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How can I update the following CSS files within WP? screen.css?ver=1.5.5 screen.css?ver=1.5.5 #2

I do not want to access via FTP as I don’t want future updates to over-ride the changes.


It’s automatically add depends on version of theme you have. In this case v1.5.5

I don’t see the file to edit here: Appearance > Editor Where can I edit screen.css?ver=1.5.5 and screen.css?ver=1.5.5 #2 ?

It’s not editable because it’s theme version.

Hi peer, I just realized that the layerslider on the pack I bought you is a very old version. How can I get the actualization of that plugin? I was thinking it would be actualized like the others plugins, asking me for actualization when they find it, but I got installed the 5.1.1 version (it came with the pack) and the most recent is 5.3.2

Are you saying that I have to drag&drop every single picture from the bottom to the top because there’s no way to show it in reverse order? I think that you don’t understand what I’m saying. All my pictures are named by numbers, so I easily can upload it in the correct order. Your gallery have options to order images “by menu order, by title, by date and random”. Beside that, if I use the menu order I can choose if I want it “ascending or descending”. What is the utility of those options if I have to drag and drop as my only choice. Oh!, and the “insert gallery” button isn’t working, when I click it, nothing happens. I have to click outside the “upload box” to get out from there and when I do that, the page refresh automatically. I don’t know if someone have talked you about all this problems with the galleries before, but I have problems and I need you to fix it

I’m still waiting

Hi, the layerslider plugin is showing this: “You need to authorize this site in order to get upgrades or support for this plugin. Purchase a license or enter an existing purchase code.” I’m still having the problems with the gallery and its obvious that you won’t give me support (as themeforest promised when I bought this). If you can’t fix the problems I have with your theme I will need a refund of my money. I’ve been waiting too long for your answer.

Hi there, love the theme but there’s some areas where there’s just so much “white space” – like the area behind my logo, as well as the area behind the post title within a specific post. Can I change the pixels of both those areas? The width is obviously fine, but the height could be smaller. Please advise! I am familiar with adjusting the CSS if that is necessary…


Did you know about Firebug a Firefox plugin? and here video tutorial

Or you can use Chrome Developer tool instead. Here are video tutorials

It will help you inspect all CSS and HTML elements, really help if you do a lot customization

The main CSS file is /css/screen.css

Hyperlink Category Post Title I need to modify my website post title URL’s linking from my website, to external URL. For example, when a user clicks links, it takes user to main category page. I want user to click link and have it take user to external webpage. Various themes have different PHP code. Can you tell me which one to modify please? See link below…


You have to edit file /templates/template-blog-2.php

Thank you Perfect! Can you suggest which string to modify or delete so that the post title links directly to original source and not to my website again?

Sorry, it needs a custom modification. This type of customization is a bit more complex and is not covered under normal theme support.

If you’re interested in hiring a developer for building out this custom features for you, we highly recommend to check out: Envato Studio

Hello, I’ve seen some other people ask this question, but have not found a proper response yet. How do I change the color of my hyperlinks within a blog post. Not the overall links on the site. ONLY the hyperlinks within a specific blog post. Please advise!


Sorry it doesn’t support that.

Thanks for all your help answering my questions. Last one – where do I go in the CSS to change the background color of the Main Menu. The default is black, but can I change that if I desire?

For some reason, within the #header_wrapper, the background component is X’d out (has a line through it) when I look at the page source (inspect element) of my site. Any insight into why that may be? I know I was able to change the color is this menu in the past, but maybe I did something else that affected this component?

Oh also, the CSS sheet accurately shows background: #000 to reflect the black background. Yet on my site that background line is X’d out. Almost as if the CSS style elements are not reflecting on the live site

Sorry, I am not sure I understand you correctly, could you send me some screenshots with description please?

Also provide URL of your site please.

Hey there, I’m noticing an issue with the search functionality. I have created many custom menus, and each one has 8 links. I’ve then added these menus into various widgets around the site. For example, one of the links says “Myrtle Beach, SC condos” – now, when I search for keyword “the beach” – it pulls up that link in the populated search lightbox, even though when you click on it, it takes you to a PAGE NOT FOUND page. Please advise!


Provide URL of page which has issue please.

OK, my site is going live next week, and then I’ll shoot you the URL and examples of what I mean.

Hello! I had a question about the Next Post and Previous Post area when you’re at the bottom of a blog post. Is it possible to make the arrows clickable? So that a user can scroll through multiple “next posts”?


Sorry it comes from Wordpress system by default. I think you might need plugin to change it and you can find plugin from Google too.

Okay thanks I’ll look into it!

Hi there, how do I completely remove the search bar in the top right? Not just hide it, but actually totally remove it. Do I need to delete that line of code in the CSS? Could you advise which section it is? Thanks!

I figured out how to remove the search bar code. But if you can advise on the Author page question, that’d be much appreciated!


Sorry, I am not sure I understand you correctly, could you send me some screenshots with description please?

I couldn’t find About the author square you mentioned.

No worries, I was able to change it in the PHP. Thanks.

Hi, we purchased Extremis Child in 2013, here’s our purchase code: b627ce31-f651-4b2e-b4c3-06e671d926e0

We’ve had a persistent issue for almost a week now, where the website will not display fully on Chrome and Opera, although it seems to work on IE and Firefox (NOTE: At least one person using IE had the same problem). Our host company tried to fix the issue at their end but said they could not replicate the problem. They recommended going to the developer of the theme.

We also validated our site HTML and found that there are a number of issues - small code issues - and maybe that’s adding up to causing this. However, I’m not experienced enough with site structure to be able to find these bits of code that need to be changed.

Can you please help us?

Thank you,

Gil Asakawa Student Media Manager, CU Independent

University of Colorado College of Media, Communication and Information


Please don’t edit theme code because the issue might comes from your code change and it’s not included in general theme support. As you can test demo site works fine on every browser and your site has some changes.

Thanks for your response. We’re confounded because we launched this site with the Extremis child theme over a year ago, and we have had no problems until just last week. Is there anything you can think of that could have suddenly changed? We haven’t added any new plugins or changed the site significantly, just added content like we do most days, and added a couple of new ads in the sidebar widget. Again, all usual stuff we’ve done for years, and for over a year using this theme. Any thoughts would be much appreciated…

A followup: Hostgator, our hosting company who we tunred to first when this issue began, sent us this note. I’m actually not savvy enough to make this change. Does it seem like it would help?

I believe the code is happening due to the file /home/cuindepe/public_html/cui-2015/new/wp-content/themes/extremis/templates/custom-css.php

specifically this part: <?php //Hack animation CSS for Safari $current_browser = getBrowser();

if(isset($current_browser[‘name’]) && $current_browser[‘name’] != ‘Internet Explorer’) { ?>

As you can see in my useragent for Chrome, it also reports “Safari” which is why Safari and Chrome browsers are having this issue.



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Hello, We are about to finish the transition of our website to multilingual (originally in Portuguese, it’s now in English and Spanish). However, there’s something that still can’t be solved: in either language, the Most Recent Posts show every single post, no matter the language/page in which it was published. That is, in Most Recent Posts it appears that the order is simply chronological.

We would like to know whether there’s a way to set this up properly, so that each page shows only the posts in its own language.

Thank you. Kind REgards



Sorry it doesn’t support that. If you’re interested in hiring a developer for building out this custom features for you, we highly recommend to check out: Envato Studio


marsc24 Purchased

Thanks so much!

How can I make the “Comment” link to the Comments section? It appears on the homepage, category page and post page.

Hi there, what is the algorithm that dictates the “Popular Posts” widget? I’m seeing older posts on there that I know are not our most popular (from a traffic standpoint, because I’m using Google Analytics).

How is that Popular Posts widget configured? Thanks!!

Ah, just saw that it uses the comments as a gage. Can this be changed? I have comments disabled on my site…


You can change how it select by editing PHP code. Open /lib/custom.lib.php function name “pp_posts” and the SQL string line 343

hi, just a quick note, im working on site for client and if i have enabled w3 total cache plugin, the page return blank html, however wp admin works.. i tried increase to wp memory limit, but it doesnt work..

i get it work only with w3 total cache disabled, maybe you should have a look at this

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Does this theme support woocommerce?


It support Woocommerce by functionality but I think you have to edit theme CSS code to make it displays beautifully with theme.


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I keep on getting spammed, website redirect to

I have many website with same common plugin no problems.. I’m suspecting it’s the theme.

Any other like me? Can you guys look into it?