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Great job ! GLWS :)

Thank you.

Nice Job! GLWS! ;)

His themes of OpenCart are beautiful and wonderful. But there’s a big problem. You are not available to the Quickstart package installation. I do not buy themes that do not have the Quickstart. I would love to buy their themes, however the lack of QUIKSTART stop me buying .. sorry

I have all the themes of Lexus and Pavo due Themes Quickstart have. I would love to buy themes of his own .. if you will provide the quickstart

We provide our theme installation service is free, Also we provide life time free support to our theme related bug. But sorry, In this theme package not included one click installation modules. Need to upload our theme files manually. And already included our theme installation file with our theme package. Still any question regarding or theme please feel free to contact our technical team at https://www.templatemela.com/support/ so they can guide you.

Why my question was deleted.. I just want to get a template with Chinese language support. Ignored?

You can download any language package from here http://www.opencart.com/index.php?route=extension/extension&path=2 , In our theme package not included Chines language package. Our theme fully support to Opencart all default features and modules.

hola amigo, la plantilla en el trabajo con el blog y el número parapente número?


Please contact to our technical team with all your details at https://www.templatemela.com/support/ so they can check it theme related issue.

hello friend, in the blog template and number Work with paraglider number? thanks

This is opencart theme mean our theme fully support to opencart all default features and modules and if your extra modules working with default theme then it will must work with our theme as well. Still any question regarding our theme please feel free to contact us https://www.templatemela.com/support/

Notice: Undefined variable: content_header in C:\wamp\www\catalog\view\theme\OPC070170\template\common\header.tpl on line 101

Notice: Undefined variable: content_footer_top in C:\wamp\www\catalog\view\theme\OPC070170\template\common\footer.tpl on line 7 Notice: Undefined variable: content_footer_block in C:\wamp\www\catalog\view\theme\OPC070170\template\common\footer.tpl on line 11

I’m getting this error. I’m using Turkish language. How do I solve. Thanks.

Notice: Undefined variable: content_footer_contact in C:\wamp\www\catalog\view\theme\OPC070170\template\common\footer.tpl on line 32

Notice: Undefined variable: content_footer_social in C:\wamp\www\catalog\view\theme\OPC070170\template\common\footer.tpl on line 85

Please contact to our technical team with all your details at https://www.templatemela.com/support/ so they can help you regarding all your theme related issue.

you should try to install your theme on default-clean opencart before release it to themeforest. your code are buggy.

your header.tpl missing some javascript and css link AND files. the slideshow didn’t work as your demo. you should edit your slideshow controller to pointing to tm_slideshow.tpl not slideshow.tpl OR replacing slideshow.tpl content with tm_slideshow.tpl

i should give you 1 star rate for this unnecessary mistakes

I have solve those problems when I post that comment here. that is why I tell you where’s the problem is. but anyway, hope this public comments will help you give more attention to test your code and documentation before releasing it to themeforest.

[update may 12th 2015] your documentation on html content modules for opencart2020 are horrible. it produce annoying-unnecessary code & letters on the catalog. this problems are not as stressing as my previous problem. but since this is the second time I found, yes, its so annoying.

but before you offering me a support link, I’ll tell you something, I already solve the problems, the one that need support the most are your documentation. so it won’t wasting any future buyer’s time for troubleshooting unnecessary mistakes.

hmm… why my comment had different size ( h2 and P tag ) between that line? envato’s auto format text, maybe?

Hello, yes it may envato’s format text, and we try to give better documentation. and please feel free to ask about theme related questions.

Hello, please i want buy this theme, but i need to know if it be upgraded for 2.0 OpenCart version?

Yes, We will upgrade our theme very soon for support latest version 2.0. Also we provide upgraded theme package in free.

Hello there , i sent a message to your Support department and waiting for answer . The message has been sent yesterday .

Greetings .

Can you provide your ticket id? So we can assign on first priority and check it instantly.

Here is my Problem . http://i.imgur.com/KjCgZhP.png See the Cart .

I think , the cause is from Language but i couldnt find the correct folder . Greetings .

Yes, Language issue but if you have created ticket https://www.templatemela.com/support/ then provide your ticket id so we can check instantly.

Hello, I bought your theme but I liked the other, you can return the subject and return the paid money for it?

Please tell me what’s issue with our theme? We provide life time free support to any theme related bug. But need to contact Themeforest team for refund amount.

Hi, few questiions. 1. How do I see cloudZoom feature on your theme. Currently it popups up 2. Can I see the admin panel? 3. What grid is this built on? I want to do design changes and I need access to the grid photoshop file.

After the perfectly install our theme your store will look same as our demo store. And cloud zoom included old version 1.5.6.x of theme package only, Not included in latest v2.x. And sorry, We are not provide admin access of our demo store. Also you can do any customization work with our theme.

Por favor quero comprar esse tema, gostaria de saber se já vem instalado? MInha Hospedagem é no Hostgator, lá funciona? E também não vi amostra aqui do painel de controle! Obrigado!

After the perfectly install our theme your store will look same as our demo store, And if you are not able to install our theme then contact our technical team with all your details at https://www.templatemela.com/support/ so they can perfectly install your theme on your server. Just we need your FTP details and Opencart admin details.

Por favor o que é OPencart? E eu gostaria de ver o DEMO do Painel de administração! Obrigado!

First of all you need to install latest version of Opencart on your server http://www.opencart.com/index.php?route=download/download and check it all default features and modules. This theme fully support to all default features.