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In the visual composer mode, I saw there’s an option to embed WP Recent Posts in the page.

I would like to embed the WP Recent Posts in my home page, so it appears as small posts slider at the home page (in your sample theme page, it appears as portofolio slider).

What will be the good size for the post’s featured image (in pixels, for example 200 px X 400 px, or other size), so it appears nicely on the posts slider at home page?

do you mean at the templates/footer.php? I tried to browse that part but seemed that I can not find any clue about that “© 2013”.

Sorry, found it, I change the code of:

© <?php echo date(‘y’); ?> <?php bloginfo(‘name’); ?>


© <?php echo date(‘2012’); ?> <?php bloginfo(‘Alguskha Nalendra’); ?>

but seemed that it’s only the year has changed, the name remains empty. Is there any other format I need to follow to display the name (name = Alguskha Nalendra)?

you cannot change the bloginfo component. Do something like this

<?php echo ‘2012 – Some text you want to display’; ?>

I am having a hard time with the blog and portfolio page.

The blog is taking the default look or setting of the page. but when I open it from the back I don’t see anything and when I add a post to a text block and try to preview it it takes me back to the home page.

As for the portfolio I finally figured out how to add a picture to it, but it coming up too big. please any pointer you can give will be highly appreciated.

can you share a link so I can have a look? thanks


it looks like your files upload to the wrong folder. It points directly to wp-content/uploads where it should be something like wp-content/uploads/2013/12/... The folder can be set in the wp-config.php file. But I think if your add a new blog post with your own photo it should work.

I take that back, I am still confused, when a page is created using a portfolio template, it publishes with default content but in the back end the page appears blank and I don’t know how to edit the default content or delete it

You can remove the dummy portfolio items and add your own. On the left menu you can find the portfolio section.

is your theme now compatible with word press 3.9.2?

yes it is.

Hello, I uploaded Fade theme on my website. Mostly everything has gone great. However, I’m having a couple of issues. 1 )I had videos that were already on my blog and now the videos don’t play. 2) My blog pictures don’t show up as a thumbnail. Once I click on a post the picture is there but on the category page the pictures are not next to the post. 3) I can’t find where the widget is for the Quick Site Menu to put in the footer.

Thanks so much! Love this theme! Jen

The quick site menu questions was solved. The other two are not yet. Thanks.

I replied to you on the ticket support system

how to edit/add icons in the theme [dropcap] icons!!!

like this: [icon name=’icon-smile’ style=’medium’]

There is no button for the Visual Composer showing up on my Portfolio posts. I’m getting a notice to update the plugin, but it’s $25. Do we have to purchase that now to continue using it in the site?

That it the correct solution :)

Thank you! My site is finished and live now, and I have to say, this is the BEST theme I have ever used. I did not have to even touch the html to modify anything, everything was accessible via the theme options panel. You did an amazing job, and the video tutorials were very helpful. www.sayshea.com

Great job on the site!! Looks very nice. Glad you like the theme

Hi there, having issue with pictures and slider in my site: www.alguskhanalendra.com

The featured image for the blogs doesn’t appear on the site, and the home slider doesn’t show the pictures. It happened after I clean cookies on my pc, is there any way to ensure the pics and sliders appear again?

Hi George,

Many thanks for the reply. I found that I am a bit confused in finding the wp-config.php file, I am not too familiar with that kind of stuffs anyway. I tried to change to media uploading setting into “uploads” instead of assets, but seemed nothing happened.

If you can help me to log in to my account and do the change for me I’ll be sincerely grateful. I’ll send you the log in credential in case you don’t mint to assist me in this.

Best, Alkha

Can you open a ticket in the support system, we can solve your problem there.

I already opened ticket, under name Alguskha Nalendra, with the url www.alguskhanalendra.com. Thanks and look forward to hear the reply.

Hi, I purchased your theme. I have this as a static page: http://ueberseetor.spukhaus-productions.de/ And I want to create more pages. But the one I created: http://ueberseetor.spukhaus-productions.de/?page_id=726 has way too much space between IMPRESSUM (page titel) and text. Why? I do not use the home slider. Please help me. Thanks.

I will reply on the support ticket in ticksy. Will be in a few hours as Im traveling now. Sorry about that

http://www.spukhaus-productions.de. THIS WORKS. IF NOT, empty your cache. or add index.php. login can’t be granted

Please communicate via Ticksy please. Posted a solution to you there.

In addition: How do I update the theme? In wordpress it always says 1.0 and the file I download via envato does not make the theme got to 1.2 – what is it I do wrong?

I think we forgot to update the style.css (that is where the version number is mentioned). You can change it there if you want.

I have same issue with updates. It says v1.2 on ThemeForest but when you download files, it says v1.0. Further, I can’t really find anything different in file dating from my earlier version to indicate something has been updated.

I think we forgot to update the style.css (that is where the version number is mentioned). You can change it there if you want.

I’ve been updating my plugins, and noticed that the Visual Composer plugin cannot be updated (message: “There is a new version of WPBakery Visual Composer available. View version 3.7.3 details. Automatic update is unavailable for this plugin.”). Are you planning to release an update to the theme with the most recent version of the Visual Composer? If so, about when? Thank you.

Hi, we are working on an update. Should be within a few weeks. keep an eye on this theme.

IE8 Support could do with some work. I needed to include html5shiv for ie8 and playaround with some of the parallax code to get IE8 working properly. I would say the theme only has partial IE8 support, in addition to jQuery 2 being used which does not support ie8 at all.

true. will put it on the buglist. Thanks for reporting.

With this kinda support, I cannot continue to purchase themes from you guys for my clients. Sorry, but I’d expected better.

Sorry to hear this, but which question do you have? I cant help if you just have a complaint without any additional info.

everything has been great and then suddenly on the portfolio page i get the error on that page

: Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/dailyraw/public_html/wp-content/themes/fade/portfolio.php on line 49

Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/dailyraw/public_html/wp-content/themes/fade/portfolio.php on line 54

looking at google it seems a few people have had this error come up for them, after hours and hours of looking around and even re-loading the theme i just cant rid of it… is there any solution you can help with please?

replied to you in the support system.

when I disable the home page slider, all the rest of my pages layouts in the main content area is not lined up with the sidebar. here is the site: http://nolawebteam.com/services/

Any suggestions?

Could you open a ticket in the ticksy support system. I will post you a solution there. thanks

Hi OneSixty, great theme. I’m using it for a client and it’s worked great so far. One problem – we’ve recently started working to make the site multilingual (going to add 3 languages to it through the WPML plugin). is there any way of making the home slider appear on multiple pages (ie the various translated homepages). Currently I can’t see any option to do this.


Hi there, the main slider only works on the homepage. You could add it on other pages if you know how to code. The slider checks if its a homepage on the header template.

Will you pls answer my ticket? Thx.

I’m trying to add the ability to add custom sidebars through functions.php in the same way I’ve done in the past. However, while the metabox appears on the backend, and i select the new widget, they don’t display on the frontend.

Can you please suggest which files I should edit to allow for the added sidebars to be used?

Or do you have something within the theme that I am missing to add more sidebars?


It has now been 10 days with no response on the support site.

Just answered your ticket

You list the theme as WPML compliant on Themeforest. I’m not sure if you’re the same person offering support, but on the ticket you tell me it is not WPML compliant.

Hi, beautiful theme…but, where can I buy the html version?

Thank you

Hi Cudesoft. Sorry, but we dont have a html version of this theme. Only wordpress. Best George

I just asked a question in the support page about getting dropdown buttons to work but I haven’t heard anything. I need to get dropdown buttons working.

I answered your question there