post.

Thank you for your help

i found the file utility-functions.php and i added the line 700 to this $category = get_the_category(); and also this one elseif (is_singular(‘post’)) { echo [h2 class=”tagline”]’ . $category [0]->cat_name . ‘[/h2]’; }

but i do not know where in My child theme to add this to override the one from the main theme, please help

I had to put here [h2] like that otherwise it will not show :)

Why use h2 like a shortcode. That would not be valid unless you have a shortcode named h2 defined. Pls use the html tag for h2 (do not use [h2]) and then you should do fine.

Also, you can override the function in the child theme functions.php by defining a function with the same name as that used in utility-functions.php file. The parent theme checks for the existence for the function before defining the same and hence the child theme would override the parent one.

Hi, I have also another request hos can I add pagination to this code? [category_posts category_slugs=”sales” post_count=20 hide_thumbnail=”false” show_meta=”false” excerpt_count=200 image_size=”medium” ]

like to show 10 post and add pagination


meteorite Author Team

In Settings > Reading tab pls set “Blog pages show at most” option to 10.

Hi, Thank you but this didn’t work. We need to add pagination to your shortcode to display all blog post of a specific category on a page. so you can display 10 blog post with thumbnails and excerpts and at the bottom the pagination.

Sorry at present we do not have pagination built into the shortcodes due to complications it introduces when used in home pages etc. (what will show you on page 2 of home page since the pagination will be limited to the shortcode itself). You will need to use the category pages if you need to use pagination.

Hi! I’m trying to set up Extinct importing the demo content. After importing the widget.wie (with the widget importer& exporter plugin) the blog pages with sidebars went blank – any idea why this happened? Everything else looks good.

Ok, great. I’ll take the CSS code then. I can still exchange images later.

Pls use the following custom CSS -

.single img.featured, .default-list img {
    width:  auto;
    max-width: 100%;

You can also try additional CSS -

.single img.featured, .default-list img {
    float: left;

and see if things look better for you.

Hi, How to stop creating 8 additional images every time i upload an image. This is crazy, the website is huge, we have thousand of extra images that are not used.

it creates 150×150; 295×220,300×225,300×300,550×400,640×400,90×65

Pls edit the function get_image_sizes() to remove the sizes you do not need. The function is located at line number 144 of framework/framework.php file.


Hi there, i followed your video to upload the theme to the tee.

Twice,first one i thought was because my previous theme was messing up yours.

So I uninstal and reinstall wordpress. Watch the videos AGAIN, even though this i am well versed in impprting data.

But when it comes to the menu, there isnt anything there.

Now.. did you just made me import a worthless xml?


meteorite Author Team

Have replied to your ticket –

I’m having trouble loading the sample data. I watched the video provided on how to do it and it says to upload the “Dummy” xml file. However, there is no Dummy file located in the downloaded ZIP file containing the Extinct theme. I did try and upload the only xml file I could find but it gave me an error after upload. Please advise.

Pls email us a temporary login to your site via the profile page contact form – . We will help out.

Is there anyway to simply have the portfolio link, link right to a larger version of the image alone? and not to the image,title, and smaller image.

Can you pls clarify a bit what you are trying to accomplish? Are you referring to the portfolio hover or the single portfolio page? A screenshot guide will help us understand better. Thanks.

Is there anyway to add support for Instagram in the social accounts widget?

I see that our social widget image does not have instagram logo in it.

If you can do some basic image editing in a tool like photoshop, you may be able to swap the logo for an existing social network logo to that of instagram and then use the same in your widget. It is not too difficult to do but if you need help, do let me know and I can help. Thanks.

Thanks, I’ll give that a shot.

I just installed the theme and I am configuring everything according to the Youtube video. But, I cannot get my logo to appear in the header. I even tried the Extinct logo and that doesn’t work either. Any suggestions?

Pls use the Site Logo tab in Theme Options to upload the logo for the site. If you have already done so, not sure why it would not show up. Pls email me a temporary login to your site via the contact form on my profile page – and I will take a closer look in case you still have trouble. Thanks.

The fix you sent me worked, but now the fixed/floating menu goes behind page objects when I scroll down on website pages. Any ideas on how to counteract this domino effect?

Pls email us a link to your site with a temp login via profile page contact form –


BTJ Purchased

Hi there, I am trying to set a custom background for my site and have a thumbnail of a seamless pattern. However when I upload the thumbnail and set it to background-repeat it just stretches the thumbnail to cover the full background. Could you please let me know if there is another setting I should be changing? I would appreciate it if you could let me know as soon as possible as we need to get the site live asap. Thanks.

It would help if you post a link to the page. That will help us provide the right CSS.

Hi, how do i disable the default lightbox function? I want to use a separate plug in for this but can’t find any way to switch yours off. Thanks

Replied below.

Or is it Pretty Photo I need to disable?

Pls use the following code in your child theme functions.php file -

function prettyphoto_dequeue_script() {
   wp_dequeue_script( 'jquery-prettyphoto' );
add_action( 'wp_print_scripts', 'prettyphoto_dequeue_script', 100 );