Factory - 8 in 1x2 - Business / Portfolio template

Factory - 8 in 1x2 - Business / Portfolio template

UPDATE 3 .3 (Sep 29, 2011)

  • Dual slider image resize fix (home.php), backslashes are displayed to escape quotes – eg: I\’m (send.php)

FactoryWP is a clean and professional theme, perfect for all types of business, companies and personal web sites. This template is tested in all common browsers: Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera, IE7 and IE8 .
HTML /CSS validate

FactoryWP has 8 color variations (blue, orange, gold, green, magento, aquamarine, purple and red) with 2 different skins (light and dark)

Features you can find in Factory template

  • Valid HTML /CSS, fully tableless design
  • WordPress3.0 menu support
  • Several Pages templates:
    • 3 different Index Page: Cycle Slideshow, Nivo Slideshow, Dual Slider
    • About Page
    • Elements Page
    • Fullwidth Page
    • Services Page
    • Portfolio page: 2 Columns, 3 Columns, 4 Columns (with Filterable and Sortable effect)
    • Portfolio single page
    • Gallery Page
    • Blog Page
    • Single Blog Page
    • Contact Page
  • jQuery Effect:
    • Cycle Slideshow
    • Nivo Slideshow
    • Dual Slider
    • Jquery Dropdown menu
    • Smooth Scroll to Top
    • Toggle effect
    • Tab effect
    • Filterable effect on portfolio page
    • Sortable effect on portfolio page
    • Gallerific effect on portfolio single page
    • Image view with PrettyPhoto
    • Fully working PHP contact form
    • Cufon font – image replacement
  • Documentation file


Change log

  • 2.5 Fixed bug with 1st page link in osme layouts. Updated prettyPhoto (so latest jQuery is used) and timthumb. Portfolio subcategories are now ordered by slug.
  • 2.3 WordPress 3.1 fix. We are using jQuery 1.3.2. instead of default 1.4.4. because our version of prettyPhoto wont work with 1.4.
  • 2.2 Users can choose pages (not only articles) for home page sections.
  • 2.1 Page with sidebar fixed id of twitter div. Portfolio single – if link url is empty no button is shown
  • 2.0 Footer section is managed via widgets. Added image sets for PrettyPhoto. On home page you can select latest post from any category for middle articles.
  • 1.5 Removed unnecessary content from cufon.js and use wp loop for custom articles on home page
  • 1.4 Changed order of sorting articles on home page from ASC to DESC . If comments aren’t allowed on the page, number of comments won’t be displayed. Also fixed comments numbering on home page. Added blocquote style and remove “em” from css reset
  • 1.3 Included blogger.js file, so twitter language constants can be translated. Fixed title on gallery thumbs page.
  • 1.2 Fixed bug with menu higlighting when selecting blog single post. Cycle slider stops on hover.
  • 1.1 Fixed some minor bugs mentioned on ThemeForest discussion board

Change log

  • 3.2 New code for style switching (Safari 5.1 fix)
  • 3.1 cufon fix in IE9
  • 3.0 vt_resize fix, video shortcode
  • 2.9 No more timthumb.php. Added link to slide in Dual Slider. You can use imgborder class on pages.
  • 2.8 (Mar 30th) Error in header.php. Only this file is changed.
  • 2.7 (Mar 25th) Gallerrific error on blog single page. Images on blog single page are opened with prettyPhoto (lightbox) effect (rel=”prettyPhoto”). Added search.php which fixes the bug with pagination on search. Add categories and pages and posts to be excluded from search.
  • 2.6 Portoflio single comment bug fixed. Front page hover bug fixed.

Update 2

  • Footer section is managed via widgets. Added 4 new image sets for PrettyPhoto (pop-up styles). On home page you can select latest post from any category for middle articles.
  • Update instructions: deactivate theme, delete files, upload new zip file. All settings (from FactoryWP Options page) will be saved. Go to widgets and populate Footer_1st_box – Footer_4th_box