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syndk8 Purchased

This was the fastest and smoothest install I’ve ever done and Kuba solved any small problems I faced within minutes. Really great service and product! Thanks so much.


My pleasure.

The grey bit behind the text, hopefully this screenshot will help explain what i mean better…


Can that be changed to white to match the overall background??

Also i have just bought my domain and installed WordPress, should i install the latest version (3.0.4) before i buy and install the theme?


Try to paste the following code to the Custom CSS field in the Theme Options / Advanced section:
.post { border: 0; background: none; } 
It that what you need?

Yes, WordPress 3.0.4 will be perfect.


I think i am not getting it. I made what you told me. I replaced for this

selector: ’#menu li:not(.current) > a, .post .content h1, .post .content h2, .post .content h3, .post .content h4, .message’, options: {color: scheme.colors.gradient.primary, hover: {color: scheme.colors.gradient.secondary}}

in the fastblog.js

then in the functions.php line 23 there was a blank line but I inserted define(‘FASTBLOG_DEV_VERSION’, TRUE ); just like you told me.

I go to the style.css and I have this: .post .title { font-family: Helvetica; font-size: 13px; font-weight: normal; line-height: 25px;

but it doen´t changes me the font. I hope you can help me again. And again thank you for your fast response. a


Please make sure you have the recent Fast Blog version (1.1).

Thanks for all your help! One last qyestion before i buy the theme… Is it possible when showing the blog items to limit the no of words you initially show on the blog page i.e. 200 words Soo to read the rest of the blog entry you have to actually click on the blog item and it will show the blog article in full…

I ask because i expect my blog entries to be long and would prefer to only preview them on the main page instead of showing the whole entry…


Jayesh87 Purchased


Probably a stupid question but how do i add a dropdown menu? I creared a page called ‘Editors Pick’ which i want to be a dropdown from the ‘LFC News’ page…

So in the ‘Editors Pick’ page i chose ‘LFC News’ as its parent page (in page attributes) but it doesn’t show up (unless you type in the direct URL ) as a dropdown option?

Am i doing something wrong?


I advise you to use Custom Menu and drag and drop menu items to create hierarchy.
If you want to read more about it I advice this page. The method you’ve used has a small bug, and I’m working on fixing it, sorry for inconvenience.

I’ve just started using this theme and I really like it. It’s a great, fun theme. Thanks!


Thank you.

Hi Kubasto,

Thanks for the great theme.

Anyway, I’ve followed all the instructions to create a new tumblelog category. CSS , Edited PSD and saved it in the correct folders, uploaded all files. Still, anytime I post something under the newly created tumblelog category, the illustrative thumbnail on the left is the custom one, and not the one I just created.

Could you help me with that? Thanks in advance,


Can I see your site please?


Can you tell me if i would use the normal post type – default in Wordpress – your theme has the featured image built in ? i mean can i use featured images for regular posts ?

thanks in advance,


Currently no, but I’m working on it.

When I install Disqus to deal with comments on the site I have a problem with the ‘Number of Comments’ text below each post.

On the main homepage the number of comments is shown correctly below each post but when I click to see the full post and comments the ‘4 Comments’ text (for example) is replaced with the text ‘View Comments” class=”comments”>View Comments’

Is there any solution to this? It happens on normal pages too :(


As I can see, you haven’t replaced the files. Make sure you do.

Replace line 22 in the meta.php file with the following code:
<a href="<?php comments_link(); ?>" class="comments" title=""><?php comments_number(); ?></a>

Many thanks! This sorted the problem!

SammyK Purchased

I am using this theme for my 365-photo-project and it’s exactly what I’ve been looking for for quite a while. Thanks so much, install was really easy and fast, the theme works like a charm and I’m having great fun with it :)


Nice site.

Yakujo Purchased

Hey Kubasto,

First of all, thank you for the awesome theme! I love the simplistic, clean style, and the nice little touches you’ve implemented (such as the highlighted content boxes) are beautiful. Very fun and easy to use.

Forgive me for the stupid questions – I’ve tried playing around but had no luck. I was wondering how I could add a link to the homepage in the main navigation (as you have done with “Blog” in your live preview)?

Creating a page with a “parent page” doesn’t enable the dropdown menu. Is there another way I have to do this?

Also, is it possible to have pages that display posts of a certain category? For instance, an “Articles” page that has all of my article categories displayed, or a “Quotes” page that obviously shows all the quotes from the blog. I have looked a little into this and it seems quite difficult to do, so it doesn’t matter if your theme does not support this! :)

Thanks again!


you need to use Custom Menu method (Appearance / Menus). To create dropdown menu – drag and drop menu items.

And to create page with a certain category, add it from Categories box while creating menus.


murratw Purchased

I don’t want to display tumblog content when the post is clicked. I just want to show the single post. Essentially I want to get rid of being able for a user to filter the content by clicking on a particular post type. Any way to modify the theme to do that?


I’m going to add an option to do it in the next Fast Blog version, and if you don’t want to wait for it, you will need to edit WooTumblog plugin – file wp-content\plugins\woo-tumblog\functions\wootumblog_template_functions.php. Find and replace:
but only in the following lines: 190, 205, 220, 235, 250 and 265.


murratw Purchased

Thank you for the quick reply. That worked great. Thank You very much.

Jayesh87 Purchased

When creating a new post (article) etc. how can i select which page i want it to appear on…?


I don’t understand your question.

Jayesh87 Purchased

Sorry i should have explained myself better…

Currently if i create a new post or use tumblog to create an article i.e. for a blog item for my website, it just goes onto the home page but i can’t work out how i can move this so i can have it on the blog page i created…

Hope that makes sense?


If you want to show something else then posts on the homepage, go to Settings / Reading and select to show some Static Page on the homepage.
And for the post’s page use different one.
Is that what you need?

Jayesh87 Purchased

If you visit my url: http://lfcismyreligion.com/

You will see one post (the default wordpress- hello world)

&& a tumblog article that i just called Test

everytime i create a new post or tumblog article they automatically appear on that page…

How do i go about making these posts and new posts appear on a different page i.e. http://lfcismyreligion.com/blog


What kuba says is this:

Go to settings, select General settings.


Short description:



Sorry if the names are exactly that way, I´m using the spanish version.


Jayesh87 Purchased

OMG that has crashed my site listening to kigonjiro advice….

I can’t even log onto the admin to un-do it…!!

Look how it has screwed it up…


Anyone know how i might be ale to fix this??

@ Yakujo

I have some page Index created by category. I don´t know if this will fit exactly your needs but it was very useful for me.

The Plug-In name is AZ Index.

After install it go to TOOLS and select AZIndex, then ADD NEW , write a PAGE NAME for that Index category.

In the second option write the name of the category that you want to be shown in that page. Do your picks for the rest of options (columns, etc.)

Important: Don´t forget to add this code line in the Custom stylesheets:

.azindex ul li {background-image:none; clear:both; padding-top:5px;}

Is at the end of the options, check ADVANCED OPTIONS

and at the end of the first window (Stylesheet for ungrouped index items:)

Add that code (in the last place, by example)


This way each new post added will be automatically included in their category page and indexed A-Z.

Is a fantastic solution that I discovered in the page of IPNOGUIDA , another user of this theme, he provided me also with the line of code used to eliminate the original bullets that appears by default. Thanks Alexandro.

You can check this in my blog pressing INDICE (Index) or any of their submenus. All of them are different categories. Works like a charm and now I don´t need to create the index pages by category by hand.


Hope this will work for you also.



It seems that you have the WP installed in the root of your server. That´s the reason of your post appearing in the home page.

Jayesh87 Purchased

how do i fix it?


Yes, create menu items (in Appearance / Menus) showing only certain categories.

Jayesh87 Purchased

Any chance you can explain in more detail please? (sorry to be a pain)

P.S- I fixed my site by re-installing WP as you suggested, and it is back to normal- Thanks!

Jayesh87 Purchased

Don’t worry i worked it out!

haox Purchased

Nice work!

haox Purchased

can u tell me how can i change Cufón font? i know how to create the the .js file, but which part of the code should i change?

If you’ve created new Cufón JS file, rename it like the file you want to replace (js/fonts), replace, and then change line 23 in the functions.php file to: