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hello just buy ur theme, just one question how can i put the header style 1? i don’t like the default one!! i changed color, but i need the header style 1 but i don’t know how put it!!! ty :))

oh ty very much i did it!!! :)

OK, good luck with your project.


hi little neko, i have another question… i used 1 page of your template and i personalized just the =====content=====> of the other, but i don’t understand why if i visit the website from my mobile phone only the home page works, the other page doesn’t work, but if i visit the web site from my pc all the pages work… can u help me?? where i found phone settings?? ty for the patience! :)

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ah ok i readed the other comments on ur support forum and i did it, now it works :)

Great! good luck with your project.

Hello, I have a little question: In the HOME1.HTML (Custom Slider), in which file I can edit the height of the banners of the slider ? I want to put it as the same height of the slider of HOME2.html Thank you for your answer :)!

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This template is 5-stars all the way. Top quality work at a price I think is too low! :)

I love how it offers so many options, and it’s easy to build these options together the way I want it. The possibilities seem endless. I thought the documentation was just fine. The html files load nicely in Dreamweaver when set to design mode.

The hardest issue I’ve had to deal with so far is figuring out which option I want for my main page. I can’t decide!!!!

Pre-sale support question was answered in hours, and the support forum shows the same responsiveness.

Wow! thanxs for your kind feedback :)


very nice Template ! I love It ! You’ve done a really amazing job ! By the way is it possible to get the new version of the layerslider … or should I buy it separately?


Ok thank you for the answe ;)

ok, beware that if you update the slider you will also need to change all the HTML markup, as stated on the plugin page.


Yes ! thank’s I bought the new version … and I’m working on it at this time …

Hey, just bought this template, why is the text cut off on every page?

Hello, Thanxs for choosing our template!

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PRE-SALES QUESTION: Does this template include the psd file?

Hello, Fat catz was designed “in browser”, and all graphic effects are made via CSS. So, we dont have any psd.

Thanxs for your interest in our template.


This link from the documentation is broken, because of the relative href isn’t correct according to how the folders are located in relation to one another: font-icons/custom-icons/demo.html


Thanxs a lot for your valuable feedback! We will update the doc ASAP. In case someone needs it, the icons can be found here:



It’s a great theme, congratulations! I would like to ask if this or some of your other themes support sliders with featured/sticky content like sticky posts and pages?

Thank you for your answer!


FatCatz, as our other items, are HTML template. I guess you are thinking about a WordPress theme, that you will find here:


Sorry, I didn’t noticed it, I saw it in one Wordpress blog and I assumed it’s a Wordpress theme.

Nevermind,that happens on a regular basis:) Thanxs anyway for your interest in our work! We are working on our WP framework, so feel free to follow us to be informed when it will be ready.


Interested in purchasing, does it come with PSD files too by chance?


Hello Julie,

Thanxs a lot for your interest in our template!

Template was designed in browser, with HTML and CSS, so there is no psd files, sorry.


Dear Neko,

First thank you for creating this beautiful template packed with many features. I have one question. after downloading your template all images are missing. and when i preview/view any web page of your template there is no image? I used firefox 30 to download this template.

Can you help to get the missing images?


Thanxs for the appreciation, glad you like it.

The photos used in the demo are not licensed to be distributed in the package, as stated in the item description (and like any template here).

Demo images were bought on shutterstock. If you want to buy some of them there, feel free to open a ticket on our support forum, and we’ll send you the specific images references.


tagCloud hover effect

i think in the themes’ css files

.tagcloud a:hover

should be cjìhanged to

.tagCloud a:hover


Thanxs for the feedback, we will check this.


Pre-Sales Question:

I will need the HTML5 version, however, I will also have a fresh install of WP under /blog/ on the domain. What is the best approach to apply your blog template style to WP?

Thank you.


If you comfortable enough with php, you can implement our template into a simple wordPress blog (get prepared to learn a couple of things :)).

See tutorial here:

Thanxs for your interest in our template!


Pre-Sales Question

On your demo page, I used your “Style Switcher” to select an alternative header. Once done, I click on a different page in the site (portfolio, for example) and the top header area seems to load up in the original header setting, and then loads the alternative header I selected after 1-2 seconds. Is this how the template normally responds when setting a different header, or is this just the demo with the style switcher?

Hello, No, header switch is done by adding a class. For demo purpose, it’s done via javascript, so default header is loaded first (same goes for colors). This won’t happen if you use the template, as you will set the class in HTML.

Thanxs a lot for your interest in our template.


Contact form messages

Hi, Your theme is great! I translated all the error messages into Dutch in the file: js-plugin/neko-contact-ajax-plugin/php/form-handler.php But when I fill out the form I still see all the English messages.

Or do I have to customize this somewhere else?

Hello, Thanxs for choosing our template and kind feedback. To get access to free support, please register to our support forum


What are the JS and CSS files that are required for LayerSlider to work? I can’t seem to get the slider working properly.

CSS and CSS width is good, but it does not seem to Scroll. So, thinking it is Layer Slider JS problem, somewhere.


Hello and thanxs for choosing our template!

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rvs0002 Purchased

Just a heads up to those using Dreamweaver CC…this template may not work for you. I bought the template but when I open it in dreamweaver (or preview it in a browser), it’s like the css doesn’t load correctly and it looks a mess. I’m trying to sort through it now (support tells me it’s fine on their end so there is nothing else for them to do) so I’m basically on my own. I suspect it has something to do with one of the JS files, but that’s just a guess. I’ll try and post back if I come up with a solution, but just wanted to warn others of my troubles in case you are using Dreamweaver CC for your editing and don’t feel like slogging through it on your own.


rvs0002 Purchased

Ok, so I was able to fix it.

For some reason it was the bootstrap files (really just the bootstrap CSS file) being broken up in separate folders that was causing the issue. I followed the methodology of the PORTO template and put all the bootstrap files in the main bootstrap folder which I then moved into the js-plugin folder with all the other plugin folders and it all works fine now.

Hopefully this helps someone else who might be having the same problem.

Hello John,

I’m sorry to hear you had trouble using Dreamweaver with our template. We’ve had quite a few Dreamweaver users work with our templates without any issues, so our best guess is that you were experiencing a configuration problem in Dreamweaver, rather than a problem with the template.

However we’re happy to hear you discovered a work-around. Although we love to go above and beyond in our support efforts, we aren’t able to provide support on third party software, and hope you understand.

Thanxs for posting your fix here, and good luck with your project!

HI there

I recently purchased this beautiful template.

However, I see that it is using an old version of bootstrap (3.1)

I wondered if you have any plans to update this template very soon so that it is using the latest version, currently v3.3.4 ?

Hello and thanxs for choosing our template!

We will look into it. Please keep in mind that while using latest version of a CMS like wordpress is important because of security issues, Bootstrap update are way less critical, as a css/js framework. 99% of bootstrap minor updates are about less optimisation, documentation modification or fixing “edge case” bugs.

That being said, we’ll do it in a future update. In the mean time, you can upgrade by yourself (you will need to upgrade jQuery too). I wouldn’t recomment doing this unless your project specifically needs it (if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it:)).



Can I change the color of Image verification?


Hello and thanks a lot for choosing one of our files!

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Hello, great work! Just have an issue regarding fonts, I want to customize it so that it can support Korean fonts and google fonts just doesn’t do this for me so do you have any suggestions on how I can change the font for this template? Detailed instructions would be much appreciated. thanks.

Hello and thanks a lot for choosing one of our files!

Support for all our templates is conducted through our support forums, to get access to free support, please register here: