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Hello, how do I change the font hover cover on the home page? When I hover over the title of a post, the color is an orange pink color. I would like to change it to a Purple color. Can you please help? Thank you!


Sorry for the delay. Basically what you want to do is simple but it does require some custom CSS code. Here is an example:

h1 a:hover, h2 a:hover, h3 a:hover, h4 a:hover, h5 a:hover, h6 a:hover { color: #5A529A; }

And this can be added at Appearance > Theme Options > CSS

I actually plan to make a pretty big update to this theme this year and will have control over ALL colors like my newer “Noir” theme where you can change every color of the site via a live preview. It’s on the todo list but I don’t have an ETA yet ;)

- AJ

Your search results template is broken. The <article> is missing the wpex-row class. It’s also missing the jQuery that sets the CSS “left” parameter.

Thanks for the heads up, I’ll push out an update tonight! Not sure what the left parameter you are referring to is, but then again this theme is many years old so maybe I just forgot ;)

Hope you had a great Easter weekend!

- AJ

I fixed it by simply adding the class “wpex-row” to the container. Ignore my left and absolute CSS comments. I thought you were setting the position of the posts by changing the left value. That jQuery inline style all works fine. Thanks for supporting such an old theme! I bought it for a client who really likes the layout.

I am actually releasing a significant update to the theme later today. This theme is several years and can use a good re-code. I notice my code isn’t as clean as it could be and there are some design tweaks that can make things much nicer and faster to match the modern age.

I hope you like the update! If not you can of course continue using the older version ;)

- AJ

Can I have multiple infinite scroll pages within one blog/theme?

Not really sure what you mean…You can organize your posts into Categories which basically creates new “pages” of posts.

Yes, thanks that makes sense.

Is there a quick way to change the order of the posts

I don’t have experience with that particular plugin so it could have a bug. Have you tried any other ones?

Yes, I tried another one too. I doesn’t work either.

I just tested “Simple Custom Post Order” and it’s working correctly for me. Make sure your posts aren’t “sticky” because most re-ordering plugins will ignore sticky posts.

Hi, I’m about to purchase this theme, but I have a few questions before. 1. Is it possible to configure the masonry grid to fill the whole screen instead of just 3 columns? Right now, it is set to 3 columns on wide screens (like those on a PC) and 1 column in smartphones (which is perfect). 2. Does this theme allow excerpts? I mean, no just showing the part of the post before the “more” tag, but real excerpts? 3. On the home page, is it possible to have featured content (any of the boxes of the grid) that will always stay at the top of the page? Thanks

Hi AJ, Thanks for all this information. Your support is great. It doesn’t say “purchased” next to my name just because we’re on the Fashionista page support, not on the Total theme page. I’ll move my next messages to the right page. Amar

Oh yes, I totally missed that hehe ;)

You are welcome and if you have any issues/questions you know where to find me!

- AJ

ps: If you are using Total for a blog, I do recommend keeping the Visual Composer page builder plugin disabled for your standard posts as it shouldn’t be needed ;) And maybe disabled completely unless you do want to build some custom pages.

- AJ