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Theres no support in woocommerce 2.0?



I’m sorry but no, not yet. I have another theme which is ready for woocommerce 2.0:

[link removed]


Hi there,

Will you make your theme Buddypress compatible (in the near future)?

Or has anyone of the buyers tried this out and can give me an update on buddypress compatibility?

Eventually the website is going to be a subscription driven magazine/portfolio/shop and this theme fits the visual & functional needs.

Kind regards, Isidore


I bought this theme and is it gonna be compatible with woocommerce 2.0 i the future? Else I have bought this theme for nothing and it’s a really good theme! I hope you have some time to make an update!


Hi Alex, im unable to import the content into my Wordpress installation. I keep on getting the following error “Gateway Time-out – The gateway did not receive a timely response from the upstream server or application.” Only stuff like posts, pages and comments are being imported, no media whatsoever, how can I get all that media into my site? My host said that some connection is not occurring and that I should export the original site again. Which I think only you can do because I dont have the original site.

Please help me as soon as possible, Alexander

Nicksarr1 Purchased

Good theme but the absolute worst creator. He never answers any questions.,

Nicksarr1 Purchased

How do I make a logo Large? across the middle?

rodecape Purchased


In the website for my customer the twitter widget in the footer doesn’t work anymore… Any idea’s?



Hi Michelle!

It’s because the twitter updated the api. I’m working on it right now.


rodecape Purchased

Do you already have an solution for this problem? My customer is getting a little out of patience Michelle

Nailah19 Purchased

Hi Alex, I’m trying again to get a little help, but with a different question. I’ve given up on the others. Is there a way to embed videos that are not YouTube or Vimeo videos? It was really easy to do this before with Wordpress, but it doesn’t seem so with your theme. Just wanted to know if this is possible and how?

THANK YOU in advance : )

I posted some criticism of this theme here yesterday, asking many questions of Alex – not least why hasn’t he responded to all our many queries!

I see it has disappeared.

Says it all.

johnnyova Purchased

Bought this theme so I can use as a store…and it doesn’t intergrate with woocommerce. Add to cart or purchase buttons don’t appear. Look www.happycrocheting.com

i am having this notification again and again whenever i try to use woocommerce you have not updated theme and made it compatible with latest version of woocommerce i think thats why this error is happening how can i get rid of it? please updgrade theme and make it compatible with latest woocomerec version i have installed jquery plugin which helped me get rid of the problem from frontend and other options but i m recieving this notification on woocommerce please help me in get rid of this problem


I purchased this theme and ghurghis does not offer any support. check it out he barely answers any comments and deletes the negative comments.

I am having the same problem as babaronline. As you have now sold this theme for $55 to 182 customers, you’ve made more than $10k on this product. Please have the good grace and common decency to look after the customers who pay your wages! PLEASE FIX IT. Some of us have been waiting MONTHS.

Nichelle Purchased

Great theme, I am using woocommerce everything works fine except with products with variations the ‘Add to Cart’ button disappears and there is no way to purchase. Anybody have any ideas to fix it?

Hi im having trouble importing the Demo content. I go to import the ecommerce demo from the xml content folder, and after I click the box that says download and import then click submit, it takes a long time to load up and when it does it pops up with my websites page (your theme background but nothing else_ and a white box that says “page not found 404”.

I tried importing all of the xml demos in the folder, none work for me. I installed all the plugins too so thats not the issue..


any help would be appreciated…

I note that it says “Hands-on support for this item is provided by agurghis”. Be in no doubt. It isn’t. And it doesn’t work with Woo 2 and the latest version of WP.


It is working with woo 2.

So I want to buy this template. Is it ready for Woo 2 and what else is missing?



Yes, this theme is already compatible with woocommerce 2.0.


Hi there. We’ve been running your theme for quite a while now – it’s great – thank you, but I was wondering what we can do about the blurry images on the homepage and related products lists. I’m sure you have written an article about it but I can’t seem to find it anymore! Is there somewhere in the source code I can simply force it to show either the large or medium size images instead? Our website is www.totoos.co.uk – you will see the blurry images at the bottom of the homepage.

Hope you can help! Thanks!

how to upgrade i m using 1.0 version please let me know how to upgrade it to current version?

Advanced Theme Options Panel is not wroking i am unable to see anything there?