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Hi, I got the EZINE – 4 in 1 Theme for wordpress and I just love it. But, I cannot make the picture in the first page to show… not even the one that is suposed to be there by default. I tried most of the things you posted here and nothing… I cannot find how to “set your image at Featured Image box at the right hand side of the page” – I donĀ“t see it :( – Can you help me please? Thanks!

Hello, did you refer to documentation how to setup the thumbail for each your post items? please extract your theme download package first, you will find documentation folder, just go there and open index.html file.


hey imediapixel

I cannot seem to get the feature image working on my theme… I went through the documentation and everything… the ‘Using post option’ OR ‘Using Post Thumbnail’ not working on the theme… ANY advice??



ezine theme used timthumb.php script for dynamic image resizing function, be sure you have chmod to 777 the cache folder of ezine theme and timthumb.php script allow to be executed at your hosting.


cool! I chmod the cache folder of ezine theme and timthumb.php script to 777… but still no luck… any other advice??


ok just contact me from my profile page with your site login, let me check directly at your site.


I’m having problems with the @font-face in FF. It doesn’t show the additional font.

I’m working on a local server. Can this be the problem?

How can I solve this?

Cheers, Ydwer

Hello, be sure the fonts folder of ezine theme allow to be executed, the fonts stored in fonts folder.


Hi, great theme!!! Tell me please how to change the post width and the blog width (body) in general. Thank you

to change the post width, you need to resize the wrapper first, please open file that located in css folder and find below code :

.wrapper {
    margin-left: auto;
    margin-right: auto;
    width: 960px;

resize 960px with your own size, for main post, find below code :
.wrapper .grid_10 {
    width: 580px;

the layout used 960 grid system.


Just one question before purchasing, is it complex to change sidebar width?

Hello, the ezine base on 960 grid system, so it’s easy to change the sidebar width, it’s located in css/960.css file.


Hi imediapixel, i read some comments about the featured image on the home page, i’ve done everything you said : chmod 777 timthumb execute 755, i also read index.html….but the featured image doesn’t appear can you please help me :


Hello, I checked your site, looks like there’s no problem with your featured image section there, for slideshow section, please set your category for your slideshow from the theme options.


Hi there,

We just set up e-zine at

Just wondering how we go about including the feature image from each post above the post on the homepage (like is present in the live preview)?

thanks :-)

Hello, your site could not be opened from here, you just need to set your image for each post at Featured Image box at the right hand side of the page when you creating/editing your post items, be sure you have chmod to 777 the cache folder of ezine theme, since ezine theme used timthumb.php script for dynamic image resizing function.


First of all great Theme !

Here is the work so far

I also have the problem with the slider i made a category called it slideshow then i went to the theme options and set slideshow as the category

i tried several ways of posting and uploading images….. but nothing in the feature box

i did the 777 chmod but nothing seems to work

a bit stuck at moment

Hello, I checked your site looks like there’s no problem with the images now.


Will this theme work for 2 languages ?

Hello, yes, the translation source file (.po file) already included with the theme packages, you can manually translate the theme from .po file or you can use plugin like qtranslate or WPML multilingual plugins.


Thanks for reply , yeah i missed one map setting rights to 777

it’s solved now !

cheers !

ok great and glad it’s working now :)


Hi there its me again

i got one question almost done with side but one thing is a little annoying If ya took at the Logo Triangle and i add a image ya see that the top of the triangle is still visible i would love that my own logo would cover the whole triangle

can ya tell me if that is possible ?



to remove the logo background triangle, please open style.css file and find below code:

#logo {
  width: 158px;
  height: 82px;
  background: url(images/bglogo2.png) top center no-repeat;

remove background: url(images/bglogo2.png) top center no-repeat; from above code.


cheers thanks for the reply :)

this is how it looks now Now need to redirect it to the correct url and all is done thanks for the great theme !

great work Livereviewer, nice looking site! :)

Hi, I was wondering how to implement CDN on featured image.

how can i show full post with pictures instead of excerpt on homepage?


Hello, you need to modify the code for this, please open index.php file and find below code :

<p><?php excerpt($post_excerpt_num);?></p>

now change the code to :
<?php the_content();?>


Hi Imediapixel,

I just downloaded the E-Zine theme, and uploaded to the Wordpress themes folder using Filezilla.

I am being told that the “Stylesheet is missing”.

See below:

Broken Themes

The following themes are installed but incomplete. Themes must have a stylesheet and a template.

Name Description themeforest-137104-ezine-4-in-1-wordpress-theme Stylesheet is missing.

Please help!

hi, i bot theme and i love it! but when i change styling options in ezine panel, like bg and patterns, panel says that optionts updatead, but when i visit site, nothing is changed, can you help?

Hi, could you please provide me your site url regarding your issue?

Thanks. this pattet i have added via css ,because styling optionts dont work for me site is under construction, i bot theme yesteray

looks like there’s a problem with css/custom_style.php file to store all custom css file, ok you can contact me from my profile page with your site login, let me check directly at your site.


Hey i just bought this is theme, its cool theme, but its about to be 2013, can you guys make it responsive???

Hey thanks for your suggestion, I will consider to add responsive layout option for next update.