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How can I change the “Service Times” words to something else? Cannot find this option anywhere

Please follow this link to change text of “Service Times” to what you desire;

perfect! many thanks!

You are welcome. Please find a moment to rate us by going to your Themeforest Account > Downloads Section > Faith – Multi Purpose WordPress Theme.

How do you remove Newsletter completely at the bottom, as this is not required?

Please clieck the link and follow the screen shot to trun Newsletter OFF

perfect! many thanks!

You are welcome. cheers :)

How do I change the events time from military time to am/pm time?

Currently this functionality is not working in our theme. You can achieve this via theme code changes.

how do I disable the announcement ticker or disable the date stamp on this. it is showing the announcement followed by the date the post was added . I would like to disable the date stamp , if not possible how do I disable the entire announcement ticket ?

Great theme by the way

Please create a ticket at Chimp Support and provide your url and login details. Issue will be seen and sorted there.

I see for the events we can choose a date range. However on the event webpage, it only shows the beginning date. Then after the first day is over, the event disappears. How can this be fixed? Thanks!

Hi! thanks for the quick reply. I just put that chuck of code in, and its not working right. I have an event from Nov 13-23, and the event shows its from Nov 13-14. Also in my widget sidebar, it says no upcoming events, even though the event is still going on. Any help is much appreciated.

Actually in my events list overview--all my events now say they end Nov 14, which isn’t the case at all.

Please create a ticket at Chimp Support and provide your url and login details. Issue will be seen and sorted there.

Ive tried to create a ticket and it wont let me. It says i already have but i don’t.

I have an issue with accordions breaking and returning fatal errors.

If it gives you an existing ticket number, just click this link and update the same old ticket, you will be replied by support team.


lawster Purchased



lawster Purchased

i purchased this theme and tried to create a ticket for help and I received a message that I had already created a ticket under the purchase code which is not true. I had not submitted a ticket or ever submitted a purchase code. I would like your assistance. I like the theme. but the Service box is at the top of the slider and the Announcement is at the top of the slider and the jagged edge is at the top of the slider when is should be at the bottom of the slider.

Normally services are placed at the left side of slider and announcements under the slider in this theme. However there must be some issue in your site, login panel required to check. Please create a ticket at Chimp Support and provide your url and login details. Issue will be seen and sorted there.

Theme looks great but only the homepage works in the demo for me and these pages (among others) don’t work:

etc. I get this message:

“Not Found

The requested URL /index.php was not found on this server.

Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.”


It is working fine at my end, please give it another try, their might be some mechanical issue some where.


I’m evaluating to install BuddyPress to develop a Social Network to the site. Does anyone have experience combining Faith and BuddyPress already? Any comment or recommendation?


Hi, Does this theme have footer widgets? I’d like to have up to 4 widget area in the footer. Also, are there other options for the home page slider area?


No, this theme have no footer sidebar area option. There is only one option for home page slider which is showing on demo.


I have a couple pre-purchase questions:

1. When you release an updated version of the theme, what is the update process like? Do I need to use FTP?

2. Is the theme compatible with the EventOn plugin? (

3. Does each calendar item have its own permalink?

4. Can the three boxes on the homepage demo (prayer wall, listen to podcast, etc.) be changed?

5. There are a lot of page elements in the homepage demo? Can I remove certain elements I don’t want?

6. The homepage demo has two background colors. Can these both be changed to white to create more open space?

Thank you.

Hello @ hmclendon. Thank you for your interest in our theme.

1: yes, you can upload updated package via ftp if you want to keep your settings intact. Otherwise you can update it via automatic method.

2. Yes, our theme is compatible with standard wordpress plugins.

3, 4, 5 & 6. All are achievable.


How do I get the boxes next to the slider to appear as in the demo version. Its prob simple butat a loss.



Hello @ memories101. Thank you for purchasing one of our theme. You need to add there shortcode. Please navigate to Admin Side -> Appearance -> CS Theme Options -> Home Page Settings -> Services -> Save Settings & All done!

duh got it. How can I change the link for the donate button. We have our own online merchant and would like to have that button link to our payment link. Thanks for answering so quick. Nice Design. Wish I could have a footer customized.

Thank you for your nice words and kind acknowledgement. You need to replace IPN url as your own requirement. Please navigate to Admin Side -> Appearance -> CS Theme Options ->General setting -> Paypal Setting -> change IPN url -> Save settings & All done.

Hello. will you upgrade this theme for 4.1 version?

Hello @ angelos30785. Thank you for your interest in our theme. Yes, the theme is already compatible with 4.1. We have tested it and found no issue of compatibility any where.

If I want to view the website on a large screen in a presentation how is the resolution on this theme?

Hello @ CovAcademy. Thank you for your interest. The theme have a good resolution. You can view it on a large screen.

Thank you. How do you work on the back end so that nothing is published/visible to the public until you are ready? T

Hai @ CovAcadem. You can work on back end without letting public know. Just turn Under Construction ON from the back end and keep working on your site.

Hi, I just tried updating to WP 4.2 but it broke the slider. Can you update the theme to be compatible with WP 4.2 please?

It is in plan to be updated but for now you have to stick to older comaptible version of wordpress.

Please Chimpstudio, I am about to buy the theme just to find out if i can put a video in the slider instead of just pictures? secondly, can the grayish background on which you have the slider and and home bars and others be changed or this one is fixed? Thanks

Hello again. Is it also possible to make language option bigger and more visible? Thanks waiting to hear from you

Hai @ worldchangers27.

1: Images works for slider, Gallery option does include videos.

2:Theme is fully customizable, you can achieve your requirements.

3:Yes, language option can be more visible, our support will help you to achieve this.

This theme is beautiful! I am looking to use this for a purpose other than a church – on the front page, can the “prayer wall” and icon buttons be changed?

Hi@samfugate: Thank you for your compliments & interest in one of our theme,Yes, you can easily change in “prayer wall” and icon buttons. Thank you

Hello, Great theme however I have one question, Can I remove the “Prayer Wall/Podcast/Service” and in its place put a textbox with the Mass Time and a google map widget?

Thank you!

HI@divinemercyforlife ; Thank you for your interest in one of our theme,Yes, You can customize theme as your requirements.our theme is user friendly and fully customizable. Thank you