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Nice clean template, like the hidden dropdown search bar. Nice colors to!


GREAT work. Very simple, clean, and great use of JQuery. I am very impressed.

Keep up the good work, i hope to see more templates from you soon.

I want to buy but I need a psd of the logo so I can change it easy can you supply a psd of the logo. I would need it in all three color versions one psd with the three choices

eobyone Purchased

Thank you for the great service and adding the logo psd file so quick.

Could you please send me a link to the dark version? BR

KevinCon Purchased

I really like this, i also like how it is easy to customize! Great buy!

I have placed links to the other theme/colors. See the info.

Thanks everybody for buying this theme, and the nice comments.

Dont forget to rate this theme.


Very nice!!!! i’m sure it’ll come handy real soon!!

linugen Purchased

just purchased this theme for a project of customer of mine. i wanted to do a green version of it, but apparently there’s more than just the bg image that needs to be replaced. any tips on how to go about making a green version of this? should I start in the original psd?

Thank you for buying my theme.

Start in the PSD and make a new layer (so you got still al the colors) and call it green. Then copy it and past it into the images. It is very easy.


Nice work. How does the blog page look like?

Thats up to you. I did not include a blog theme. Next time i will include a WP theme.


ldylarke Purchased

My latest version of wordpress says that the template is missing in the theme. I cannot load any of the versions of this theme. Please advise?

Thank you for buying my theme.

Well this is a HTML theme and not a WordPress theme. So you have make the wptheme by your self. :)


Such a clean site. Good job!

I noticed on the projects page, you show the 3 .js effects.

Is it possible to use that same effect more than once on the same page? In reality if I buy it, I’d probably just pick one effect to use but I want to make sure it will work?

Let me know, Mike

Yes you can use that effect as many as you want.


themac Purchased


really nice work. fairly easy to customize. within 2 days after buying, the implementation into my CMS was done and website relaunched.

all thumbs up!

bye mac

Thank you for buying my theme.

Good to hear that you have used my theme!!!


TalonGuy Purchased

So I guess you didn’t test out my question :( http://www.mpetrodesigns.com/EZI/projects.html

I have both of those using div class=”pro-cycle-1” and their own overlay section.

As you can see, it breaks. No images show up in the 2nd overlay, but instead – they all show up in the first one for the first time you roll over that image.

Hope you can come up with a fix for this as I was planning on showing more than 3 projects on this page…

If you’d like to talk through email, so we don’t clutter up this area. My email is mikepetro77@gmail.com

Thanks bud

There is no error, you did something wrong but will email you about that.