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Hey Mark,

The WYSIWYG editor might be bugged, i’ve tried to debug it without much success, it wont work in WYSYWYG mode apparent it doesnt set the value back in the hidden text area. that’s the bug. I dont have time to debug it, so i think im gonna replace it with another WYSIWYG editor

Regards, Hans


Well, Im not sure if this is evident on all platoforms. Im assuming since this is a JS bug, it should be uniform across all server side languages.

Im developing on PHP . at least i can tell you for those who are going to implement the WYSIWYG on a php server side script is sure to encounter problems.



Hey Mark,

Did you eventually find out of the WYSIWYG is bugged?

Regards, Hans.


I have looked at the plugin site for any kind of bugs and if theres an update of the script available, but there isn’t….i have looked at my own versions and i cant seem to see the bug, i would help if you can send me a couple of screenshots or a link to a demo of you :)

I cant get the browse button to work on IE8 . I have been testing in firefox for most of the day and all was going well, went over to IE to test but the browse button does not open anything (it does when you click in the text area part but not when you click on the button).


I know of this, the style script(js) doesn’t work with the button in IE8 , at this moment there’s no solution for this, because the upload input still works if you click on the input field it self there nothing to worry about, IE isn’t the best browser to use….(hoping that IE9 is much better)

I want to add a better way of upload for the next update(s) but i dont know at this moment if its easy to use for everybody(from noob to expert)


I do tend to stay away from IE but the users of my site do tend to use it :(

I’ll hold out for the upload field and see what your later releases include.

Avoli Purchased

What other graph styles are availalbe in eziCMS? Also, can the graphs have clickable point/regions?

I need to have clickable areas act as drilldowns.

wwesn Purchased

I can probably do it myself but I thought i’d ask just in case you have done it already – is there a color changer i can use (let users change color instead of just the one i set)

wwesn Purchased

hi, no problem i did it myself :)

i’ll need some more ‘neutral’ colored menu icons and maybe a different button color (or code it so those change too) but i got the other colors so that they change and it stores a cookie to remember the color

wwesn Purchased

ok got the buttons now too, will just need to work on the menu icons later


wwesn Purchased

ok done :) the black icons suck lol (i’ll replace em soon) but i got everything so it changes now :)

Hey Mark,

I loved the eziCMS, wonderful theme. But i have one little problem, the tabs. How i can select a tab with CSS , like:


The tab with this class (current) will select automatic when page load.

It’s possible?

Thank you for your support

I solved my problem! o/

Regards, Gustavo

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I really liked the theme, but i cant get the rounded buttons to show properly on IE8 . Heres a screenshot


And I really need it to show properly on IE because im developing for a client that only uses IE on their PCs (no matter how hard i tried to convince them to use other)

I already tried the php version of PIE and adding the conten-type in a htaccess.


I know of this issue.

I have tried to use PIE for the corners but this dont work(it will eat up the borders)

IE 7 /8 dont support CSS3 , and there no good hack for this. IE9 will support CSS3

I will look once again for a solution but i dont think theres one that really works

nabor Purchased

Thanks for the fast response. I know IE is a pain, i’m looking forward to IE9 , but I guess in the meantime the rect corners look better than te missing rounded ones.


I realy love the corners to, but IE has always been a pain in the *. I am not a big fan of IE but i cant wait for 9.

I am working on a other theme(WP) once that is done i release a update of this theme, so i will look for a hack, trick, whatever to make it better for IE

Is there any way to change the layout to fluid? If yes, is it easy to do?


yes you can change this to fluid, but its not done within 1 minute, i am thinking of adding this to the updates but i will be not be released in the next update.

Hey mark,

Sorry Bad English.

Have a Problem


Ajax is when I used

but normally do not have a problem


How can I fix


This is mostly a float issue, make sure that all elements have a float left(or right). The div that the elements use as an row probably doesn’t have a float. (in the original code the class .set-row-2 acts as an wrapper, this must have a float otherwise it will float outside the parent box)

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Hey Mark

Any chance of an update to this template :) Looking forward to fluid layout and more form examples.


I am working on the WP version of my last theme, once thats done i will update this file(dont know when but hopefully this month)

confused about eziCMS some one help please?

what is eziCMS? where is its official website? where can i download it from?


eziCMS is a admin skin.


Once you bought the theme, you can go to the menu downloads and download it there

hello and thank you for your great admin skin. I lov’it:-)

I have only one problem with the editor … and although I always have to click the “Source” button, so that the field contents of the textarea then written to the database.

have you got experience or perhaps a solution is wrong changed in your css file I have not;-)

thank you very mutch!


I dont have a system to test the writting to a database, so i cant test this editor, but i am gona add a new editor, one that works, so that you can switch between editors(if somebody wants that).

It will be in the next update(s)

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Generally the template is very good… but! Tables like orders or contacts are coded horrible. You should define some class for data tables and extend it for some cases, but you hard coded widths and many other things for contacts’ and orders’ tables(you also forgot about css optimization). Fix it, please.


I think i mention this earlier, but i dont know for sure, this is an template, which is used by noobs and professionals, so if i have to code it, so that it is the best way, well a noob wont understand it, so i cant buildt an template which is perfect, thats why theres some extra code in it.(professionals will probably strip it). Also this isnt a table theme, the tables are added as a bonus/option, and i have spoken to a lot of buyers and seen the mods, and trust me they dont use tables ;)

One other very important thing, i have gotten some emails from buyers to ask me not to update the classes/ids.

So i change the classes/tables/ids.

Thanks for you feedback ;)

(ps you cant compair a professional theme to a template)

The text editor does not working in Internet Explorer 8 or 9. Workings in all others that I have tried. It does loads OK, it just does not allow you to select the text and format it.

If you go directly to their web site and try the demo it does not work there neither. Can this be replaced? Thanks


I see that this editor has some bugs and does not work proper, so i will look for a good one and replace. It will be in the next quick update within a couple of days.

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Hi Mark,

the icons link in the documentation is not working. Can you please tell me how to get the icons for eziCMS. Thanks

you cant, the icons are no longer online…..dont know why but….....send me an email and i will send you the pack :)





I dont understand what you mean with the all screens….you mean psd files of all of the images that are used or the complete layout?

Images cant me provided because of the copyright and a complete layout isn’t in this pack because theres no PSD of this…..this theme is mostly css so creating a PSD is a waist of time. Al of the used graphic are sliced.

ps:check you caps key ;)


Good job!

But combobox in modal dialog continue not working.

Example: Add new ticket.



Which browser? Works fine here(this was solved in 1.4)

Google Chrome last version.


I am using 11.0.696.60 beta and it works fine, so did you update the files, and read the changelog? This problem was fixed on 13-02-11

Humm, I’m using Google Chrome 10.0.648.205 and its not working.

I see the changelog.


Update your browser and see if theres still a problem.

Are u using windows or mac, and which version of windows(if you use windows)

I’m using Windows 7 prof pt-br.

I’ll try upgrading.