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Good looking! Congratulations! :)

Nice simple layout. That loading effect is pretty cool. Good luck!

very nice! a question,i want to buy it, i need exactly this kind of grid, but i also need a sidebar on the right, is it possible to have with this template in home page and category layout with this grid? and the first bigger article with big image, how is choosen? is it possible to have more big article displayed in home page?

Hi. Thank you for your comment, for a blog with sidebar, you can visit this link

And the first big article is a leading item, and you can set multiple leading item for page easily.

Hope it makes sense.

Regards, NooTheme

great! last question,what about module positions? i think i need to put something over the menu..thank you very much!

thanks, You can follow this link to see all the module position in the template

Great!!! one question: does this template support Virtuemart?

Yes, you can install this theme on Joomla 2.5 with VM. Thanks, NooTheme

hi i like so much your plugin but i ask if you there is a plugin that works with your template and if it supports membership and people can post just like pinterest.. thank you so much :)

Hi. It is a K2 component and it allows member can post via front-end. For more information about K2, please visit this link

Regards, NooTheme

I love the look and fell of the template!

I have a question before purchasing, is there any way for the left photo (Screen shot included)

To be stretched across like a banner? And have the other articles/modules line up below it?

Screenshot link:

Hi Nootheme, i purchased the theme already, is there anyway to adjust pricing? Or should i request a refund and buy from you direct? I need this custom banner to be created ASAP, as i have a time sensitive project. Also is there a way to directly contact you?

Please advise…

Hi also, having issues adding photos to your exisiting articles/posts

Also i tried with no editor via html and also JCE and MCE. Both show the images in the backend, but when saved no images show up on the front end.

Here are some screen shots : Screenshot of the module after updating the backend:

Please advice, attempting to put social icons on the bottom of the article.,

Would rather have the Social icons where the “tags” are listed below the module

Hi, regarding your previous question, we cannot help to adjust pricing since you purchase via TF. As I mentioned above, you can get better support and also access to ALL our templates on our site if you purchase our membership. You can reconsider refund option if appropriate. For your issue adding images and putting social icons, please create a topic in our forum, we will assist you soon.

A wery nice template and good support best regards Thomas

Thanks for your comment :)