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Very nice work! ;)

thank you louiejie ;)

Nice but

tested on Android 4 smartphone with chrome and logo is not more displayed. The menu stay open after choice clicked.


new update coming with some changes navigation. thank you

Hi there, i ve seen the change to the menu, works better now. I would like to buy this template but About the logo, did you plan to find a way to display it on tablet and smart devices ? thanks

off course, but have not plan to release. if you need, just contact me through my profile and would be happy to assist you. thanks

I like the look, but noticed the same menu issue as above on iPhone running iOS 7. Also, it has forced closed my mobile safari browser when trying to launch the demo.

recently updated. can you help to test demo again, thanks :)

Unfortunately, the menu issue appears to have not been resolved with your update. When the drop down appears on the screen, selecting a menu item “shakes” the screen while the page scrolls below. And the drop down menu stays and does not go backup into the masthead. Safari did shut down once – on this test, tried several times.

Safari shutdown because too much images and javascripts loaded. Already optimized for mobile now, thanks

Hello, On desktop view , with the navbar and logo at the top, is there a way to hide this navbar&logo when a visitor is on the intro page and showing this navbar & logo when this visitor start scrolling down ? Thanks

hello eroll, first thank you for purchasing.
please contact me by profile. I will send guide to do it. I’m waiting your email :)