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how ? can fixed becouse ? can find in thema

<?php the_title(); ?>

<?php the_time('j F,Y'); ?> <?php the_author(); ?>

whic code ? must to chane this ? dont know

Please wait until I updated the theme. Thanks

Please download and update your theme. I’ve made some related updates with it and hope you like them.

Just a quick pre-purchase question. In the demo i see that all the data is being loaded through infinite scrolling. which means that the content is loaded through ajax, so how can the search engines see this content?

Secondly when you click on a post, the page is launched in a lightbox, which looks very nice. But how well is the SEO behind all this?

- You’ll see progress loader image at the first moment and it prevents bad view of unloaded documents at early seconds. It’s not a infinite scrolling result and they will indexed exactly how web pages index. But when you scroll down theme picks next set of data through infinite scrolling. Seems here have some problems and need to rethink about it.

- It will indexed on search engine because web address changed as single post url when you click on posts and theme changes browser address and it stands actual link loading. Then you can use Back and Forward buttons of your browser and you’ll see what exactly doing. So lightbox is an only cover face of the theme instead actual single post page loading.


Thanks for your reply, i really like the deep linked lightboxes. what about the custom post types? is there any builtin functionality we can use these popups for custom post types too? If not, is there any specific file which needs to be modified?

All the posts come from query_posts and you can apply your custom post type when you need. Also you can create a new page template for it. You should touch me when you need it.


Hello, how do you stream my Instagram page on my Homepage of my website.

Currently theme shows individual instagram images by links. There don’t have an automatic feed/collect functions. So you should use additional plugin for that or insert them manually.


Do you have any plugins that you suggest

I didn’t tested it here, but this is good for your need


Im having issues uploading a background image. After uploading the image the screen freezes and does not allow me to scroll up or down to save the image for the background. I went to the Apple store to see if was just my computer and the same thing happen at the Apple store.

Looks WP4+ changed some slight things on lightbox and modal window. So please add following style on very bottom of admin-style.css (theme_dir/admin/assets/css) file.
body.modal-open {overflow:visible !important}


missing ALT attribute

my site image he dosent make auto ALT attribute. how ? can do it this auto

First you should provide attribute on your attached images. Then print out with
get_post_meta($att_id, '_wp_attachment_image_alt', true);


Is log in and register feature available in this theme, and can i have a glimpse of user back-end before purchasing this theme. Please reply ASAP.

This theme doesn’t have frontend publish feature like PressGrid. May you should consider about PG for your project. Thanks

Can i get a combination like press grid with extra grid feature. Please reply with a solution i am ready to pay for the customization.

I’m sorry you have to choose one of them. Thanks for your interest

hi wordpress importer not work. (for dummydata) wordpress 4.2.2 i use this stable ? template

re install plugin its done

hi i want google plus post sharing but how can

mobile is done i see post picture and text but desktop (browser) not see