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How easy is it to incorporate these templates into visual studio and aspx pages/master pages?


Sorry for late reply. Its is just a html template and it is very easy to use with aspx.

Hi there That’s a wonderful theme. But i would like to know if the theme can be configured to have only one left nav? just the menu on the left and no icons.

Other themes i have purchased usually have a class like “no-sidebar”, does your theme come with this?



I got your point. I will do that and I will give an update as soon as possible. Thanks

Can the far left Nav & icons be removed and the site chart be removed. I will not need or use these items.


Thanks for your message. That is very easy to remove from html.

I am interested in this template. but I need to know how to install it on Joomla 2.5. It is compatible? be changed?

Hello, this theme have support for Bootstrap 3? thanks!


I am working on it. Hope I will give an update soon. Thanks

I have purchased, but could not download, always stuck in around 50%. How can I do?


This is not issue here. Please contact with envato support if your still facing this problem.


Thanks for the reply, I try many browsers and download many times that success finally. Seems it is relative to the stability of the net speed.

sssxxxx Purchased

Please let me know when you can have a bootstrap 3 upgrade version.


I am working on it. I will update it as soon as possible.

El producto da un error al cargar el demo:

Bitdefender blocked this page The page you are trying to access contains Trojan.Script.232927



I love your work have a project i would like to get started on! are you available for hire?

Please email me at slickgfx@gmail.com

Regards, Alex

Great one I love it !;

Does the Left Navigation reloads with the entire site? or does it only loads the content (right side) only?


Sorry I did not understand. Can you please explain me more. Thanks


I just need it to load only content section, lets say I click on Forms, instead of loading the enter page again, can it just load the content area {body}, instead of loading the {header} and {left navigation}.

Thanks for the reply.


No I did not provide any ajax loading but you can make it easily by your self. Thanks