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Hi, Is the theme WP 3.8 compliant?

I can name my images in order, upload them to the media library in order, attach them to the home page in order, and they still seem display in whatever order they want. How do you “order” the front page wide slider?

I tried searching here and you forum has been down for the last couple of days so I was unable to look there.



The last response I see here on the forum from wpbandit was to another question we had, 7 months ago, and their support forum is down as well..

Why is not show images in url http://www.vippackshot.com/portfolio/ ?

had02050 Purchased

I am having a bit of trouble with my portfolio pages. I have some images where I want to add 2 thumbnails so I can switch between 2 photos to show differences, like it does on this page of the sample website http://demo.wpbandit.com/feather/work-item/camera-lens/. How do I go about doing so? I have a few pages that are doing it without me wanting it to.

The Accordion is not working properly…it won’t toggle back (close) when you click on the minus…

Is it possible to add video to the front page slider/banners or does this just support images?

Love this theme. Support was great initially when Alexander was part of the team. But it seems that it has gone absent other than people on the forums, since shortly thereafter. I have had a few questions. I needed answered that have gone unanswered for months, with no note of absence. Very disappointing, when there are functions such as a “privacy” option. That is not private at all. I wanted to have a page where clients could view progress without the public being allowed to view. But, found it was not private at all and was not able to get help. As well as social media icons. There are no update on some of the most widely used icons such as “instagram”. Alexander you are missed!

I updated the theme – and the slider no longer slides images – but the navigational arrows are there.

Am I missing something? It was working great before the theme was updated – all the images are uploaded and frontpage is the home page -



Is it possible to direct a portfolio Custom Link URL to an external webpage in a new window?


Hi. Is there any known issue about the frontpage slider? It show no images at all.


Could you create a Attachment.php for me, since there is none for the theme?

Best regards.


was going to say your demo doesn’t work ..

but found out many unanswered questions here, so the support is inexistant .. why bother ..

Has anyone figured out how to re-order the slideshow images?

I wanted to try a live preview of your theme but I keep getting an error message

the live preview site is down…

Hello, can anyone assist me in creating an Attachment page.php for this theme? or how do I access and edit the photo’s attachment page. Thanks in advance.

Hi! I want to see the progress bar in my main slider with in themeplate: Frontpage Wide

I tried with the code:

but it did not work you could give me the code I need?

I’ve must of spent hours now on trying to get the frontpage slider to work.. It just won’t slide!

I’m pretty sure i’m not getting the caption field incorrect, can anyone tell me do you create pages with one image attached to it? Because I’m pretty sure that’s what you’re meant to do right..?

If you bought it… sorry man, trash it! If you haven’t… don’t waste your time and money here! The last support for this theme was more than a year ago! Spend your hard earned money with someone who give a shit!

Envato… Why do you allow business to be done this way on YOUR SITE! Your the one we should stop doing business with! Stop selling this piece of crap for these people!